For Your Emmy Consideration: Susanna Thompson

Continuing the wonderful surprise of Kings Emmy submissions is the wonderful Susanna Thompson in Lead Actress.

Susanna Thompson may have been the only actress suited for the role of Queen Rose Benjamin on Kings.

Her performance was regal, yet menacing. Exuding royalty but also inciting fear. From the beginning, there was also something suspicious going on with the Queen, yet you would brush it off as nothing until she showed what she was really capable of in the last seven episodes of the series. Continue reading

For Your Emmy Consideration: Sebastian Stan

Most people will know Sebastian Stan from watching Gossip Girl, but if you want to see him really give a performance, look no further than him playing Prince Jack Benjamin on Kings.

I was pleasantly surprised to see he submitted his name into the Supporting Actor category again this year for Kings. And while there is sadly no chance for any Kings nominations, this is a great time to look back at the terrific performance from Sebastian Stan. Continue reading

For Your Emmy Consideration: “The Sabbath Queen,” Michael Green (Kings)

The Emmy ballots were posted today, June 4th and it was a pleasant surprise to see several submissions from NBC’s incredible Kings. I knew the episodes that aired last Summer were eligible, but didn’t think they would submit themselves for consideration, but they did.

In addition to the submissions for Costume (The New King, Parts 1 and 2), Sound Editing and Sound Mixing (The New King, Part 1), and Hairstyling (The Sabbath Queen), there were three submissions in the big categories, one of them for Writing.

Creator and Executive Producer Michael Green has submitted episode 8, “The Sabbath Queen” for consideration and it is certainly an excellent choice. Continue reading

For Your 2010 Emmy Consideration

Another television season over. You know what that means! It’s Emmy season!

Networks and studios have been sending those For Your Consideration DVDs and swag to Emmy voters hoping to get a shot at the gold in August.

Attention wonderful, intelligent, and respected Emmy voters! =D

Here are my own humble FYCs of deserving, Emmy worthy shows and performances, many of them are the underdogs in the very competitive (and often predictable) Emmy race. But everyone loves the underdog right? =]

The list is complete for the year! Click here for my picks

DryedMangoez Presents Television That Defined My Decade

The 2000s have come and gone. A new decade is about to begin and lists of the best movies, music, television, paint colors, boy band, furniture, light fixtures, etc. are pouring in. As we close out 2009 and the 2000s, I thought about my own list. But my list of television shows aren’t necessarily “the best,” but the shows that defined my decade. The shows that meant something to me the last ten years, shows that left their mark in my mind and in some cases my heart as well.

On to the list! →

Holiday Shopping Suggestions: TV on DVD

There are plenty of great deals out there this Black Friday and this weekend. Need some TV on DVD suggestions for your holiday shopping? Here are some must-haves for any DVD collection and some suggestions for catching up with current TV hits.

The Apocalypse is here, but the Winchester brothers are going to be taking a little break from the action until January. This presents the perfect time to catch up on the series or discover it for the first time. Watch four seasons of amazing television and find out why the show has grown a strong, dedicated group of fans that continues to grow in its current 5th season.
The four seasons are currently on sale, trust me $13 for a season is a steal considering how expensive the sets are regularly.

Supernatural – The Complete First Season $12.99
Supernatural – The Complete Second Season $12.99
Supernatural – The Complete Third Season $12.99
Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season $14.99

Lots more suggestions after the jump →

How to Promote Kings in 60 Seconds or Less – A Little Bit of Advice for NBC

So we all knew Kings’ sad, official fate. But last week’s TCA Summer Press Tour was the first opportunity for NBC execs to say something… ANYTHING about Kings since obviously giving up on the show succeeding even before the show premiered (and it looks like NBC is doing it again with their upcoming post-apocalypse drama Day One, digging its grave before they’ve even gotten comfortable filming).

Series creator Michael Green mentioned in his thanks and goodbye note to fans about while NBC welcomed the religious content on the show, they didn’t want to market it at such.

Angela Bromstad, NBC’s president for primetime programming, expanded on that at last week’s press tour (via

“It was a great production, but our challenge now is, you need to sell something. People want to know what something is about.”

Kings was a complex idea. It was originally developed when I was [at NBC] before. We didn’t make it [then] because we thought it was a little too high brow and too difficult to sell in a 30 second slot. It doesn’t mean we’re not looking for big ideas [but] they have to be big ideas that the audience can grab on to.”

A lot to take away from that short quote. Aside from Kings, we can gather NBC would rather not be bothered in promoting “high brow” programming, so called “smart” programs that actually makes viewers think. A quality that many critics and fans alike clamor for on television, but rarely get it, especially on broadcast television.

They do like big ideas, but what they are really looking for is a Hollywood blockbuster not necessarily Oscar material. Though who says they can’t have both?

Well, that’s all material for another discussion. Probably the biggest tidbit from that quote is Continue reading

Kings – The Complete Series on DVD

UPDATED 10/20/09 – KINGS – THE COMPLETE SERIES is now available! Order it here.

TVShowsonDVD has posted the final cover art for KINGS: THE COMPLETE SERIES DVD set on sale Tuesday, September 29:
Kings DVD cover art
Looks 10x better than the original, funny cover art of a giant Silas head and mini David. Haha.

TVShowsonDVD also has news about the extras.
Pre-order the Kings – Complete Series DVD on

Kings Creator Michael Green Thanks Fans

Kings creator Michael Green thanks fans in a note posted on NBC’s “Court Historian” website.

Entitled “Thank You and Good Night,” Green confirms the end of the series, talks about the production, clears up some misconceptions, praises the cast and crew and thanks the fans who have supported the show through it all.

Read the full note here:
And be sure to leave a comment for him and the rest of the cast and crew and let them know your support as well.

Also, read some more very insightful commentary from the production team:

Kings 1×13: The New King (Series Finale), Part 2

Click here to read Kings creator Michael Green’s goodbye post on The Court Historian website.
Relive the entire series with full episodes on Hulu and
While episodes are also available for purchase on Kings - Kings, Season 1 and also on Comcast OnDemand.
Order the Kings – Complete Series DVD at now!

Jack goes to William conducting business in the boardroom. He tells him four generals and now their press minister are dead, a sign that Silas is still alive. William says he isn’t coming back, especially when they have an army that answers to them. “You’ve been afraid of your father your whole life. Now might be a safe time to grow a pair, and flaunt ‘em,” William says.

Chancellor Hansen comes in with a radio. A news report is being interrupted by another transmission… Silas. His voice is being carried all over Gilboa, on radio and on television. He tells the nation he is alive, he is still sovereign. He is the rightful king and will return to Shiloh, “like an earthquake.”

Jack goes to see Rev. Samuels. This is his time, Jack says, to make the country better. Tomorrow he will crowned, but he doesn’t “feel anything,” “it” is not there. Rev. Samuels adds, “ ‘He’ isn’t there” referring to God. Jack recounts his own father’s signs from God, the butterflies, whole conversations. Why has Jack not received such blessings. Rev. Samuels says God does not Continue reading