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DryedMangoez Good Ol’ Reviews written after a television series has completed its premiere run.

Good Ol’ Review: Captivating, Resonant “Lovely Runner” a Rare Breed in Korean Drama
Good Ol’ Review: Netflix’s “Hierarchy” a Disappointing, Contrived, Try-Hard Mess
Good Ol’ Review: Strong Cast Powers Sweet and Sexy “Jun & Jun”

Jun & Jun (준과 준) is a refreshing entry in the Korean BL genre. With an appealing balance between fluffy and mature, the romantic drama draws upon a tried and true formula while touching upon realistic and relatable situations that other series normally will not go near. A strong cast elevates a relatively simple and straightforward story. And while it is another case of a web series deserving much more time to flesh out all the great potential it presents, Jun & Jun is nonetheless a sweet (sometimes sexy!) and enjoyable time.

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Good Ol’ Review: Netflix’s “Goodbye Earth” Makes You Wish the Asteroid Would Hurry Up

Goodbye Earth (종말의 바보 /The Fool at the End of the World) is definitely not the kind of series I expected coming into it. And I don’t mean that in a good way. This big budget, star-studded Netflix series falls far short of its ambitious target. And for a big chunk of the series, you end up wishing the asteroid would mercifully make its target as fast as possible.

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Good Ol’ Review: Do Won and Yoon Do Jin Power the Heartwarming and Hopeful “Love Tractor”

If you’re looking for a sweet, fluffy and thoroughly enjoyable series, look no further than Love Tractor (트랙터는 사랑을 싣고). This absolutely wholesome series has all the best parts of what makes a fully lighthearted series so fun and enjoyable. Charming and talented leads in Do Won and Yoon Do Jin effortlessly draw you in to the equally charming Korean countryside for one of the most feel-good romantic Korean BL series you might ever see.

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Good Ol’ Review: Cast Does What it Can to Make Up for Frustratingly Missed Opportunities in “Wedding Impossible”

Jun Jong Seo, Moon Sang Min and Kim Do Wan do their best to try and elevate simple, though mostly enjoyable rom-com fluff in Wedding Impossible (웨딩 임파서블). The series features a refreshing approach to a familiar Korean drama set-up. But unsteady pacing and missed opportunities with depth and nuance hold Wedding Impossible from being something much more than it is.

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Good Ol’ Review: “Once Again” a Refreshingly Unique and Emotional Series
Good Ol’ Review: “Like Flowers in Sand” a Heartwarming, Exciting and Memorable Series
Good Ol’ Review: “Flex X Cop” a Complete and Satisfying Package of Mystery, Drama, Action and Humor

Flex X Cop (재벌X형사/Chaebol X Detective) is one of the most complete Korean drama series I’ve ever watched. Anything you might want to find in a K-drama, you’ll find here. An effortless blend of mystery, drama and plenty of humor; the series is a fun, exciting and very satisfying experience. Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun lead an excellent ensemble cast who help to bring to life an intricate and well-rounded story alongside slick and purposeful direction. And it all comes together into this wonderful package.

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Good Ol’ Review: “Love for Love’s Sake” a Revelatory Series

There might be a tendency to judge a Korean BL series within a certain parameter. But Love for Love’s Sake (연애 지상주의 구역) is not just an excellent Korean BL drama. It is an excellent Korean drama period. The series is able to transcend and overcome the limitations and hurdles of the emerging Korean BL genre and online streaming format. This romantic fantasy features a higher concept in style, substance and execution than some might be used to, either in Korean BLs or Korean drama as a whole. And its total package makes it a standout and memorable experience.

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