The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 23

Who would’ve thought that The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition would make it to its 23rd season? I certainly didn’t. lol But here we are! Another brand-new season of your favorite not-real Amazing Race franchise!

This 23rd season will be the biggest TARPHDME yet! New twists. More prizes. More destinations? More teams?! YES! We have it all!

So sit back, relax and enjoy The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 23! Right here! Free! No geographic restrictions whatsoever! (Unlike those other TARs Hmph lol)

Teaser Release Schedule

Opening Credits and Team Reveal

Season Preview

Race Tracker

Leg 1 – “Time is gold… este, pera pala!”

Leg 2 – “Wag mong guluhin ang gulong ko!”
Philippines → France

Leg 3 – “Don’t wet the money!”
France → Andorra

Leg 4 – “Nahuhulog ulo ko!”
Andorra → Spain

Leg 5 – “Don’t spread the legs too much!”

Leg 6 – “Hindi na yan titigas!”
Spain → Japan

Leg 7 – “Hindi ka ba marunong mag-blow?”

Leg 8 – “Sorry Lola, we’re not from around here.”
Japan → Philippines

Leg 9 – “I’m sorry I’m so close to your face.”
Philippines → New Zealand

Leg 10 – “I don’t want fire on my face.”
New Zealand → Samoa

Leg 11 – “Sana sasabog sa atin!”
Samoa → Colombia

Leg 12 – “Ibang palenquera yun!”

Leg 13 – “A Jolly Unlucky Day”
Colombia → Canada

Leg 14 – “Sinampal ako ng hangin at tubig.”
Canada → United States

Leg 15 – “Our Good Bad Memory”
United States → Philippines



“The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition” is in no way related to Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Earthview, inc., Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions, CBS or TV5 lolol
No harm intended. And definitely no profit gained from any of this. lolol

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