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Good Ol’ Review: A Perfect Balance Makes “My Secret Terrius” a Bright, Charming and Exciting Series
Music Monday, January 18, 2021 Extra – LEX (of BIGFLO), Yubin, E’LAST, TREASURE
Music Monday, January 18, 2021 – Confident and Diverse, VICTON Releases Strong First Full Album
Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 39 – The Emperor is a Sniper

Meanwhile downtown, Tametomo is with the Crystalia sibs as they shop for a nice ring. Takamichi buys one for her as she is celebrating Kishinjinse, a sort of coming-of-age celebration. Takamichi says Mabushina will always be his cute little sister. But she says she’s already a grown adult. Her annoyance causes her to light the store up and it seems to add some extra shine to all the pieces of jewelry there.

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Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 18: The Flame’s Obsession, Defeating the Megido
Good Ol’ Review: With Some Investment and Strong Performances from Jang Ki Yong and Nana, OCN Drama “Kill It” Results in a Thoroughly Rewarding Experience

Kill It (킬잇) is a compelling example of a series that requires an upfront investment that will lead to a surprisingly emotional and satisfying conclusion. The 2019 OCN drama series starring Jang Ki Yong and Nana starts off with some intrigue before settling into a sort of oddly flat succession of disjointed stories. But that aforementioned investment and being able to stick with the series through to its almost abruptly exhilarating final minutes results in what ends up being a rewarding television experience.

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Good Ol’ Review: Ji Il Joo and Lee Elijah Are Irresistibly Charming in Warm-Hearted “My Bossy Girl”
Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 38 – Watching My Uncle’s Moon
Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 17 – The Ancient Messenger, of Either Light or Shadow.
Concept/Pitch: Relaunching “The Amazing Race Philippines” on TV5
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