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Good Ol’ Review: Strong Cast Can’t Save SBS’ Half-Baked, Contrived “Why Her?”

If ever there was a series whose title is ripe for a pun-infused critique of it, it is SBS’ Why Her? (왜 오수재인가 /Why Oh Soo Jae?). Because as you’re watching and definitely after you’ve finished the 16 episodes of the drama, you’ll be asking yourself “Why?” Or maybe the more appropriate question is “How?” How could a series with such a strong cast and a seemingly strong start end up half-baked, undercooked and thoroughly contrived.

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Good Ol’ Review: Netflix’s “Narco-Saints” a Thrilling and Satisfying Ride

Netflix manages to balance and temper those worries in their latest Korean original Narco-Saints (수리남/Suriname). The six-episode series plays more like a six-hour film. And because of that, unlike many of Netflix’s originals, it ends up being a wholly satisfying experience. Powered by a stellar, big-name cast and its lush location, Narco-Saints is a well-paced thriller that effectively builds up to a truly exhilarating climax.

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