Category: International TV

DryedMangoez recaps, reviews and commentary about international (non-American) television programs.

Good Ol’ Review: Cinematic KBS Miniseries “How to Buy a Friend” Illustrates the Strength of Connections and Bonds
Good Ol’ Review: JTBC’s “At Eighteen” is an Honest, Sincere and Powerful Slice of Life
Good Ol’ Review: Netflix’s Korean Drama “Extracurricular” a Twistedly Fun, but Strikingly Dark Thriller
Good Ol’ Review: Kim Hee Seon and Kim Hae Sook Lead Fast-Paced, Emotional Mystery in “Room No. 9”
Good Ol’ Review: Charming and Romantic “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” Makes Sincere, Actual Effort at Tackling Contemporary Social Issues
Good Ol’ Review: Short and Sweet “Have a Nice Dessert” a Refreshing Treat
Good Ol’ Review: Thought-provoking “Hello Monster/I Remember You” Keeps You Guessing
Commentary: Some Unsolicited Advice for TV5 Before Its Transition to One TV
Good Ol’ Review: Melting Me Softly a Lighthearted, but Heartfelt Romance with a Twist
Good Ol’ Review: Yoon Shi Yoon is Masterful in Emotionally Gripping and Pitch Perfect “Your Honor”
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