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First Impression Review: “Voltes V: Legacy” Off to an Exciting and Unexpectedly Emotional Start

I didn’t expect to get emotional. But as the end (opening?) credits rolled on the first episode of Voltes V: Legacy, I did. And this is me not having watched a single episode of the original series. If I felt this excited and hyped for the series, I can’t even imagine how it must feel for fans who grew up with the original series. Especially for Filipino fans who are seeing their childhood now in a live-action, locally produced series.

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Hindsight Review: Fun, Exciting “Mga Lihim ni Urduja” Shows There’s So Much Potential Still Waiting to Be Tapped for Philippine TV

And ultimately, that is such a welcome sight to see. Mga Lihim ni Urduja was a fun, exciting ride. Even if the series might have been a little too different for some viewers, it is one example of how there are still so many unique stories to tell on Philippine TV. Even familiar stories, but in truly refreshing ways and with new approaches. Urduja showed there is so much potential just waiting to be tapped. And one hopes it won’t be the last of its kind on local television.

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First Impression Review: Though Welcome, TV5’s “Face 2 Face” Reboot Misses Some of the Original’s Magic

So this Face 2 Face reboot as a television program is a welcome sight. It definitely has some kinks to work out if it hopes to enjoy as successful a run as the original series. Those kinks are definitely as resolvable as the complaints the people bring to the show. But in spite of any of these early bumps, Face 2 Face remains a fascinatingly simple, yet engaging hour of television to have every day.

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First Impression Review: GMA Network’s Inspiring “Hearts on Ice” a Refreshing and Welcome Series for Filipino Audiences

I’ve finally gotten the chance to check out GMA Network’s Hearts on Ice and I’m glad I did. Ashley Ortega gets a well-deserved lead role in this family sports drama that ticks all the right boxes. Though it definitely adheres to familiar teleserye formula, it also provides refreshingly welcome twists from the norm. And that makes it well worth the daily watch (or weekly binge!).

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Commentary: The Drama Isn’t Over Yet! The Future of Eat Bulaga… And It’s Showtime?! … And Wowowin?!?!
Commentary: What’s the Big Deal About Liza Soberano?
First Impression Review: Sleek Substance; “Mga Lihim ni Urduja” Another Potential Winner for GMA Network

GMA Network has long been regarded as the leader in local fantasy series. Even the network’s detractors who deride its drama programs concede that they do much better fantasy productions than their rival networks. So it is no surprise their latest presentation, Mga Lihim ni Urduja, follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. And also moves to elevate the local genre even more.

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Commentary: The Future of Eat Bulaga – An Actual End of an Era?
Hindsight Review: GMA Network’s Impactful “Maria Clara at Ibarra” a Refreshing Change of Pace for Philippine Television

Not only did it provide a welcome change of pace on Philippine television. Not only did it fuel a renewed interest in the Philippines’ history and Filipino roots. Not only was it a showcase for wonderful performances. Not only was it a visual treat. Not only was it a respectful and faithful adaptation of some of the most important words written by a Filipino. Maria Clara at Ibarra has been simply an entertaining, enjoyable and exciting viewing experience. That’s not something that can be said often for a Filipino television series. But it is much deserved here.

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Commentary/Rant: Philippine TV Turbulence is Not Over Yet – The Failures of ALLTV… and TV5
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