What is a MaGMCM?

Abbreviation of Make a Grown Man Cry. Used to describe persons, places, events, and things that induce tears from a male human.
Something so emotional and so powerful, it can make even a grown man cry. Refers to the belief that men do not cry.

Abbreviation of Make a Grown Man Cry Moment.
A moment, usually on television or in films, that induce tears from a male human.
A moment so emotional and so powerful, it can make even a grown man cry. Refers to the belief that men do not cry.

Doesn’t sound very dictionary-y, but for now those definitions above can be the official definitions for a MaGMCM.

MaGMC or MaGMCM are abbreviations I’d like to say I came up with when I posted blogs at TVGuide.com. The TVGuide blogs are also where TV is Just as Delicious as DryedMangoez was born.

The term, also used by fellow TV blogger Rod, was the best and quickest way to point out moments on television shows that would make grown men, us, actually well up with tears.

The shows that illicited the tears when MaGMC was first used were Friday Night Lights and Supernatural.

Friday Night Lights has never been short on MaGMC moments. The series began with a huge MaGMC moment. Then there’s this scene (SPOILER ALERT!) from the 4th season (coming May 7th to NBC) that just makes anyone a blubbering mess, man or woman.

With Supernatural, you wouldn’t think there’d be a lot of MaGMCM… or maybe you would. Sam and Dean Winchester are always getting emo with each other at the end of each episode. Then there’s that apocalypse thing.

Even Power Rangers has MaGMCMs. Like Dr. K reuniting with the only friends she’s ever had in the episode “Ghosts.”

But MaGMCMs aren’t only found on scripted drama series.

Reality shows… yes, even reality shows can have MaGMCMs. Like Charla’s emotional elimination on The Amazing Race 5 or little Carissa Gaghan’s elimination on The Amazing Race: Family Edition.

Sports can also provide MaGMCMs, like your favorite team winning the Super Bowl. Or the Luther Vandross/non-Jennifer Hudson version of “One Shining Moment.”

MaGMCMs are usually in the positive sense. I don’t think I would use MaGMCM if it was for my team losing or if a television show was so horrificly bad it made me cry.

MaGMCMs are moments that genuinely move you. You don’t have to be a grown man to use the term. And I hope it doesn’t come across as sexist or anything. As long as something is that emotional and moving, then hey, it may just make a grown man cry.

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