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Commentary: Eat Bulaga – It’s Time to Move On
Commentary/Review: “E.A.T” and “Eat Bulaga” – Philippine Noontime Settles… For Now
Commentary: How Pressure Cooker 2023 Got Me Interested in “Big Brother US” Again for a Couple of Hours

The last full season of Big Brother US I’ve watched was season 20. It was surprising and definitely very exciting to see Filipino-American Kaycee Clark go all the way to the end and win the season. Since then, I just haven’t been able to get into the show. (Save for the amusing bromance between Derek Xiao and Travis Long in season 23.) For one, I usually lose interest halfway through any season. Especially when I have no one left to root for. Second, the lack of Asian-American HGs has become really annoying and almost upsetting to me. And that’s partly because, third, a small, but very loud section of the Big Brother fandom has become so overwhelmingly nasty and toxic. That I really think they are at least half of the reason the show has been in a steep decline.

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Commentary/Review: Is The New “Eat Bulaga” Really as Bad as Everyone Says It Is?
Commentary: The Drama Isn’t Over Yet! The Future of Eat Bulaga… And It’s Showtime?! … And Wowowin?!?!
Commentary: What’s the Big Deal About Liza Soberano?
Commentary: The Future of Eat Bulaga – An Actual End of an Era?
Commentary/Rant: Philippine TV Turbulence is Not Over Yet – The Failures of ALLTV… and TV5
Commentary/Review: “The New Eat Bulaga! Indonesia” an Unexpectedly Nostalgic Look at a Pre-Pandemic World
Commentary: The Early Success of the “Voltes V: Legacy” Trailer and What “Power Rangers” Could Possibly Learn From It

What I do know is that I am very much looking forward to Voltes V: Legacy. For now, there’s a lot of positive things to take away from this trailer. I hope it does well. I hope it delivers. And I hope that if it is successful, perhaps others can be inspired to take a long, hard look at how they do things with their own adaptations in the future.

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