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Hi there! And welcome.
My name is Lester and I’ve been watching TV as long as I can remember. I first started blogging about TV with my rambles about the best reality show on TV, The Amazing Race, at xanga.com/theamazingrace.  Since then, it’s evolved from simple rambles to definitely something more.

In 2006, I began blogging at TVGuide.com (TV is just as delicious as DryedMangoez) posting recaps, reviews and commentary on some of my favorite shows.  At the end of 2008, TVGuide decided to discontinue their community features, which included the blogs. And so now all my posts (many of which I was very proud of) are gone.  I was inspired to resurrect the blog at a new home and expand on the already existing DryedMangoez “brand” (ha!) first launched with my Amazing Race recaps.

Graduating from the University of San Francisco, majoring in Media Studies with minors in Journalism and Philippine Studies, my hope is DryedMangoez.com can be a place for longer commentary, critiques and media analysis in addition to simple recaps of my favorite television shows.

So thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy! =]

Comments, questions, suggestions? All are welcome!

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18 thoughts on “About DryedMangoez

  1. Hello. Im a mango farmer. Just recently, I started processing some of my fruits into dried mangoes. You must have liked them so much thats why you used the name. Just like dried mangoes, your site is very good.

  2. Thank you so much for your Tower Prep Blog. Hopefully we will all be able to enjoy a 2nd season together!

  3. im a big fan of your work! you seem to speak the thoughts out for everyone. like Simon Cowell! And you have my brother’s name too! dryed mangoez rule!

  4. Great site! I look forward to reading your TAR 29 reviews. I would really appreciate if you restarted your YT channel; there were some great TAR Top 10s.

    P.S: I recommend watching Survivor. You don’t have to, I just recommend.

    1. Hi! Thanks. I only did those top TAR moments for the anniversary before since the moments CBS did pick were so horrible. Hehe.

      Actually, I had planned on posting short classic TAR clips of memorable moments every day on a new Twitter account (less chance for CBS to flag them lol) to prepare for the TAR29 premiere. But when CBS moved up the premiere, I had no time to do it anymore. Hehe, maybe later on. =D

      Will definitely be interesting to see how TAR29 shakes out with the gimmick. And of course, seeing what TAR’s fate will be which I’m sure will be decided before TAR29 is done airing.

  5. Great site! Our PR agency would really like to get in touch with you for future projects you might be interested in. 🙂

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