The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World (DryedMangoez Edition Season 13)

It’s 2017 and it appears to be the Era of Fakeness. Everything from “fake news” to “fake people” to supposedly fake presidents. There’s even a fake Amazing Race Philippines calling itself a “DryedMangoez Edition!” Crazy crazy world we live in today!

But just because something is “fake,” doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable and fun!

That’s one of the many reasons The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition is still going! There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for TARPHDME (unlike The Amazing Race US whose end appears to be imminent or The Amazing Race Philippines which actually is dead).

So what was once an effort to hopefully prod the Philippines’ TV5 into producing more and more actual, REAL seasons of The Amazing Race Philippines, is now just something for anyone and everyone to enjoy for five minutes every week.

No country restrictions. No geoblocking what few fans the show might have around the world. No fees. No gimmic… well actually, it does have a few gimmicks. But you get the point.

Without further ado, enjoy the lucky 13th season of The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition

Actually… The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World! – DryedMangoez Edition Season 13!

International All-Star Team Pool

Leg 1: “How to be a legend?”
Philippines → Japan

Leg 2: “I’m gonna knock your block off!”

Leg 3: “This is the impossible dream!”
Japan → China

Leg 4A: “How can I marry you if you can’t dance?”
China → Israel

Leg 4B: “I’m going to die before reaching the Mat!”

Leg 5: “I think my ano is frozen!”
Israel → Greenland

Leg 6: “Why don’t you want to dance with me?!”
Greenland → Luxembourg

Leg 7: “She just called me the devil!”
Luxembourg → Portugal

Leg 8: “Why don’t you want my nuts?!”

Leg 9: “Is she going to flip me off?!”
Portugal → Bolivia

Leg 10: “I’m packin’ it!”
Bolivia → Peru

Leg 11: “You’re going to break my neck in half!”
Peru → United States

Leg 12: “Unlock our million dollars!”
United States → Philippines

What TV5 Needs to Do for The Amazing Race Philippines Season 3

It’s dead!

4/22/17 Update
Not like we didn’t know it before.

Welp. It looks like The Amazing Race Philippines is officially dead. Its official Facebook page is gone which pretty much confirms TV5 has put TARPH in its past. Thought it’s not like TV5 has any money left to even dream about producing another season.

Anyway, good news is: The Amazing Race Phiippines DryedMangoez Edition is unaffected by this confirmation. TARPHDME is as strong as ever! Wahoo! Expect a brand new season in June! Hehe Continue reading

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