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Good Ol’ Review: Charming “Single & Ready to Mingle” the Rare Korean Web Drama That Does the Format Right

Often times, Korean web dramas feel like they are either full-length movies awkwardly chopped up into mobile-friendly bite sized pieces (at which point, it’s best to watch the inevitable movie edit version of the series) or a full-length series premise that ended up underdeveloped and resigned to a streaming fate. The 2020 series Single & Ready to Mingle (솔로 말고 멜로) is the rare web drama that is actually perfectly suited for its format, knows what it is and is trying to do and accomplishes those goals.

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Good Ol’ Review: Park In Hwan and Song Kang Absolutely Soar in Thoughtful, Profound “Navillera”
Good Ol’ Review: “Scripting Your Destiny” a Refreshing Take on Familiar Themes, but Perhaps Better Suited for a Longer Format

Scripting Your Destiny (당신의 운명을 쓰고 있습니다) has an excellent premise about fate and free will. A premise so good that the ten, 25-minute episodes almost don’t do it justice. The romantic fantasy is a lighthearted story with a legitimately intriguing core foundation. And though thoroughly enjoyable in the end, it’s hard not to wonder how much better it might be in a different format.

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Good Ol’ Review: Charming, Thought-Provoking “Expiration Date of You and Me”
Good Ol’ Review: Characters Compliment the Action in Exciting and Sincere “The Uncanny Counter”
Check-in Review: After Wrapping Up Season 2, “Penthouse” Continues to be a Soapy Oasis on Korean Television

Having just wrapped up its second season, Korean drama Penthouse (펜트하우스) has proven that it is a force to be reckoned with. And the formula? Engage viewers in a wild, nonstop roller coaster of a ride through soapy plotlines and shock and awe twists and turns brought to life by a talented cast that relishes and embraces the outrageous camp. And best of all, it is a fun ride. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get angry. But you enjoy it all.

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Good Ol’ Review: Hilarious and Heartfelt, KBS’ “Zombie Detective” a Thoroughly Engaging and Enjoyable Ride

Zombie Detective (좀비탐정) may just be the happiest, most heartfelt zombie television series ever! At least, that’s my immediate reaction after watching this 2020 KBS series. Choi Jin Hyuk effortlessly leads a stellar ensemble cast as the titular Zombie Detective. Mixing drama, comedy, fantasy and mystery, it all comes together into what is unexpectedly a hilarious and emotional adventure.

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Hindsight Review: How Season 2 of “Love Alarm” Spectacularly Dropped the Ball
Good Ol’ Review: KBS’ 2015 Series “Cheer Up!/Sassy Go Go” a Timely, Sincere and Resonant Story
Good Ol’ Review: SBS’ “Penthouse” (Season 1) is an Outrageous, Fun Guilty Pleasure

SBS’ Penthouse (펜트하우스) is guilty pleasure at its soapy finest. Outrageous, over-the-top moments are paired with clever twists and turns. Its cast revels in the campy stories while delivering emotional performances when the craziness subsides for fleeting moments. It’s not hard to see why the series became one of the year’s most watched and most talked about dramas. And considering it has only just started its second of three seasons, the roller coaster is still careening forward towards who knows where.

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