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Good Ol’ Review: SBS’ “Penthouse” (Season 1) is an Outrageous, Fun Guilty Pleasure

SBS’ Penthouse (펜트하우스) is guilty pleasure at its soapy finest. Outrageous, over-the-top moments are paired with clever twists and turns. Its cast revels in the campy stories while delivering emotional performances when the craziness subsides for fleeting moments. It’s not hard to see why the series became one of the year’s most watched and most talked about dramas. And considering it has only just started its second of three seasons, the roller coaster is still careening forward towards who knows where.

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Good Ol’ Review: Everything Comes Together to Make JTBC’s Character-Driven Slice of Life Drama “Run On” a Definite Winner
Good Ol’ Review:  Charming, Fun, Sincere; “True Beauty” a Truly Enjoyable Series
Good Ol’ Review: Charming Cast and Familiar Story Make “Sweet Stranger and Me” an Enjoyable Escape
Good Ol’ Review: Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young Shine in Dramatic, Dreamlike “When the Weather is Fine”
Good Ol’ Review: Character Driven “Flower of Evil” an Emotionally Resonant Thriller

Flower of Evil (악의 꽃) is not a series that you will soon forget after watching it. The 2020 tvN series is a fast-paced psychological thriller that is powered by an exceptional character-driven story. In finding the delicate balance between crime, mystery, family, friendship and romance, Flower of Evil crafts a thoroughly engaging roller coaster of a ride. And its great cast, led by an outstanding performance from Lee Joon Gi, solidifies it as one of 2020’s best. (And definitely another series that would’ve made my Top 10 Korean Dramas of 2020 list.)

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Good Ol’ Review: Stellar Cast Powers Relatable, Character-Driven “Record of Youth”
Good Ol’ Review: A Perfect Balance Makes “My Secret Terrius” a Bright, Charming and Exciting Series
Good Ol’ Review: SBS’ Time Travel Drama “Alice” a Convoluted Mess and Waste of Potential

When going into science-fiction or fantasy series, a certain level of suspension of disbelief is recommended. Actually, the same can be said for any Korean drama. Sometimes, a “just go with it” attitude is necessary in order to fully enjoy a series. For the 2020 SBS drama Alice (앨리스), however, no amount of disbelief suspension can explain away perhaps the most unnecessarily convoluted and directionless time travel series I’ve ever seen.

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Good Ol’ Review: With Some Investment and Strong Performances from Jang Ki Yong and Nana, OCN Drama “Kill It” Results in a Thoroughly Rewarding Experience

Kill It (킬잇) is a compelling example of a series that requires an upfront investment that will lead to a surprisingly emotional and satisfying conclusion. The 2019 OCN drama series starring Jang Ki Yong and Nana starts off with some intrigue before settling into a sort of oddly flat succession of disjointed stories. But that aforementioned investment and being able to stick with the series through to its almost abruptly exhilarating final minutes results in what ends up being a rewarding television experience.

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