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Proudly Rooting for Ghenesis Latugat at Miss Universe Philippines 2022!
Commentary: Trying to Remember What the Olympics Are All About

The Winter Olympics are wrapping up in Beijing. And it’s certainly been an interesting and controversial Olympic Games. Of course, there hasn’t been an Olympics without controversy in a long time. But these Games in Beijing brought a lot of issues into the spotlight long before the Olympic flame was even lit. And then there’s the controversies that popped up after that Opening Ceremony that nobody (or maybe some) ever saw coming.

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Willie Revillame and “Wowowin” – The End of Another(!) Era on Philippine Television… And the Beginning of a New One?
Music Monday, January 31, 2022 Special – Taking a Kinda Sorta Deep Dive into P-Pop

After checking out VXON’s debut a few weeks, it got me wondering about what else P-pop has to offer. Aside from the huge strides SB19 has made to reenergize Filipino pop music the last few years, I’ve been only vaguely aware of how much “P-pop” is booming lately. Without TFC or GMA Pinoy TV subscriptions for now two years, my only exposure to potential P-pop artists or songs are when they randomly pop up on the Twitters or the TikTok or a YouTube recommendation.

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Happy New Year!
Top 20 Favorite Pre-2021 Korean Dramas I Watched This Year!
My Top 20 Favorite Korean Dramas of 2021!
The Fun “Big Brother” Bromance of Derek and Travis
Commentary: Mr. Toei, Why Do You Hate Us? – A Simple Case for Making “Kamen Rider” and “Super Sentai” Accessible Worldwide
My Top 10 Korean Dramas of 2020!
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