Produce 101 Philippines (Concept/Pitch)

It doesn’t take long after something like Mnet’s Produce 101 franchise has taken over the world that many wonder when the Philippines can come in and attempt to undertake a local version of the format.

And after four hugely successful seasons of the Korean mothership, two seasons in China and the start of Japan’s own search for the next superstars, the idea of a #PD101PH only gets more and more attractive. For both fans and networks alike.

Personally, I’m always leery of any Philippine network attempting to produce a local version of an international property, scripted or reality. But there have been some faithful and creative successes (Survivor Philippines, The Amazing Race Philippines) as well as others that completely bastardized the original formats. (You can guess which one/s.)

But why a Produce 101 Philippines? And could it possibly work? Continue reading

Recap/Commentary: The Amazing Race Vietnam 2019, Episode 9 – North Korea (!)

As a Filipino-American, it’s certainly not strange for me to enjoy foreign, especially Asian, entertainment. Even if it’s in a different language I may not understand, I’ve perfectly enjoyed everything from Korean music to Japanese anime to Thai drama. And I’ve also enjoyed The Amazing Race Vietnam even if I might not understand a single word the teams ever say.

But as a Filipino-American, it is very surreal and strange to be watching The Amazing Race Vietnam make the franchise-first visit to North Korea.

Yes. That North Korea.

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Some Useful Tips for Traveling Through Manila International Airport and the Philippines in General

So my parents and I had to go on an unexpected and sadly bittersweet trip to the Philippines last January. Having to plan a trip to the Philippines in just two weeks and during the Christmas holiday was certainly a new experience for me when usually we’d have months to prepare everything, from packing to logistics and all that. And that’s all to help keep things as smooth as possible because traveling to the Philippines (at least, the actual traveling part) isn’t always the smoothest experience.

Interestingly enough, this ended up our smoothest trip to the Philippines ever! And I decided I should share some tips that might help both first time and return travelers to the Philippines. Continue reading

Introducing NOOD – Current and Classic Filipino Shows and More! (Concept)

Streaming services and apps have changed the way people around the world consume content. Whether it is television progrmas, full-length feature films or short videos, people are now able to enjoy content anywhere and anytime.

And now, Filipinos and Filipinos at heart all over the world will be able to enjoy the best entertainment, sports, news and information available from the Philippines.

Introducing NOOD, a new multi-screen platform and video streaming service with tens of thousands of hours of current and classic content from the Philippines and around the world as well live television broadcasts 24/7! Continue reading

Commentary: Polarizing Politics and The Amazing Race

Recently, fans of The Amazing Race online were discussing possible future locations for the series. Especially as the series is still struggling to hold on for dear life. (Though in a slightly less precarious situation now than a few months ago.)

And one long wished-for destination (and one of the few Amazing Race-producing countries in the world), Israel, was mentioned. Almost immediately several fans expressed everything from hesitation to downright abhorrence. The reason being the complex and decades-long political and social quagmire that has only gotten much more heated in even just the last few weeks. Continue reading

A New Era for Power Rangers and Justice for Go-Busters?

Let’s rewind back to when the news first broke that Saban Brands would be adapting Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger instead of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters as the Power Rangers season following the huge, epic amazing anniversary season that was Super Megaforce. Continue reading

Why Does AXN Not Want People to Watch The Amazing Race Asia 5?

So, this actually isn’t a recap of Episode 4 of The Amazing Race Asia 5. And that’s because I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch it.

First, let me take the time to say this:
Thank you The Amazing Race Vietnam and VTV! Thank you The Amazing Race China and Shenzhen TV and Sohu! Thank you, sort of, The Amazing Race Philippines and TV5.

Posting full episodes on your official websites and/or YouTube (or Sohu) channels and making them available, without geographic restrictions, worldwide is truly amazing. And millions of fans and viewers around the world are very grateful.

CBS and CTV make episodes of their own Amazing Race franchises available to people in the United States and Canada, respectively. Though geoblocked, at the very least, fans in those specific countries can catch up on their show if they needed to.

Which brings us to The Amazing Race Asia and AXN.

It was a very exciting surprise when AXN announced The Amazing Race Asia would be resurrected for a 5th season after a long six year absence. Fans in Asia and beyond were looking forward to the return of the series, especially with The Amazing Race US on its own indefinite hiatus.

But that excitement has pretty much been stomped on by AXN’s inexplicable decision not to post full episodes of The Amazing Race Asia on their own website. Worse even, posting the season’s first two episodes only and then deciding not to post any more.

But why? Continue reading

How My Memory of September 11, 2001 is Still Vivid, 15 Years Later

“I remember it like it was yesterday.” It might be a cliché phrase, but when the memory of September 11, 2001 is still so vivid after 15 years, you can’t really describe it any other way. Continue reading

Commentary: At the Elliptical Road of a Presidential Debate, Rules and #NetworkWarCulture

TV5 Debate

(Elliptical Road, Intersection. At the Intersection of a Presidential Debate, Rules and #NetworkWarCulture. ????)

*puts Media Studies hat on*

Philippine media and entertainment is ripe for critique and analysis. Anyone could write a thesis paper on any number of topics relating to the unique environment that the media has cultivated in the Philippines.

Indeed, look no further than the “Only in the Philippines” reality of #NetworkWarCulture.

Sunday, March 20, 2016 saw the second of three Philippine presidential debates. It was a dramatic event behind the scenes and on the debate stage. In today’s social media-obsessed world, especially in the Philippines, anyone and everyone can give their opinions or make comments, valid or not. And when it came to this #PiliPinasDebate2016 (emphasis on the hashtag because the Philippines loves to trend), there is much to discuss. Continue reading

What TV5 Needs to Do for The Amazing Race Philippines Season 3

It’s dead!

4/22/17 Update
Not like we didn’t know it before.

Welp. It looks like The Amazing Race Philippines is officially dead. Its official Facebook page is gone which pretty much confirms TV5 has put TARPH in its past. Thought it’s not like TV5 has any money left to even dream about producing another season.

Anyway, good news is: The Amazing Race Phiippines DryedMangoez Edition is unaffected by this confirmation. TARPHDME is as strong as ever! Wahoo! Expect a brand new season in June! Hehe Continue reading