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DryedMangoez Good Ol’ Reviews written after a television series has completed its premiere run.

Good Ol’ Review: Some Missed Opportunities, but “The Liar and His Lover” an Overall Charming Series

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into The Liar and His Lover (그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해 /She Loves Lie So Much). But by the end, I mostly enjoyed this 2017 adaptation of a popular Japanese manga. It is most enjoyable as a charming coming-of-age drama rather than as a romantic comedy. However, as a whole, the series is able to do just enough to be a refreshing and easy watch.

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Good Ol’ Review: Another Thought-Provoking and Genre-Bending KBS Drama Special: “Dreamers”
Good Ol’ Review: Go Kyung Pyo and Chae Soo Bin Are Irresistible in Inspiring, Fun “Strongest Deliveryman”

Strongest Deliveryman (최강 배달꾼) may indeed be one of the strongest Korean dramas I’ve ever watched. The 2017 KBS series is a well-rounded story that touches on many familiar themes, but does so in a fun and emotionally affecting way. The depth that is given to its characters make for a thoroughly engaging and ultimately satisfying story that leaves you wanting more.

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Good Ol’ Review: JTBC’s “Law School” a Fascinating and Unique Character-Driven Look at the Justice System

JTBC’s Law School (로스쿨) is an intriguing take on the law and crime genre in Korean drama. An ensemble cast of characters, brought to life by an excellent cast, drive the narrative and offer an inside look at the diverse motivations and principles of people in the justice system. And even more unique is how the justice system and Korean law is a character in and of itself in the series.

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Good Ol’ Review: KBS’ “Youth of May” a Profound, Character-Driven Portrait of One of the Darkest Periods in Korea’s History

Youth of May (오월의 청춘) is essential viewing. This stunning KBS drama series is a profoundly character-driven look at one of the darkest periods in Korea’s history. Set in the days leading up to and during the deadly Gwangju Uprising fight for democracy in May 1980, Youth of May tells the story of people whose lives are forever changed by this turbulent time. It is a stark reminder (or introduction to some) of this moment in history, but also a moving and poignant story of love, family and friendship that you won’t soon forget.

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Good Ol’ Review: Irresistibly Charming “The Secret Life of My Secretary” Will Not Fail to Put a Smile on Your Face

The 2019 SBS romantic comedy The Secret Life of My Secretary (초면에 사랑합니다/I Loved You From the Beginning) is one of the most charming, wholesome and feel-good series I’ve ever watched and enjoyed. The series is an irresistible blend of sweet fluff, engaging characters, hilarious comedy, emotional drama and even some thought-provoking situations to top it all off. The minimal stress, all-fun series has plenty of laughs and just as much heart. And it is one to watch for anyone who is willing to have a smile on their face from the first to the last second.

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Good Ol’ Review: Chu Young Woo and Won Hyung Hoon Charm and Endear in Romantic “You Make Me Dance”
Good Ol’ Review: Adrenaline-Fueled, Character-Driven Thriller “Taxi Driver” Makes Its Case as One of the Year’s Best

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more fun, exciting television experience than when watching SBS’ latest blockbuster series Taxi Driver (모범택시/Deluxe Taxi). The adrenaline-fueled thriller captures the perfect balance of emotionally affecting-drama, roaring action sequences, lighthearted moments and vicarious satisfaction as it follows a team of on-call revenge specialists. An exceptional cast is just icing on the cake of what could end up being one of the year’s absolute best.

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Good Ol’ Review: Absolutely Enthralling Performances Power Character-Driven Thriller “Beyond Evil”

Baeksang Best Drama winner Beyond Evil (괴물/Monster) is a fascinating television experience. The 2021 JTBC drama series is a unique blend of psychological thriller, crime procedural and slice of life character study. Unique indeed. But it is that combination, along with an excellent ensemble cast and meticulous direction that prove just how much Beyond Evil deserves the accolades.

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Good Ol’ Review: MBC Miniseries “She Knows Everything” a Dizzyingly Awkward Whodunit
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