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Good Ol’ Review: Kim Hye Soo and Kim Go Eun Deliver Mesmerizing Performances in Memorable “Coin Locker Girl”
Good Ol’ Review: Lots of Potential as Charming Characters Power Fun “Justice High”
Good Ol’ Review: Character-Driven “Double Patty” a Pensive, Relatable Film
Good Ol’ Review: “Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai” a Stunningly Exciting and Emotional Experience

After thoroughly enjoying Kamen Rider Zero-One: REALxTIME, I was even more excited to see that Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai (ゼロワン Others 仮面ライダー滅亡迅雷 ) had also been released and was waiting for me to quickly jump right in. And my goodness. If I wasn’t sure just a day ago, I might be sure now. Kamen Rider Zero-One might have just solidified itself as my favorite season after this film. And there’s still more to come!

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Good Ol’ Review: Thrilling, Emotional “Kamen Rider Zero-One: REALxTIME” Absolutely Delivers

Build and Zero-One rival each other as my favorite Kamen Rider seasons. But with the latter still fresh in my mind and me craving for even more, it has the slight edge. Needless to say, I was beyond excited to be able to watch Kamen Rider Zero-One: REALxTIME (劇場版 仮面ライダーゼロワン リアルタイム), the first of several (!) post-series movies. And it absolutely delivered.

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Good Ol’ Review: Captivating “Minari” Both a Unique and Universal Story
Good Ol’ Review: So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo Power Engaging Romantic Drama “Always”

It’s always a nice treat when you go into a film expecting one thing and it ending up being something completely different. But in a great way. That’s the 2011 Korean film Always (오직 그대만/Only You). The film is a romantic drama that hits every mark and delivers a roller coaster of emotions powered by wonderful performances and sizzling chemistry from stars So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo.

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Good Ol’ Review: Satisfying 2013 Korean Film “Montage” Ahead of Its Time
Good Ol’ Review: “A Stray Goat” a Fascinating, Melancholic Film
Good Ol’ Review: Ji Il Joo and Lee Elijah Are Irresistibly Charming in Warm-Hearted “My Bossy Girl”
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