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Good Ol’ Review: “Once Again” a Refreshingly Unique and Emotional Series
Good Ol’ Review: “Like Flowers in Sand” a Heartwarming, Exciting and Memorable Series
Good Ol’ Review: “Flex X Cop” a Complete and Satisfying Package of Mystery, Drama, Action and Humor

Flex X Cop (재벌X형사/Chaebol X Detective) is one of the most complete Korean drama series I’ve ever watched. Anything you might want to find in a K-drama, you’ll find here. An effortless blend of mystery, drama and plenty of humor; the series is a fun, exciting and very satisfying experience. Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun lead an excellent ensemble cast who help to bring to life an intricate and well-rounded story alongside slick and purposeful direction. And it all comes together into this wonderful package.

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Good Ol’ Review: “Love for Love’s Sake” a Revelatory Series

There might be a tendency to judge a Korean BL series within a certain parameter. But Love for Love’s Sake (연애 지상주의 구역) is not just an excellent Korean BL drama. It is an excellent Korean drama period. The series is able to transcend and overcome the limitations and hurdles of the emerging Korean BL genre and online streaming format. This romantic fantasy features a higher concept in style, substance and execution than some might be used to, either in Korean BLs or Korean drama as a whole. And its total package makes it a standout and memorable experience.

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First Impression Review: Lots of Potential as Jo Berry Shines in Refreshing “Lilet Matias: Attorney-at-Law”
Good Ol’ Review: Jang Eui Soo and Lee Chan Hyung’s Chemistry Power Satisfying “My Sweet Dear”

My Sweet Dear (마이 스윗 디어) is indeed a sweet treat.. Jang Eui Soo and Lee Chan Hyung’s undeniable chemistry power one of the seemingly few Korean web series that know how to properly use their short time. And this fluffy, feel-good series is able to come up with just the right ingredients to result in a fully satisfying and enjoyable experience

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Good Ol’ Review: Fluffy “Mr. Heart” a Refreshing Watch
Good Ol’ Review: Excellent Cast, Strong Writing Power the Warmth and Sincerity of “Welcome to Samdal-ri”

It’s always a welcome treat when a series like Welcome to Samdal-ri (웰컴투 삼달리) comes along and offers up a thoroughly enjoyable and wholesome viewing experience. The 2023-2024 JTBC drama is an excellent series that follows the journeys of an engaging and eclectic group of characters through healing, romance, self-discovery and community. Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hae Sun lead an outstanding ensemble cast that elevates the already strong material and breathtaking visuals.

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Hindsight Review: GMMTV’s Thai Adaptation of “Cherry Magic” an Absolute Joy to Watch

GMMTV’s Thai adaptation of the popular manga Cherry Magic (30 ยังซิง) has been a sweet, romantic and thoroughly enjoyable treat. Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom showed they’ve still got it as the experienced actors and popular pairing led a strong cast through entertaining and relatable stories. With a bit of slice of life feels, sincere emotions and a lot of fun, Cherry Magic is an all-around success.

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Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Season Wrap-Up
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