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Hindsight Reviews will be written after the conclusion of a series, mostly for Korean or Filipino dramas. Or at the conclusion of a season, mainly for Power Rangers and the Toku series Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. Hindsight Reviews will only apply if I had originally written a “First Impression” review when the series first started. They’ll either be reviews of appreciation, living up to my ridiculous standards of quality or they’ll be reviews regretting all the time I spent and harping on about all that wasted potential I saw but the writers and producers did not. There will also be Hindsight Reviews in between, I suppose.

Hindsight Review: Strong Cast and Storytelling Makes Netflix’s “The Glory” a Resonant Experience

The Glory is a school violence and revenge plot on the surface. But its most affecting moments involved the simple connections and bonds one is able to make with another. Those relationships are what can help get them through difficult journeys. Those friendships can help guide them toward the light at the end of the tunnel. And those bonds provide the hope to keep one moving toward healing and peace.

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Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Season Wrap-up
Hindsight Review: GMA Network’s Impactful “Maria Clara at Ibarra” a Refreshing Change of Pace for Philippine Television

Not only did it provide a welcome change of pace on Philippine television. Not only did it fuel a renewed interest in the Philippines’ history and Filipino roots. Not only was it a showcase for wonderful performances. Not only was it a visual treat. Not only was it a respectful and faithful adaptation of some of the most important words written by a Filipino. Maria Clara at Ibarra has been simply an entertaining, enjoyable and exciting viewing experience. That’s not something that can be said often for a Filipino television series. But it is much deserved here.

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Hindsight Review: How Season 2 of “Love Alarm” Spectacularly Dropped the Ball
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