Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 20 – “It looks weak, like it’s… dying!” and Check-in Review

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 20 – Galvanax Rise


Cosmo Royale welcomes everyone to the season finale of Galaxy Warriors and gives a quick recap of the last episode. Galvanax has severy scrap of Ninja Steel except the Power Stars. Continue reading

Check-in Review: TV5's Faithful Baker King Continues to Do Justice to Original

Big spoilers up to week 6. For my First Impression Review, click here. For my final, spoilerific Hindsight Review, click here.

Six weeks into TV5’s Filipino adaptation of Baker King, Kim Takgu, it is evident that director Mac Alejandre and the entire cast and crew know exactly what they’re doing and what they need to do. Continue reading

Check-in Review: TV5's Beki Boxer Deserves To Be a Hit

No spoilers. For my First Impression Review, click here and for my Hindsight Review, click here.

TV5’s Beki Boxer should really be the biggest show in the Philippines today. And it is an injustice that it is not.

My first impression of Beki Boxer was that it was a “fun and hilariously charming little series” that had “plenty of heart to go along with the abundant laughs.”

And that certainly has not changed after 43 episodes. If anything, the show has only Continue reading

Check-in Review: Power Rangers Megaforce… Making Samurai Look Decent in 20 Episodes


No spoilers since there is no plot to spoil.

It’s hard to believe the first half of Power Rangers Megaforce is already over. (And yeah, I consider Megaforce, Super or not one season. Because why would anyone want the idea of two seasons of a Megaforce or a Samurai anyway?)

But yes, there actually were 20 episodes of Power Rangers Megaforce this year. And when you think about those 20 episodes, all the feelings of disappointment and annoyance are coupled with the half-season itself being meaningless and hollow. Continue reading

Check-in Review: tvN’s Mind-Blowing, Thought Provoking Nine: Nine Time Travels – And We’re Only Halfway!

Nine Time Travels

For the non-spoilery First Impression Review, click here. Or for the completely spoilery, THIS IS HOW IT ALL ENDS Hindsight Review, click here.

I rarely do Check-in Reviews unless I’m really passionate about the development of a show, good or bad, midway through.

But tvN’s Nine: Nine Time Travels has become more than I ever thought possible when I first started it. And it’s been an amazing, no, incredible 10 episodes so far. Continue reading

Check-in Review: SBS’ Five Fingers an Exciting Roller Coaster of Twists and Turns

Five Fingers

Mild spoilers through episode 18. First Impression Review here.

SBS’ Five Fingers started out as a good, if not by-the-numbers, soap opera. A true Korean Makjang drama if there ever was one.

I started to watch series for Ji Chang Wook, a guy that’s become one of my favorite Korean actors after strong turns on Smile, Donghae and Warrior Baek Dong Soo as well as for Joo Ji Hoon whom I enjoyed in the film Antique Bakery. My interest shot up even more with the unexpected and somewhat controversial, but definitely welcome casting of Jin Se Yeon who was fresh off of a breakthrough role in Bridal Mask.
Continue reading

Check-in Review: ABS-CBN’s Princess and I Doesn’t Like Being Laughed At and My Worst Fear is Here

The third week of ABS-CBN’s Princess and I was odd. For three weeks everyone’s been pointing and laughing at the strangely hilarious and completely unnecessary Filipino-dubbing of the series.

But now the dubbing is gone (save for a line or two in an episode) and everyone, no matter what race or ethnicity they’re supposed to be, can speak and understand Tagalog. Continue reading

Check-in: NBC’s Awake, Episode 2 – The Twist and Why I Hope Laura Innes is Not an Omen

So Episode 2 of NBC’s Awake. It had a solid premiere last week in the ratings, especially for NBC. But whether or not people came back for more this week, we’ll see in a few hours. Continue reading

Check-in Review: Dream High 2, Episode 7 – Renewed Faith

Moderate spoilers.

I’ve been enjoying KBS’ Dream High 2 so far, but Episode 7 renewed my hope in the show. It had everything that made the first series so loveable.

First off, episodes 5 and 6 had both Continue reading

Check-in Review: GMA’s Legacy Moving at Breakneck Speed

The last time I did a Check-in Review, I ranted about the stunning decline (and slow recovery) of ABS-CBN’s Maria la del Barrio.

That was halfway through the series’ run and just at the beginning of its “2nd book.” GMA’s Legacy only premiered three weeks ago and here I am checking in already. And that is thanks to the surprisingly swift, yet efficient storytelling. Continue reading