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Noel has the Lups and Good Striker meet him at the shrine for New Year’s. He requests Umika wear a utaka and believes Sakuya will be very excited to see her looking beautiful in it.

Suddenly, a red, safe-headed Podaman appears with a group of regular Podamans. The Lups shoot at it, but the Podaman uses his Play Together Collection Piece to transport them into a game. Noel says Lupin liked to play games with the Piece.

The Red Podaman says they can only escape after passing four levels or taking the Collection Piece. But the Red Podaman is actually not physically in the game, so that will be difficult.

Meanwhile at the GSPO, Keiichiro has something to tell the others. Jim Carter helps him present his findings.

Keiichiro describes their three Jurer friends’ connections to disappeared people. And together with Noel’s words to him when they fought in the cave, there’s no doubt. Kairi, Tooma and Umika are the Lupinrangers.

Back in the game, Kairi pulls out their first challenge: Make Red Podaman laugh with an impression.

Kairi knows exactly what to do. He starts doing an impersonation of Tooma’s aerobics. But Tooma makes him think better of it. Tooma makes Kairi freeze up and do the boring morphing pose instead. Red Podaman drops a wash basin on Kairi’s head.

Noel gives it a try. He does an impersonation of Keiichiro and goes on to describe how great the Pats are.

Back at the GSPO, the Pats continue piecing together all the clues that prove the Lups and the Jurer trio are the same. Tsukasa faints after realizing the three cute kids she fangirled over were them.

For the second round of the game, they must reveal something painful that happened recently. Umika talks about what they had to go through to retrieve Lupin Magnum. Kairi mentions their battle with Destra.

Red Podaman passes them through this round.

Down in the underworld, Dogranio shares a drink with Zamigo. Zamigo says he isn’t pursuing Dogranio’s seat since it seems like running this whole operation seems like a pain.

The third challenge is for the Lups to reveal a hidden talent. Noel steps up and shows off his parkour skills, but Red Podaman says that’s not a hidden talent. Umika has an idea though. She dresses Kairi, Tooma and Noel as beautiful women. Red Podaman loves it! He passes them this round.

Over at the GSPO, Tsukasa regains consciousness and remembers more clues from the past year. But Sakuya refuses to believe it since the Lups have always had alibis.

Tsukasa explains how each of their alibis has holes in it. Keiichiro suggests they test their alibi once more. Sakuya still can’t think Umika can be this kind of person. He points out how Keiichiro came to care about Kairi as well.

For the fourth round of the game, Red Podaman wants the Lups to show him their treasure so they display all their Pieces. That gives Red Podaman the chance to take all of their Pieces.

That includes Good Striker who is able to poke Red Podaman’s butt which then frees the Lups from the game. They retrieve their Pieces and Noel is able to take the Piece inside the Red Podaman’s safe. He then morphs into Super and finishes off Red Podaman.

Kairi leys Noel keep Cyclone.

Now that they’re free, they pay respects at the shrine.

Back at the GSPO, Commander Hilltop agrees to put the Jurer 3 under police surveillance. But Sakuya fights back. He wants a little more time to prove that Umika-chan and the others are innocent. He bows 90 degrees to ask for this request.

Down in the underworld, Goche has two new Pieces she wants to experiment with. Zamigo pops in with a request and offers her any amount for her to comply.

Episode Thoughts

Well, that was a very typical flashback/recap episode and using the typical Sentai “trapped in a game” plot as well.

I will say that the flashback/recap format does fit with the Pats trying to piece together all the clues from the past year. Not so much with the Lups playing the game. But it makes sense for the Pats to be going back and remembering all things that were RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES!

Anyway, it appears that the Umika-Sakuya ship is definitely sailing. And it might even deliver an emotional payoff next week when it comes to both Sakuya and Umika struggling with their feelings, not just for each other, but for their team and the greater good, so to speak.

And I am definitely ready to finally get Zamigo up and running in the story as well. Come on now!

So overall, a pretty standard episode, but it’s an unavoidable annual event isn’t it?

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Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 17 – Happy New Woz 2019 https://dryedmangoez.com/2019/01/13/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-17-happy-new-woz-2019/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2019/01/13/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-17-happy-new-woz-2019/#comments Mon, 14 Jan 2019 04:45:50 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=16098 Zi-O 17

Uncle Junichiro has made special bento for the New Year’s holiday.

New Year’s 2022, that is. Sougo heads outside and it is indeed 2022. He is suddenly attacked by ninja-like foot soldiers until Takigawa Kinji Kagura Rentarou appears to save him.

Rentarou introduces himself as someone who fights in the shadows to protect the helpless from those who misuse the power given to them.

Rentarou pours his belt out of a bottle and henshins to…

Zi-O 17

Kamen Rider Shinobi!

Rentarou easily fights off the food soldiers using different types of ninpou. Sougo thinks he’s pretty cool. But he wakes up from the dream back in the present day, New Year’s 2019.

Zi-O 17

Later that night, a strange Time Mazine arrives in 2019. The Time Jackers, meanwhile, greet each other on a rooftop. Schwartz hands Heure a strange Ride Watch.

The next day, Rentarou tries saving his friend from a bunch of goons, but gets beat up instead. Heure pops up and appears to force the Ride Watch into Rentarou.

Zi-O 17

Back at the shop, Sougo tells Geiz and Tsukuyomi about his dream. But Geiz tells Sougo about how all Riders ceased to exist on Oma Day when Sougo becomes Oma Zi-O.

Just then, Woz appears and Uncle Junichiro happily serves him a bento expecting another time piece to be repaired. Geiz can’t believe Woz would have the nerve to show his face here again after what he’s done. But Tsukuyomi says Woz must have a good reason.

Woz explains that Another Rider has appeared, but his book mentions nothing about it or the original Rider. They all leave to investigate.

Three of the goons that attacked Rentarou’s friend have already been attacked by the Another Rider. And the fourth one is about to be killed. Heure watches and is pleased by the progress.

Zi-O 17

Suddenly, a voice comes out of nowhere announcing Heure will find himself in a sudden traffic accident. The car with the fourth goon starts to careen towards him. Heure freezes time to stop the car from hitting him. He turns and finds a strangely dressed Woz behind him.

Woz wants Heure to tell him all about the Another Rider, but Heure refuses. Woz then writes in his tablet-style, touchscreen book that Heure’s time becomes unfrozen.

The frozen car quickly continues careening toward him. Heure tries freezing time again, but time just starts right back up. Over and over. Until Woz finally freezes time himself, having made his point to Heure.

Woz repeats his demand for Heure to tell him all about the Another Rider. Heure says all he knows is Schwartz gave him the watch.

Woz spares him for today.

On the other side of town, Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi are at the site where one of the goons was burned alive. But other than the park bench, there’s no sign of fire. That’s when Geiz spots something bubbling out of Sougo’s shadow.

Sougo and Geiz henshin and the Another Rider pops out of the shadows. They battle, but Another Shinobi is able to get away after spraying them with water ninpou.

Geiz hops on his bike to chase after him. Sougo tries to catch up, but Woz writes in his digital book that he won’t. And he doesn’t. Sougo manages to catch his bike Watch.

Zi-O 17

But Sougo and Tsukuyomi are surprised to see this different Woz appear.

Woz speech-to-texts that Sougo will get caught up in a whirlwind and it happens immediately. He says he doesn’t control the future, but merely guides it.

Before Woz can write Sougo’s demise, presentWoz appears and wraps Another Woz’s wrist with his long scarf. Woz than wraps Sougo and Tsukuyomi in his scarf and whisks them away.

They call Geiz over, but Another Shinobi quickly finds them. Sougo and Geiz henshin and they battle.

Another Woz appears and explains that he can write the future in his book and can guide their actions. He wants to take Another Shinobi’s Watch and they don’t know anything about him because Kamen Rider Shinobi does not exist in this timeline.

Sougo goes Decade and delivers a Dual Time Break at Another Shinobi. But Another Shinobi sucks Sougo and Geiz in a fiery whirlwind.

Zi-O 17

Geiz is spit out of the whirlwind in front of Another Woz who bows and kneels to him, his “savior.” Another Woz says Geiz will destroy Oma Zi-O on Oma Day when he becomes Geiz Revive. That’s why Another Woz has come to 2019 to help his savior Geiz.

Zi-O 17

Another Woz pulls the Beyondriver out and henshins to Kamen Rider Woz.

Zi-O 17

Another Woz summons his spear and takes on Another Shinobi. He writes in his book that Another Shinobi explodes from his attack and it happens. Another Woz delivers a Time Explosion and Rentarou is released from Another Shinobi.

Another Woz says he comes from a future in a different timeline, a future without Oma Zi-O. And that timeline was created when Geiz destroyed Oma Zi-O.

Episode Thoughts

Wow! What an interesting episode. Very exciting and lots going on of course.

First, YAY Hideya Tawada! I guess he’s the guest for these two eps, but I was hoping he’d be a permanent secondary Rider this season. He was pretty badass this episode in what little we saw of him. And it brings back nice memories and seeing him go from being the StarNinger with a hamburger cell phone to a kick ass Kamen Rider Shinobi. Let’s hope we’re in the timeline where Kamen Rider Shinobi really happens in 2022. Hehe.

But the biggest development was definitely the introduction of Kamen Rider Woz. Woz has been great so far as has Keisuke Watanabe. So having the two Wozeses will definitely give him more opportunity to be awesome. But it also presents the interesting plot twists.

Geiz being the savior in the new timeline will certainly bring back his wanting to kill Sougo, one would assume. But I will expect that this somehow gets Geiz a nice new power up and he again reverts to his tsundere ways to believe in Sougo. Thus, I guess, creating ANOTHER new timeline, right?

The season has played around with the different timelines. Starting back even to Build‘s finale of course. So to introduce Another Woz presents a whole range of interesting possibilities as well. They can play around with the idea of parallel universes/timelines. Though in both good and bad ways. We’ll see.

There was a lot of great action this episode as well. First from Kamen Rider Shinobi and then Kamen Rider Woz. Some nice, neat fight choreography for their big fight sequences. And Kamen Rider Woz’s henshin sequence, music and sound effects are all so awesomely over-the-top. I love it!

Overall, a great, enjoyable episode and a nice start to this next arc of the season!

https://dryedmangoez.com/2019/01/13/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-17-happy-new-woz-2019/feed/ 1 16098
Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 45 – Looking Forward to Christmas https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/28/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-45-looking-forward-to-christmas/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/28/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-45-looking-forward-to-christmas/#comments Sat, 29 Dec 2018 05:39:42 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=16085

Sota from all the way in Episode 14 invites Sakuya and the rest of the Pats to the school’s Christmas party. Sota wants to have chicken so Sakuya says he’ll prepare a Christmas chicken feast for him with the help of an awesome French chef.

Over at the GSPO, Jim Carter has found a match that shows Ganglers’ human forms are of people who have gone missing. They continue searching and find more which means that the same must have happened to Satoru.

But Keiichiro has a thought. He searches and finds that the missing people used as Gangler disguises were all reported missing at the same time in the city. He wonders if maybe people were specifically kidnapped to enable their forms to be used as disguises. They decide to look more into the possibility.

Meanwhile, Sakuya begs Tooma to help with the Christmas party. Noel says he’ll go to Paris to pick up a delicious cake.

While grocery shopping, Sakuya tells Kairi that he wanted to do something nice for his two senpai and the kids. He feels that Keiichiro and Tsukasa need something to cheer them up now. Kairi thinks that’s a nice gesture.

Just then, Gangler Samon Shakexutanthin begins rampaging nearby.

Samon steals everyone’s chicken so they can eat salmon instead. He stuffs everyone’s mouths with grilled salmon which both Kairi and Sakuya think is delicious. But the Gangler still has to be stopped.

Sakuya morphs and takes on Samon and Podamans. Samon says Japanese people should eat salmon for Christmas. Sakuya says chicken. They battle.

But Samon wins this round and he leaves.

Samon makes a public broadcast announcement that they will attack anyone who dares eat chicken. They’ve even raided local chicken stores.

Sakuya and Kairi go around to chicken stores and they’re all the same. Samon and the Podamans raid every single one of them.

Back at Jurer, Sakuya refuses to have a Christmas without chicken. It would be like New Year’s without mochi. Noel arrives with the French cake and says it would be like a seaside restaurant without ramen.

Noel tells Sakuya that Samon isn’t perceptive. He is using the Piece Une Faim de Loup to enhance his chicken smelling senses.

Sakuya has a favor to ask of Noel; go back to France to get chicken. Noel hops in his train again, has a GSPO France employee waiting with chicken in a cooler and returns back to Japan.

Serving chicken to the kids will just put them in danger from Samon though. But Sakuya has a plan and he turns to Tooma. Tooma understands and asks Sakuya, his aerobics senpai, to protect him.

They set up a roaster out in the open to lure Samon there.

Kairi and Umika are hiding nearby. Umika thinks Sakuya is such a nice guy to go through all this trouble for the kids and his senpai. Kairi teases Umika’s seeming to soften to Sakuya. She slams the suitcase shut on his hand as Samon arrives.

Sakuya thanks Tooma who takes the roasted chicken and runs. Sakuya and Noel morph to take on Samon.

But Samon presents some nice salmon recipes which also double as attacks on Sakuya and Noel in a frying pan and in salt.

Sakuya and Noel say that while salmon is delicious, chicken is for Christmas!

The Lups arrive to take Samon’s Piece when Sakuya and Noel are able to knock him down. Both Kairi and Noel go Super. And together, they all finish off Samon.

Goche fishes Samon’s safe away and embiggens him.

The Lups take it from here and they hop into Siren LupinKaiser and X Emperor Slash. Samon asks Goche for some extra help and she embiggens some Podamans armed with salmon blades. Samon tries some salmon cooking attacks, so the Lups get some help from Lupin Magnum.

They finish off the Podamans first before combining into Victory LupinKaiser and deliver a Good Striker Present from Santa-san finisher.

Later that night, Sakuya and the Lups excitedly serve up a delicious Christmas dinner for the childrens which includes both chicken and salmon. It’s a good combi.

Tsukasa arrives with a present. But Keiichiro is running a little late as he’s still back at the GSPO.

Keiichiro remembers the time, but as he scrolls down the list of missing people, he spots a familiar name. Yano Shouri.

He clicks through and finds that it is Kairi’s brother. He then gets an instant rush of memories and everything seems to fit together. Kairi’s brother, Umika’s school being near the location of the mass disappearances and Tooma’s fiance disappearing as well.

Then it just clicks. He can’t believe it.

Episode Thoughts

So this was definitely the big breather episode after the bombshell events of last week. And at first I was like What is even going on right now. It’s an episode about chicken for goodness sakes. But as the episode went along it was actually a pretty great episode.

First of all, I liked that they separated Keiichiro and Tsukasa from everything that was going on with the chicken. Obviously they can’t just ignore the fact that they’ve realized Satoru might have died. So having them continue to work on the lead that they found was a good idea.

That allowed the whole chicken side of the episode be able to continue without being some kind of emotional whiplash with all the heavier stuff that was going on back at the GSPO.

And the whole salmon vs chicken debate (I didn’t know there was one! Lol) reminds me of the Chick-fil-a commercials where the cows encourage people to eat more chicken (at Chick-fil-a) instead of beef burgers lol

It was nice to call back to Sota from episode 14 and use his connection with Sakuya for this Christmas episode. The plot of the episode itself is actually not bad at all. And in the more serious aspect of it, Sakuya wanting to do something nice for not only the children but his two senpais who he admires so much and can see that they are obviously in my sad place right now, is really a great gesture on his part.

I also kind of love this episode because the Lups were pretty awesome here. They were actually very nice, uncharacteristically so. lol. It was certainly a little out of character for them to be so nice with Kairi having no problem grocery shopping with Sakuya and Umika maybe starting to warm up to Sakuya and his crush and even Tooma having no problem helping his aerobics senpai. It was a little jarring, but in a great way. And it’s Christmas, after all.

And of course, the huge cliffhanger. Has Keiichiro actually pieced everything together? I must say, it was a very exciting moment. The fact that he was able to maybe get the biggest break ever thanks to his relationship with Kairi was pretty great. While I was hoping Tsukasa would be the first one to figure it all out (technically, she was), I think the way this final scene played out here really worked well. We’ll see what happens in two weeks.

So I guess after the events of the last two episodes maybe it really is finally time for the Lups to start warming up to the Pats and be so… Lup-y all the time. We’re obviously at a point in the series where it’s time to set up the eventual official team-up between the Lups and Pats. So this is a good episode to start and again, it’s Christmas after all!

Regarding the human disguises of Ganglers, kidnapping humans specifically to be used as disguises, but not killing them would make more sense for our little kids show. While I actually prefer the morbid, dark version of the story, I guess we’ll go with this instead. And that’s alright as long as they do it well.

Overall I very much enjoyed this episode. I might have gone into it with low expectations wondering what in the world is going to happen on a chicken episode. But it actually turned out very well. Maybe one of my favorites. And the big cliffhanger was pitch perfect.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/28/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-45-looking-forward-to-christmas/feed/ 4 16085
The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 17 – Leg 12 – Philippines https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/28/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-12-philippines/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/28/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-12-philippines/#respond Sat, 29 Dec 2018 01:00:09 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=16062
IntroductionLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6Leg 7Leg 8Leg 9ALeg 9BLeg 10Leg 11Leg 12

Leg 17.12 – “I actually want this to be permanent.”


This is it! Another amazing season of The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition is about to reach the Finish Line. And that Finish Line will be in the province of Kalinga!


First, teams must fly from Shanghai to Tuguegarao, Cagayan via Manila. Upon arrival in Tuguegarao, teams will choose a brand new 2019 Kia Sportage and drive themselves to this corn farm in the town of Pinukpuk, Kalinga. Teams must remember to obey all speed and safe driving rules or they will incur a heavy penalty.


At this corn farm, teams must gather ears of corn and toss them into a corn shelling machine.


They must then collect the kernels in a large bilao and use it to transport the kernels back across the field to fill two large sacks. Once they’ve completely filled the two large sacks, they will receive the next clue.


Teams must now drive themselves to the village of Mabilong in the town of Lubuagan and find these weavers to get their next clue.


Here, teams must choose a traditional Kalinga G-string or bahag and search for a matching one with the same design in this pile of Kalinga handwoven fabric. They must then search for one of the local youths dancing a traditional Kalinga dance who is also wearing a matching design. If teams are correct, they will receive the next clue.


Teams must now find Tiwod Spring. At this “fertility spring,” teams must choose one of three children, all of whom have an identical twin brother or sister somewhere in the nearby neighborhoods.


The child cannot speak to the teams, but can only tell them if they are heading in the right direction using a green card for “Yes” or a red card for “No.” Once teams have reunited the siblings, they will be given the next clue.


Teams must now “Find General Aguinaldo.” Teams must figure out that this refers to the Aguinaldo monument in front of the town hall where they will get their next clue.


That clue directs them to find the town plaza where they will get to meet a living legend, Apo Whang-od who will hand them their next clue. And that clue is the Final Road Block: Who’s not ready to take their shirt off? Team members can only perform a maximum of six Road Blocks per 12 on the Race. The team member who has only performed five Road Blocks so far MUST perform this final one.


For this Final Road Block, that team member will “tattoo” on their partner’s bare back using a brush and paint using a provided list of symbols. The symbols are answers to 10 questions about their time on the Race. Once all the “tattoos” are correct, they will be given the next clue.


Teams must now make their way to Awichon Village.


Here, teams must correctly assemble a tal-tallak to receive the next and FINAL! clue.


That final clue tells teams to ride their newly assembled talk-tallaks to the Finish Line! The Awichon Mesa.

The first team to arrive here will WIN all the prizes!

Congratulations! Woohoow!

“Director’s” Commentary

A wonderful Final Leg I think!

So some people out there might have a little déjà vu about this Leg. And they would be right! Half of it is recycled from France’s Pekin Express! I had so much fun watching Pekin Express racing through the northern Philippines, especially my dad’s home province of Kalinga. It was such a surprise when I first heard about it. And even more amazing watching the episodes. Pekin Express really made me wish The Amazing Race US races through the Northern Philippines some time in the future. (If the show lives long enough.)

Anyway, I really loved all the tasks they did on Pekin Express and was able to cobble together a pretty solid Final Leg here in Kalinga.

First off, self-driving on the Final Leg?! Indeed. TARPHDME has done this before and it’s really just a logistical necessity to do. We’re in the provinces and public transport is not plentiful. And hired drivers can have its own problems. So we have teams self-driving with extra, non-stop reminders that they cannot be reckless. *crossesfingers*

The first task is a Pekin Express recycle. At the moment, I don’t remember if it was an elimination battle or a first place battle. But it was a face off-type thing. I modified it a little bit here. In the original, they had to catch the kernels in sacks that were full of holes which they then needed to carry across the field to balance a scale carrying two kids. Instead, I actually think the task here is more physically demanding, since they’ll be running back and forth several times. It’s a good rural task.

Next up, a nice way to feature Kalinga fabrics. It’s a simple search and match task. And it allows a nice spotlight on the dancing youth as well.

The twins task is another Pekin Express recycle. It was such an interesting task and fascinating factoid about the town having tons of twins. My dad never even heard of that lol But we recycle pretty much the exact task here. Should be fascinating.

Next, after two Route Markers, we get the highlight of the Leg and episode! We get to see Apo Whang-od, a true living legend! It would be awesome to highlight her and shine a spotlight on her and her traditions and work like this. And for the teams to kind of pay tribute as well to this Kalinga tradition with fake tattoos. It’s definitely a different Final Task. But still with a memory element and I guess artistic skills element too.

Finally, we have one final assembly task and teams riding these awesome tal-tallaks down a steep road to the Finish Line should be an exciting finish! I would love to see American teams doing any of these tasks!

Though the Finish Line pic above is of the cultural village since I can’t find an actual photo of some scenic viewpoint nearby. lol

Overall, a pretty solid and fast-paced Final Leg with lots of opportunity for competition!

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/28/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-12-philippines/feed/ 0 16062
Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 16 – Forever King 2018 https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/28/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-16-forever-king-2018/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/28/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-16-forever-king-2018/#comments Fri, 28 Dec 2018 10:08:37 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=16083 Zi-O 16

Oma Zi-O says Sougo can throw his belt away and never become the demon king who destroys the world.

While Sougo thinks, Oma Zi-O attacks and forces him to dehenshin. Oma Zi-O then shows that Kasshiin is about to finish Geiz off for good, so he sends Sougo and Tsukuyomi back to 2018.

Sougo asks Tsukuyomi how long after the Dai Mazines arrive does the world end. She says a couple of months. They hurry over and Sougo is able to save Geiz just before Kasshiin can truly finish him off for good.

Geiz reminds Sougo that he doesn’t want his help. But Sougo wants Geiz to destroy his belt for him. Sougo says he is giving up his ambition to become king. He tosses the belt in the air and Geiz destroys it. Kasshiin tries blocking the shot, but gets hit instead. The belt is destroyed and Kasshiin goes offline.

Oma Zi-O laughs as he disappears from existence.

Zi-O 16

Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi run outside and find the Dai Mazines retreating back underground. They realize Oma Zi-O will never be born.

Sougo says he wanted to be king to save the world. So there’s no point if it means he will be the one that actually destroys it. He’s grateful to Geiz for failing to defeat him which forced him to make this decision.

Zi-O 16

Since this means Geiz and Tsukuyomi will be returning to the future again, this is the last time they’ll ever see other. Sougo tells them to take care and they leave.

Woz appears, but Sougo tells him he’s no longer his dear overlord. Bye!

Zi-O 16

Ora reports to Tsukasa about Sougo’s decision. Tsukasa seems disappointed, especially with relation to his plan. Schwartz orders Heure to kill Sougo for good with the help of a resurrected Kasshiin.

Zi-O 16

Sougo heads home and tells Uncle Junichiro that Woz, Geiz and Tsukuyomi won’t be returning here ever again. Uncle asks if something happened and Sougo tells him he’s given up his dream to become king and will instead take the college entrance exams.

Uncle Junichiro says the story he told Sougo about his dream was half true. He wanted to work for a famous clock maker abroad. But even if he gave up on that dream, he’s still here now fixing clocks so he’s happy.

He adds that time progresses differently for every person. So even if Sougo gives up on his dream now, time will continue to slowly move toward his dream perhaps.

Zi-O 16

Later on his way home with groceries, Kasshiin attacks Sougo. Heure chomps on one of Sougo’s peppers and vows to eliminate him for good. Woz appears and offers Sougo a brand new Driver. Sougo refuses the belt to avoid becoming a demon king.

As Geiz and Tsukuyomi prepare to launch back to 2068, they see Sougo being attacked.

Sougo tries defending himself against Kasshiin, but continues to refuse the new Driver from Woz. Heure takes the belt and tells Woz to stop interfering.

Geiz and Tsukuyomi arrive. Geiz yells for Sougo to dodge Kasshiin’s attack, but he stands his ground. Geiz tosses a street sign to successfully block the attack.

Tsukuyomi sees Sougo stood his ground to protect an injured little boy behind him.

Sougo says he will never let anyone his subjects and he will do anything, including risking his life, to preserve the happiness of everyone.

Zi-O 16

Geiz henshins and takes on Kasshiin.

Tsukasa and Ora arrive. He henshins and decides to take Kasshiin’s side to keep things interesting. Geiz uphenshins to Wizard Armor and Tsukasa does the same.

Tsukasa uses a Wizard Final Attack Ride to backhand Geiz down into a shipping container, forcing him to dehenshin. Kasshiin also knocks Sougo down into the muddy container. Before Kasshiin can finish them both off, Tsukuyomi shoots at Kasshiin who then chases after her, away from Sougo and Geiz.

Zi-O 16

Geiz takes his Driver and tells Sougo to use it. Sougo turns his head. Geiz asks if Sougo is just going to just let these people go around attacking unchecked.

Zi-O 16

Sougo reminds him that he’s going to become Oma Zi-O if he uses the Driver. Geiz grabs Sougo’s shirt and reminds him about Sougo’s promise to become the nicest demon king. And if that doesn’t happen, Geiz vows to defeat him.

“Believe in me!”

Sougo takes the Driver and promises to become a king who will save the world. He henshins and Woz proclaims Zi-O’s rebirth.

Sougo leaps out of the container and hurries over to save Tuskuyomi. He goes Decade and then uses Ghost Final Form to take on Kasshiin. He then sends out some Luminaries to grab the new Driver from Heure to give to Geiz.

Zi-O 16

Geiz henshins and goes Ex-Aid Amor.

Geiz and Sougo team up against Kasshiin and Tsukasa who are still a little more powerful. Sougo and Geiz switch Watches. Geiz goes Ghost Armor. Sougo goes Ex-Aid Final Form which allows him to split into two.

Tsukasa decides to leave now that it’s three against two.

Heure pops up in his Time Mazine and tells Ora to help him. She hops in her own Time Mazine and they attack Sougo and Geiz. As one Sougo takes on Kasshiin, Geiz and the other Sougo hop into their Time Mazines and battle Heure and Ora in the time highway.

Zi-O 16

Woz is pleased hearing his demon king embrace being Zi-O. But he is even more excited to see the gears turning on his book cover.

Sougo finishes off Kasshiin and Sougo and Geiz are able to force Heure and Ora to eject themselves from their Time Mazines.

Back in 2068, Oma Zi-O cackles as he returns to existence, having known his younger self would never give up the Driver. In 2018, the Time Mazine that dug itself back underground starts to power up again.

Zi-O 16

Over at the shop, Uncle Junichiro has cooked Christmas dinner and is happy to see everyone back together. He asks Sougo if he’s sure about giving up his dream. He hides a college entrance exam packet behind his back.

Sougo says he’s back to wanting to become king. Uncle Junichiro tosses the packet in the trash and they enjoy Christmas dinner.

Woz says all the preparations are set and that this is a major turning point in history.

Zi-O 16

Recap: Episode 16.5: Supplementary Project into Eternity (Part 2)

Woz says the new movie is out and it celebrates the show and fans over the last 20 years. Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi join Woz and they talk about how Toei managed to keep the huge surprise in the movie a secret. Toei kept almost everyone in the dark about the huge surprise, even the main cast.

Zi-O 16

That kind of annoys them. And apparently it annoyed a lot of other people as well. The outrage has forced the show’s producers out.

Zi-O 16

Sougo and Tsukuyomi celebrate the news. But Geiz says these producers could easily be back in the future.

Woz says not to worry. Toei has sent their assassins to take care of them.

Zi-O 16

Anyway, this brings an end to the Supplementary Project. They thank everyone for following the X.5 episodes until know and hope everyone keeps watching Zi-O in 2019.

But this final scene…

Zi-O 16

Episode Thoughts

Definitely a very interesting episode. Christmas episodes are many times big turning points or big climaxes in both Sentai and Kamen Rider. And I think for Zi-O it was more of a reinforcing episode more than any big emotional climax or shock.

A lot of what happened this episode may feel repetitive or even deja vu-like. Like, we’ve seen the same story beats and everything before already. But it still worked here I think.

We get the understanding that Geiz continues to have hope in Sougo defying the odds/rewriting future and changing history. But if Sougo somehow fails to do that, Geiz will not hesitate to end him. (Uh… sure you will lol #tsundere)

I think, hopefully, this puts an end to Geiz trying to cut Sougo’s neck with a loaf of bread. And instead, maybe try to support Sougo’s efforts to be a “nice” king instead while still being as tsundere as he can be.

Uncle Junichiro’s words to Sougo at the beginning were also very obvious with the You can’t change your destiny completely, but you can tweak it. So that’s probably how Sougo will eventually avoid becoming Oma Zi-O. Though who knows, maybe he will and that’s the big twist hehe

The layers continue to peel off of Woz. I really wish they wouldn’t put stuff like Kamen Rider Woz in the previews. Like, even if it’s all over the toy magazines and stuff, at least keep it more a surprise on the show, yeah? Lol

I kind of don’t get 16.5 mainly because I haven’t seen the movie and have no idea what they’re talking about. lol

BUTOMG! What is Mr. Kinji Takigawa doing here?!

Are you telling me Hideya Tawada aka Kinji Takigawa aka StarNinger himself is not only appearing on Zi-O, but will become a regular cast member?! I don’t know, but that’s got me so hyped right now! And it appears his character here on Zi-O is very different from Kinji. Like, the opposite even. I CANNOT WAIT!

Overall, a pretty good episode. Lots of exciting moments and action sequences (the battle in the time highway portal was a completely excessive clusterfrak lol). But story-wise and character-wise, it was more a reinforcing of what we already know. And especially if we begin the next arc when the show comes back in two weeks.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/28/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-16-forever-king-2018/feed/ 4 16083
Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 44 – The Truth Found https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/22/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-44-the-truth-found/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/22/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-44-the-truth-found/#comments Sat, 22 Dec 2018 13:09:59 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=16059

Noel is able to get away from Satoru. He finds a place to sit and rest, but Good Striker comes flying in, saying he’s been looking for Noel. And he’s led the Lups here to him since they want to ask him something.

Kairi and Tooma aim their blasters at Noel. They want an explanation about Noel not being human.

Noel admits he should have explained everything before it reached this point.

They head inside a warehouse, out of the rain and Noel proceeds to reveal everything.

The Lupin Collection was originally created by his ancestors. One thousand years ago, Noel’s people lived in the same world as the Ganglers and many tribes lived together in peace. That is, until the Ganglers attacked and took over. The surviving Lupin people escaped to Earth and were scattered among the humans, along with the Collection.

Noel, Kogure and all who work for the Lupin family have that blood running through them. And technically, they are not humans. Arsene Lupin himself is one of them.

A hundred years ago, Lupin gathered all the scattered Collection Pieces and his wish was granted. Noel says they can only believe Lupin’s words.

But Kairi asks if they can believe someone who comes from the same world as Ganglers.

Noel insists everything is true. He too has someone dear to him that he wants resurrected or unfrozen. So if it isn’t true…

Noel understands if the Lups can’t trust him. He says sorry and leaves.

Over at the GSPO, Commander Hilltop cannot believe Noel is the spy. Sakuya doesn’t believe he is either. He can’t fathom the idea that everything they’ve been through with Noel has been a lie.

Tsukasa tries to get Sakuya to look at the obvious, even if she too struggles to accept what appears to be the facts and no matter how much she too wants to believe in Noel.

Keiichiro and Satoru are still in the car in the rain. He can’t gather his head around the idea that Noel has betrayed them. Satoru takes his earpods out as Keiichiro flashes back.

When Satoru was still Nigou, he was able to stop Keiichiro and Tsukasa from fighting by explaining that they should listen to each other’s feelings instead of just talking over each other. Doing so will help them understand each other, like music.

Keiichiro wonders if he’s tried to listen to Noel’s feelings too. Satoru says there’s no need since Noel is the culprit. Before Keiichiro can speak, Satoru gets out of the car, saying he’s got something to care of. And they’ll meet back later.

Keiichiro sees Satoru left his mp3 player in the car.

Over at Jurer, the Lups are trying to understand the huge bombshell Noel dropped on them earlier. Kogure pops in and says the person Noel wants to bring back is Arsene Lupin himself.

Kogure proceeds to tell the story. He says Noel and all the Lupinaliens owe their lives to Arsene-sama. Noel especially. He had been alone and suffering as a child. But Arsene Lupin saved him and raised him.

Lupin taught Noel about the world and how to modify the Collection. All this gave Noel the will to live. But then the Ganglers suddenly attacked. And Noel was too late. Arsene Lupin died.

But Noel believed Lupin that collecting the Pieces would grant their wish.

Kogure explains that his book is connected to the Lupin safehouse. And if the Lups are still willing, they can place the Pieces they collect into the book. They are “the last hope.” He bows and leaves the book with them.

Back at the GSPO, Sakuya points out that there have been leaks even before Noel arrived. Tsukasa realizes then that it wouldn’t make sense for Noel to leak to the Ganglers about transporting Yoshii when he told France HQ himself.

Tsukasa and Sakuya realize GSPO Japan isn’t the source of the leak.

The Lups think about how Noel is the same as them. Can they believe in Arsene Lupin’s word?

Next day, Keiichiro calls Satoru over to under the bridge. Sakuya and Tsukasa are also here. And they are ready to confront Satoru.

Noel is not the leak. The leak came from France HQ and that Satoru lied to frame Noel. The Pats realize that the Satoru in front of them isn’t the same Satoru that was their comrade before. Keiichiro figured that out when he saw that Satoru’s mp3 player was empty and Satoru had been pretending to listen to music.

Keiichiro asks if Satoru is really who he says he is. Suddenly, the Pats pull their blasters out and point them at each other. They are being controlled by “Satoru” who turns out to be a Gangler.

Noel arrives and helps to release the Pats from the Collection Piece power. The Gangler had used the same Piece to point his blaster at the Pats yesterday.

It turns out Noel had used Jim’s computer to search for the leak and saw that it did indeed come from France HQ. He tosses a card at “Satoru” to reveal his true Gangler form, Narizuma Shibonzu, and his two safes that hold Collection Pieces that can control people’s bodies and change his voice.

Narizuma had used Commander Hilltop’s voice to lure Noel so he could expose him to the Pats yesterday.

Tsukasa asks why Narizuma used Satoru as a disguise. Narizuma doesn’t seem to know why either. But he assumes that if Satoru is available as a disguise, then he must dead.

Keiichiro realizes where the Ganglers’ human disguises come from.

The Pats morph and give it all they’ve got against Narizuma.

But Narizuma again uses Tokageil’s Piece to control their bodies again and have them point their blasters at each other.

But the Lups arrive just in time to take the Collection Pieces and release the Pats from Narizuma’s control.

Kairi lends Noel Siren Striker and he goes super. The Lups leave everything to the Pats.

Good Striker flies in and Keiichiro, Sakuya and Tsukasa go Ugou. They and Noel deliver finishers at Narizuma and that takes care of his first life.

Goche appears and says she’s looking forward to having fun with X in the future. She embiggens Narizuma and leaves.

The Pats hop into PatKaiser and X Emperor Slash/Gunner. Noel tosses Siren Striker to the others and Keiichiro, Sakuya and Tsukasa upgattai to Siren PatKaiser.

That gives them enough firepower to finish off Narizuma for good.

Zamigo has been watching the entire scene and is a little sad his source of information within the GSPO is now gone. But it’s alright.

Later, the Pats return to under the bridge. Keiichiro has Satoru’s old, real mp3 player. He asks Satoru look after them and promises to get to the bottom of all this.

Over at Jurer, Kairi places the Collection Pieces into the book himself. The Lups tell Noel about Kogure spilling the beans.

Kairi, Tooma and Umika say they are on board with helping collect all the Pieces. They hold out their blasters and invite Noel to join them.

They all share the same wish, after all.

Episode Thoughts

Wow! I really think this was a great episode. Maybe the best episode since Episodes 14 and 15. Which, coincidentally or not, were also Pat-focused episodes.

There was definitely a lot going on here. So let’s unpack a little.

First of all, I went on to watch Another Nigou after this, finally. And it was a pretty great, essentially one full episode worth of story. I wish they had just included the plot of Another Nigou in the series itself because it was such a great character piece for the three Pats. And something that was sorely lacking all season. For both teams.

But even before I watched the two-part special, the show did a pretty great job of establishing who Satoru was and what he meant to Keiichiro and Tsukasa. He was truly their comrade and friend. So the shock from the realization that he must be dead still resonated with me, even without watching Another Nigou.

That moment was so emotional and I think perfectly done. It plainly spelled out the possibility (or set in stone idea?) that all the humans the Ganglers use as disguises are dead. And they might even literally be in that person’s skin! (Ewe!)

But while painful and sad, especially for a children’s show, I think maintaining that Satoru is dead helps establish the heroism of him and the Lups and Pats. They are fighting Ganglers so that people won’t die. And knowing that they are putting their lives on the line with the very real possibility that they might die is really a powerful way to show just how amazing and heroic they are.

I’ve also said before that I would actually prefer all the people Zamigo froze in ice to be dead and not just being held prisoner. Since thematically, that would make for a story with substance and depth. It gives a heavy meaning and foundation to all that our heroes are fighting for.

But I do know that it is very possible that all the frozen people will come back. And now, the Pats might want to wish that Satoru is back and alive and well too. (Though how about all the people who die when the Ganglers rampage in the city, right?)

We’ll see.

And now with Noel’s past fully (?) revealed. It certainly was a very interesting and unexpected backstory. While the whole thing felt like another big information and exposition dump, I still very much enjoyed Noel’s story this episode.

It was interesting to hear about the Lupinaliens/Lupin people/whatever, but I think what was more impactful and emotional was the focus on the Pats’ relationship with Noel.

Noel helplessly wondering how to resolve the mess that Narizuma as Satoru set him up in, but Noel really had set up for himself with keeping his past a secret; it really drove the episode the most I think.

We see Noel struggling. We see the Pats truly hurt that someone they had grown to put their trust in might have betrayed them all along. The Lups had been suspicious of Noel for a while now and agreed they would just use him for their own goals.

But for Noel and the Pats, those scenes meant something because they really did form a bond since Noel first arrived.

There was a little bit of that with the Lups, but more so the Pats. They wanted to continue to believe in Noel even though all the evidence in front of them at the time tried to push them to think otherwise.

That focus on Noel and the Pats with minimal inclusion of the Lups really let the entire episode breathe and play out in a great way. And that’s a great thing considering Noel’s big reveal may be a little underwhelming.

Speaking of, I hope Kogure still has a secret or two. If this was it and he’s actually not keeping anything else a secret, then that would be a huge disappointment.

Another character moment though was showing how Satoru taught Keiichiro to just sit and listen from time to time. Listen to the music and try and understand its meaning. It made me immediately remember Mina, the girl that crushed on Keiichiro. He had given her the song to listen to and it obviously held the meaning that Keiichiro also had feelings for her, but it wasn’t the right time for him to pursue a relationship.

This episode and Another Nigou got me thinking that Keiichiro doing that for Mina stems from what he learned from Satoru. It was a great, positive learning experience for Keiichiro and he’s taken it with him even when the real Satoru transferred to France. More foundation to the idea that Satoru was more than just a simple teammate. They had formed a close bond.

These are the kinds of things I wanted more of this season. More character moments. Sincere ones. I still don’t feel any empathy with the Lups’ dilemma about their frozen loved ones. That’s a problem. And one partly caused by the way the Pats have been shoved aside.

But this episode had something that’s been missing from most of the season. It had truly meaningful moments for everyone involved. It presented a clear danger that the heroes had to overcome. And it effectively made us care about what is actually going on.

A really great, dramatic and emotional episode done very well despite some of the details and actual consequential developments being underwhelming.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/22/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-44-the-truth-found/feed/ 4 16059
Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 15 – Back to 2068 https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/22/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-15-back-to-2068/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/22/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-15-back-to-2068/#comments Sat, 22 Dec 2018 11:21:57 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=16055 Zi-O 15

Sougo comes down for breakfast and Geiz immediately grabs him from behind and points a loaf of bread at his neck. Geiz reiterates that he originally came here to 2018 to stop Sougo from destroying the world. But the arrival of Tsukasa has changed things.

Geiz tries to plead with Sougo to give up the belt so he will never become Oma Zi-O. Sougo says he can’t do that since he set on becoming a kind demon king.

Uncle Junichiro comes in with the rest of breakfast and Tsukuyomi asks Sougo what made him want to become king. Sougo says he’s always felt that he was meant to become king.

Zi-O 15

Uncle Junichiro tells Sougo to tell them about his dream. Before he can, Woz appears and asks if Uncle Junichiro can fix another broken clock of his. Uncle gets right to it.

Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi want to know what Woz is up to with working with the TimeJackers. But he says there’s no time for that with what’s happening right at this very minute.

Zi-O 15

Woz leads them outside to show them Tokyo is being attacked by large robos: Dai Mazines! Tsukuyomi says Oma Zi-O used these things to burn the world. Sougo recognizes them from his dream.

They check the news and see Dai Mazines have popped up in other big cities around the world.

Woz reads from his book to confirm to Sougo that Oma Zi-O used seven of these Dai Mazines to destroy the world. Geiz wants Sougo to explain this dream he had.

Sougo says he would repeatedly have a strange dream as a child where he saw these very machines laying waste to the world and killing millions of people. He was helpless at the time. That is, until a mysterious man in a hat with no face appeared to tell Sougo that his mission is to become king and save the world.

Since those dreams, Sougo decided he would become king one day.

Zi-O 15

Just then, one of Oma Zi-O’s lackeys, Kasshiin, jumps out of a portal. He is here, under orders from his overlord, to kill Geiz and Tsukuyomi. He tells Sougo to stay back since he was the one who ordered this, after all.

As Kasshiin grabs Geiz, Tsukuyomi kicks him out of the way and she and Geiz are able to run to safety. Kasshiin chases after them.

Woz says the time has come and there is no turning back for his demon king now.

Zi-O 15

Schwartz and Heure are watching the destruction from a rooftop. Schwartz says all of this is happening ahead of schedule from the original timeline. He wonders if Oma Zi-O noticed their interference and accelerated Oma Day. Heure worries Zi-O will be unstoppable now, but Schwartz says that’s why they have the guy Woz recommended to them.

Zi-O 15

Tsukasa takes photos of the Dai Mazine terrorizing parts of Tokyo and he asks what would happen if he defeats Sougo. Ora replies they would avoid the worst case scenario. Tsukasa says there’s no question about what must be done then.

Tsukoyomi and Geiz are safe inside a warehouse. Geiz says he’ll have to make a decision now. He first came to this time ready to do anything to stop the future. But he saw Sougo was different and couldn’t possibly see how he could become Oma Zi-O. He had hope, which is why he tried to get Sougo to give up his belt earlier.

But now, Geiz has decided it’s time to settle this once and for all.

Zi-O 15

Sougo is able to find them, but Geiz tells him to stay back as he henshins. Geiz charges toward Sougo. But Kasshiin arrives to protect his demon king.

Sougo tries to get Kasshiin to stop and says Geiz is not his enemy. But Kasshiin refuses to obey his overlord’s orders as he believes he is doing this for his sake.

Sougo henshins to try and help Geiz. But Tsukasa arrives and henshins. They battle. Sougo asks Tsukasa to stop so he can save Geiz. But Tsukasa won’t let him, though he has to think of a reason why.

Tsukasa henshins to Build. Sougo decides to uphenshin to Decade and then to Build Final Form. The two Builds resume their battle with Sougo’s power a little more powerful than Tsukasa’s.

Tsukasa downhenshins to Decade and is able to gain the upperhand. Kasshiin sees his demon king in trouble and leaves Geiz to help Sougo. Geiz asks Tsukasa to help him end Zi-O. Tsukuyomi reminds Geiz that Tsukasa is working with the TimeJackers.

Geiz says he’ll accept help from anyone as long as it means defeating Oma Zi-O. Sougo maintains that he just wants to save Geiz, but Geiz says there is no reason for him to do that.

Zi-O 15

Kasshiin engages Geiz again and Tsukasa tells Sougo that Geiz isn’t his comrade. Woz arrives and tells Sougo he should just accept the fact that anyone who stands in his way of becoming king must be eliminated.

Sougo insists there is absolutely no way he would ever order the assassination of Geiz or the destruction of the world.

Tsukasa decides to show Sougo exactly what happens in the future. He opens a dimensional wall and forces Sougo through. Tsukuyomi jumps through to follow him.

Tsukasa drags Geiz outside, away from Kasshiin. Woz is excited to see what happens next as his demon kings will actually meet each other.

Zi-O 15

Sougo wakes up and is shocked to see a large monument of him commemorating his first henshin. Tsukuyomi walks over and confirms that they are in the year 2068. A time where Sougo is ruling as Oma Zi-O.

A man who is obviously Oma Zi-O is looking forward to meeting his younger self.

Back in 2018, Tsukasa explains to Geiz that he wanted to Sougo to see exactly what he will become before he dies. Tsukasa takes a photo of Geiz.

Zi-O 15

Woz appreciates Tsukasa’s action as it will help Sougo realize and accept his destiny. Geiz asks what Woz is truly after. Woz replies that he just does what he wants. Geiz says he’ll do the same then.

Zi-O 15

Back in 2068, Sougo is shocked to see all the people seemingly suffering in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. Tsukuyomi says they’re all probably just happy to be alive since only half of the world’s 2018 population is left.

Suddenly, a dragon swoops Sougo and Tsukuyomi over to a strange tent where the Oma Zi-O person sits inside.

Zi-O 15

Oma Zi-O wants to talk about the horrifying dream they had when they were young. Oma Zi-O says all he could do was stand and watch the destruction until the man in a hat with no face appeared.

The man told him that he had a mission to become king and save the world from this destruction.

Sougo is shocked that the man behind the curtain would know about this dream.

Zi-O 15

Suddenly, the curtain raises and Oma Zi-O reveals himself to Sougo and Tsukuyomi.

Upon seeing Oma Zi-O’s face, Sougo starts to realize that he actually will become Oma Zi-O.

Oma Zi-O says he had wanted to become king and save the world, which is exactly what he did. Sougo says he wanted to become a kind demon king. Oma Zi-O says he really is the greatest and kindest demon king.

Sougo decides to defeat Oma Zi-O right here, right now. He pushes Tsukuyomi aside and henshins. Sougo loads a Finish Time and fires at Oma Zi-O.

Zi-O 15

But Oma Zi-O is still standing, now henshined and without a scratch. He shows his immense power to Sougo and assures him that he will gain such power very soon.

Sougo goes Decade, whips out his Heisaber and tries firing a Kuuga Dual Time Break at Oma Zi-O. Oma Zi-O sends it right back at Sougo.

Sougo tries a Kiva Dual Time Break, but Oma Zi-O sends it right back as well.

Sougo gives Ryuki a shot, but it’s the same result.

Oma Zi-O says if Sougo really is against becoming a demon king, then Sougo must give up his belt. That’s the only way to keep him from becoming Oma Zi-O.

Zi-O 15

Recap: Episode 15.5: Supplementary Project into Eternity (Part 1)

Tsukuyomi reads that Sougo will give up his belt. So what will happen next when Sougo leaves Zi-O?

Zi-O 15

Geiz says he’s been telling Sougo to quit showbiz since episode 1. Tsukuyomi calls Sougo “KY.” But Sougo asks what’s going to happen if he’s no longer the star.

Zi-O 15

Geiz and Tsukuyomi imagine an easy transition to Kamen Rider Geiz and Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi.

Zi-O 15

But Sougo tells them to stop and says he’s just doing what’s in the script. Tsukuyomi notes the script isn’t the Bible after all. And the script for the Supplementary Project is nonsense anyway.

Geiz mentions all the crazy lines he’s had to say so far. Sougo then decides to come up with his own lines such as “Toei doesn’t pay enough!” or “Work starts too early!” or “Don’t force me to film for over 12 hours!”

Zi-O 15

Geiz had wondered when he’d be able to express the same sentiments.

Woz appears and reminds everyone that Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER opens in theaters on December 22nd!

Sougo says they should promote the movie. But Geiz points out that the Supplementary Project is exclusive to TTFC – Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club, so anyone watching now will probably watch the movie even without their promoting it here.

Woz says the TTFC members don’t know that there’s a big surprise in the movie though.

Anyway, Woz still thinks this episode is kind of boring, despite it being the penultimate Supplementary Project episode.

Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi ask what that’s supposed to mean.

Zi-O 15

Episode Thoughts

So this was definitely a pretty big episode to have this all now at only Episode 15. Though at the same time, how long can we really have Sougo doubting he’ll becoming Oma Zi-O, yes?

Will definitely be interesting what the result of this episode will be since it does mark a major turning point in the story, even if maybe a few things are a little contrived.

Like, the appearance of the Dai Mazines. Why are they appearing now, especially after Woz mentioned the timeline speeding up thanks to all of Sougo’s actions contrary to what Woz hopes from his dear king.

I do enjoy seeing Woz showing his more devious side a little bit more and more. It makes things even more intriguing moving forward as the proclamations are certainly getting a little tired, as Tsukasa showed last week. lol

Interesting to remember that Sougo meeting his future (past?) self the other week seems to have been foreshadowing this two-parter where 2018 Sougo meets, presumably, Oma Zi-O Sougo in 2068. Of course what the ramifications are of this meeting, we’ll find out next week.

Elsewhere, I loved seeing that little move by Tsukuyomi when she kicked Kasshiin to release Geiz. And then seeing her in 15.5, I am definitely hoping we get to see Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi in the future.

I loved seeing Geiz’ henshin from the back and point of view of Tsukuyomi.

Speaking of, I understand Geiz’ feelings this episode. It was nice to see him acknowledge that he really did want to give Sougo a chance and was starting to believe in him and his power to change the future and basically, his destiny to become the demon king. But having to flip-flop back and forth so many times, it must drain on Geiz and he’s probably had enough. Especially if he has lost many of his friends and comrades and even family along the way. And after what’s happened so far, he must be wondering if there’s really no way to change the future. And that whatever they do in the past, all roads still lead to the same thing.

I also still wonder if Geiz is Sougo’s son or something though. Lol I remember seeing someone suggest that and I’ve started to really think that’s the case lol

One thing I also wondered about. Where did Sougo get all those new Watches for the Dual Time Breaks?

And I’m kind of sad the Supplementary Episodes end next week. =( They’ve been fun.

Overall, this episode is hopefully a major step forward in the story. I enjoyed it.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/22/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-15-back-to-2068/feed/ 2 16055
The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 17 – Leg 11 – China https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/21/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-11-china/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/21/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-11-china/#respond Sat, 22 Dec 2018 01:00:25 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=16037
IntroductionLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6Leg 7Leg 8Leg 9ALeg 9BLeg 10Leg 11Leg 12

Leg 17.11 – “Why Did You Waste Your Time Learning then?!”


This is it! The Penultimate Leg to decide the Final 3 teams in the finale begins right now.


Teams must take a train from Hangzhou to Jing’an Temple in Shanghai.


Here, teams must light incense to be given a list of three shrines and statues in the temple into which teams will toss in some change for a good luck blessing. If teams find the right shrines and statues, they will be given the next clue.


That clue directs teams to Fuxing Park where they will find the Detour: Teach It or Pull It.


In Teach It, teams must learn a tai chi routine and teach it to 15 locals. When teams are able to perform the routine with their new students, they will receive their next clue.


In Pull It, teams must learn how to and successfully make a batch of hand-pulled noodles at Lanzhou Lamian in the French Concession. Once they’ve made a batch that can get the thumbs up, they will receive the next clue.


That clue tells teams to make their way to the Jade Buddha Temple And here, they will find ANOTHER Detour: Eat It or Drink It.


In Eat It, teams must find Din Tai Fung on Xianxia Road where they will eat their famous xiaolongbao. Teams must then identify what type of xiaolongbao each of the 10 pieces is filled with in order to receive the next clue.


In Drink It, teams must make their way to the TIanshan Tea City. Teams must search for eight marked stalls in the sprawling complex. They will sample different tea from across China. After tasting the tea and memorizing the names and regions from which they originated, they will find a table set up with the eight teas. They must properly match the teas with their names and regions, all from memory and without notes. Once correct, the tea master will hand them the next clue.


Teams must now find the 1933 Slaughterhouse where they will search for their next clue. And that clue is a Road Block: Who can moo-ve it along?


For this Road Block, teams will choose a rolling cow with open spots and have it accompany them through the web of staircases, ramps, bridges and corridors in this massive concrete complex. While doing so, teams must search for 11 stickers that will be placed on the empty spots on the cow. Each sticker represents a Route Marker from each Leg of the Race. Once teams have filled their cow’s spots with the proper stickers, they will receive the next clue.


That clue directs teams to the Gutzlaff Signal Tower along The Bund. Here, teams’ next clue is a photo of the Pit Stop, which they must figure out is…


The Monument of the People’s Heroes.

The first team to check in here will win P200,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+. The first three teams make it to the finale.

The last team to check in here WILL be eliminated.

“Director’s” Commentary

So, I think this is a very nice Penultimate Leg! I like how the tasks get increasingly more difficult as it progresses which should help build up the tension and frustration for the teams as they Race for a spot in the Final Leg.

We first start out with a simple task at the temple. It should set teams up at the beginning and get them a little comfortable before things get more difficult.

The first Detour is straightforward enough and gets teams interacting with the locals. I also was looking for things to do in the French Concession. The second Detour are also a pair of straightforward food tasks. There’s also apparently several Din Tai Fungs in Shanghai. So if teams go to the wrong one, then yay for drama! Lol! The tea side of the task seems daunting, but I think the xiao long bao can be tricky as well.

Since this is a Double Detour Leg, having simpler, but still tricky and challenging tasks should be fine.

The highlight of the Leg though has to be the Road Block. The 1933 Slaughterhouse looks like an incredibly interesting building. I came up with this task here, but I think there can be many different possible tasks that utilize this building in an exciting and interesting way.

The final tense task will be teams running along the length of The Bund to the Pit Stop. Should be exciting!

Overall, a solid Penultimate Leg in Shanghai that is hopefully different and refreshing from the Shanghai Legs of the past!

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/21/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-11-china/feed/ 0 16037
Introducing NOOD – Current and Classic Filipino Shows and More! (Concept) https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/21/introducing-nood-current-and-classic-filipino-shows-and-more/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/21/introducing-nood-current-and-classic-filipino-shows-and-more/#respond Fri, 21 Dec 2018 10:29:24 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=16027

Streaming services and apps have changed the way people around the world consume content. Whether it is television progrmas, full-length feature films or short videos, people are now able to enjoy content anywhere and anytime.

And now, Filipinos and Filipinos at heart all over the world will be able to enjoy the best entertainment, sports, news and information available from the Philippines.

Introducing NOOD, a new multi-screen platform and video streaming service with tens of thousands of hours of current and classic content from the Philippines and around the world as well live television broadcasts 24/7!

Nood (pronounced /no.ˈod/) is the Filipino/Tagalog root word meaning “to watch.” And with Nood, users will be able to enjoy content in a variety of different ways and at any time.

And the best part is, users can enjoy all of this… for free!


Technology has made many aspects our lives more convenient. And that includes our consumption and enjoyment of video content. Nood presents several different and convenient ways to enjoy this new platform.

After registering and signing up for an account with Nood, fans will be able to enjoy the treasure trove of content on the service, free of charge, and through many different methods of access.

Nood‘s main portal (at Noodph.tv) can be accessible through a web browser from a desktop or laptop computer as well as through a dedicated Windows app.

Nood will also be accessible through the Nood app available on Google Play and the App Store for use on mobile devices.

And the Nood app is also available on Samsung, LG and Vizio smart TVs and via Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV plus the Xbox and Playstation consoles.

Your personal account also allows a connected and unified experience for you, no matter how you choose to access Nood. Add programs to your queue from your mobile device and watch them later on your smart TV at home. Or can’t finish your episode from your laptop at home? Keep watching on your mobile phone during your morning commute.

Not sure if you’ll have internet connection? The option to download episodes and programs to watch offline is also available for Premium subscribers!

Nood aims to be a convenient and all-encompassing entertainment experience with the control in your hands. Literally!

But what is available on Nood in the first place?

Nood On Demand

Aren’t at home to watch your favorite soap opera? Miss the last part of a sporting event or the evening news? Or just want to easily watch it again? That’s not a problem with the Nood On Demand section!

Nood On Demand is home to current series from GMA Network and TV5. On demand episode replays of daily soap operas, newscasts, sporting events and public affairs programs are available on Nood immediately after their premiere airing on linear television!

Current drama series such as Onanay, Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko and My Special Tatay. Weekly shows like Pepito Manaloto, Studio 7 and Alagang Kapatid. Variety shows like Wowowin, Eat Bulaga and Sunday Pinasaya. And newscasts such as Aksyon Prime, 24 Oras, SportsCenter Philippines and State of the Nation.

All and much, much more are available immediately on the Nood app and in full high definition!

Nood Library

Nood Library, meanwhile, is home to Filipino classics!

Have a favorite series from the past? Or want to discover something that’s new to you? Full episodes and complete seasons from the libraries of GMA Network, TV5 and Sari Sari Channel are available to you anytime in the Nood Library section. Not to mention classic episodes from current, long-running programs.

Classic drama series like Baker King, Beki Boxer, Sa Ngalan ng Ina, both incarnations of Encantadia, Kung Mawawala Ka and Tabi Po. Comedies and romantic series like My Korean Jagiya, Wattpad Presents, Madam Chairman and Ismol Family. Reality shows such as The Amazing Race Philippines, Survivor Philippines, Talentadong Pinoy and Lip Sync Battle Philippines. And variety, nonfiction and documentary programs like Face to Face, ReAksyon, I-Witness, Biyahe ni Drew and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

And for the first time ever, Tagalized foreign dramas will be available to watch all over again or be newly discovered. That includes Asian dramas such as Baker King Kim Takgu, Descendants of the Sun, Hana Yori Dango, Full House and My Love From the Star.

It’s a treasure trove of television classics, memorable moments, old and soon-to-be favorites! And again, in full high definition (if available).

Nood Live

Not only will on demand programs be available on Nood, but fans will be able to livestream the top networks in the Philippines through the Nood Live section!

Be able to livestream GMA Network, TV5, 5Plus and GMA News TV anywhere you have an internet connection.

And exclusively for existing Cignal subscribers or Nood Premium subscribers, livestream Cignal-exclusive networks Sari Sari Channel and OneNews as well!

When talking about convenience, being able to livestream your favorite Filipino networks anytime and anywhere is easily delivered to you with Nood.

Nood Exclusives

And if Nood wasn’t exciting enough already, Nood Exclusives provides even more incredible and original content!

Nood Originals will be exclusive Original Series that you can only watch via Nood. Featuring a wide variety of genres and topics, there will definitely be a Nood Original Series for you!

Such as Maine Mendoza’s Humans of Barangay documentary and interview series. Meeting many people while hosting the long-running noontime show Eat Bulaga, Maine Mendoza will get to know the life, loves and hopes of everyday Filipinos. Based on her Facebook project of the same name.

Other Nood Original Series include brand new seasons of D5 Studio productions Forever Sucks and The Complex! And more Nood Originals are to come in the future!

Meanwhile, Nood Premieres will be home to international series that will be premiere and be available in the Philippines exclusively via Nood!

Strategic partnerships with LINE TV, GMMTV Thailand, Japan’s Toei and Korea’s Korean Broadcasting System and CJ E&M will bring exclusive series to the Philippines on Nood.

That includes English and Filipino-subtitled episodes of Thailand’s Our Skyy anthology series and Hormones The Series, Japan’s Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and GARO franchises, as well as KBS Korea and tvN drama, music and variety series.

Funimation will also finally arrive in the Philippines with hundreds of anime titles subtitled and dubbed in English and Filipino!

Nood Premieres will also be home to exclusive Philippine airing rights to foreign reality series such as The Amazing Race Canada, Survivor US, and Big Brother series from the US, the UK and Canada!

Nood Exclusives will truly have exclusive content for Filipinos!

Nood Movies

Filipino movie buffs will also have something to look forward to! Nood Movies will make the film libraries of Regal Entertainment, Viva Films, Studio5, GMA Films, Unitel Pictures, APT Entertainment, OctoArts Films and several independent film producers available to their widest audience ever!

A wide selection of films will be available to users on a rotating basis, while Premium subscribers will have access to the entire library as well as Tagalized foreign films!

Nood PBA

If you’re a fan of the Philippine Basketball Association, then Nood PBA is here for you!

Powered by Cignal’s PBA Rush, Nood PBA includes livestreams of all PBA games year-round as well as on demand full game replays from the current season and choice classic games, on demand games from the PBA D-League and PBA Rush original series.

Nood PBA will also feature unprecedented access to your favorite PBA teams and players as well as Gilas Pilipinas games and content as well.

Easy to Search

With all the content that is available, it might seem like a daunting task to find something to enjoy. But fear not!

Nood features a comprehensive and intuitive search feature that allows fans to search by program title (even if you don’t exactly remember that classic TV series’ title), actor, host, personality, writer or director. You can also search by genre or keywords that can also allow Nood to suggest content that you might like with personalized recommendations!

Access and Availability

Nood is an ad-supported service, allowing fans to enjoy On Demand current series and PBA games up to two weeks worth of content for free! Free users will also be able to access up to two hours worth of Library and Exclusives content per week and a rotating selection of Movies.

All users must do is sign-up and register to the service. (Which is also a free process as well.)

For fans who want an ad-free, no interruption experience, access to the full library and to even more convenient benefits, there is Nood Premium.

For a Php99 or US$4.99 monthly fee, Nood Premium subscribers will get access to the full On Demand, Movies and PBA library as well as unlimited viewing of Library and Exclusives content.

Premium subscribers will also be able to download up to 10 videos and two movies at a time for offline viewing, have access to the livestreams of Cignal exclusive networks (Sari Sari Channel and OneNews) and access to select premium titles.

All Philippine users have access to Nood Live. International Premium users will only have access to GMA Pinoy TV, Kapatid Channel, GMA News TV and Aksyon TV International livestreams if they have existing subscriptions to those channels via their cable or sattelite providers.

All free users can link three devices to their account, while Premium users can link up to six. Free users are limited to one simultaneous stream on their account, while Premium users can have up to three simultaneous streams.

Premium users also have access to 4K Ultra-high-definition video and content, if available, via the smart TV app or Nood accessed via web browser.

Premium access will also be made available, free of charge, to existing subscribers of PLDT Home, Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular wireless service, Cignal satellite television service and international subscribers of GMA Pinoy TV and Kapatid Channel.

Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular subscribers also get 1GB free streaming from their data plans per month!

Nood Na!

The best content from the Philippines and around the world, available to Filipinos and Filipinos at heart, around the world!

So what are you waiting for? Nood na!


So, I have zero experience in graphic design (as is painfully obvious from these concept photos, lol) and very minimal experience in app design. (I did code a Twitter-like app in my CompSci class during my last semester in college.)

But recently with all the buzz around ABS-CBN’s iWant app/service, I wondered how GMA and TV5 could come up with a worthy competitor. So I somehow came up with this entire concept.

The most important quality, obviously, is to make any competitor worth the price and effort. And that is for both the content providers and the audience. The best way to do that is to stuff as much content as possible into the service of course and present features that can’t be found on other services and apps. Other than iWant, the Philippines is already served by Netflix, iFlix, HOOQ and Viu, among others. All of which (except Netflix?) include programs from GMA and TV5’s library.

But the point of Nood is to have it completely owned and operated by local media companies. And since neither GMA nor TV5 likely have the resources or even the content to be able to build a entirely new platform on their own, Nood follows in Hulu’s footsteps by being a partnership between several media conglomerates.

First of all, why “Nood?” I was wondering of a cute, clever title relating to “watching” or “viewing.” Then I recently found out Viu already existed. So I immediately thought, “Why not ‘Nood’?”

Obviously, for non-Filipino speakers (even for some Filipino speakers), reading “nood” as “nude” is something that would be part of the consideration for choosing a name for the service. But it is a Filipino word for a Filipino-focused service, after all. And heck, who knows, people reading it as “nude” may become interested in it, check it out, be disappointed it isn’t “nude” content, yet may stay to enjoy some quality Filipino entertainment! Win-win!

Shoutout to Nood.ph, a Pinoy movie review site though. And unsure about Nood.tv which seems to be some kind of startup streaming site. So NoodPH.tv it is! Of course, a real Nood service could buy one or both of those addresses as well. Or whatever actual name a Filipino app will have in the future. lol I was actually kind of sad when I saw both “Nood PH” and “Nood” app had already been taken and established. =(

But “Nood” would also lend to the possibility of some good branding, such as:
“Nood On Demand” = “Watch On Demand”
or “Nood Original” = “Watch Original”
or “Nood Live” = “Watch Live”

So who would actually partner for this venture?

Manny V. Pangilinan’s PLDT Inc. and MediaQuest Holdings (parent company of TV5) would obviously be major owners in the venture. A natural fit for PLDT and its internet and mobile services and MediaQuest Holdings’ Cignal. And, back when TV5 had full entertainment department, being able to stream directly to potential audience can help combat the lack of reach the network has across the Philippines.

A good incentive for people to sign-up to Nood would be to include free premium membership to existing subscribers of PLDT home internet, Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular wireless service and Cignal satellite television service too.

Then, GMA Network, the country’s #2 media company (don’t listen to their #1 claims, let’s be blunt). They arguably have much more content than TV5 has to offer. But they seem to have little interest in developing their own service. Especially since they have their content already streaming on the other platforms. No need to put the effort into developing their own infrastructure of course.

But there’s certainly benefits to both TV5 and GMA partnering up to establish something like Nood. It’s widely known both networks, especially TV5, struggle to reach the entire country, especially those without cable or satellite service. Poor signal or reception over-the-air discourage Filipinos from watching their networks. Especially now that ABS-CBN has their own digital set-top box, making it easier for people to watch the networks of ABS-CBN.

Nood will obviously need an internet connection in a country whose internet service is one of the slowest and problematic in the world. But the gateway to the content of both GMA and TV5 via Nood can certainly introduce people to both and have them eventually try out GMA and TV5 on linear television.

And allowing people to watch GMA, TV5 and their other networks live anywhere at anytime is a big plus.

Nood will still need other content to be worth the price of admission, or price of streaming at least. So the classic shows from both GMA and TV5’s vault is very important and the backbone to the service.

While the convenience of having same-day replays available of basically every single program aired on GMA and TV5 during the day will be a huge draw. And maybe the biggest gateway to the service. It is no secret that low quality, pirated uploads of Filipino shows flood the internet with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views every day. So why not monetize that practice for yourself?! TV5 had been uploading episodes of their shows same-day onto their official website. Long before iWant TV existed even, I believe. But GMA never seemingly did any such thing, yet there are so many people who watch low quality uploads of GMA shows, even on YouTube before they can taken down.

To supplement that content, Nood will engage in partnerships with several of the country’s movie production houses and make their libraries available as well. Having hard-to-find or even unavailable movies elsewhere readily available on Nood would certainly be a big incentive to use and sign-up for the service.

Nood must also have other, popular foreign content like Asian dramas, international shows and the like. Especially foreign dramas that have already been dubbed in Tagalog that have aired on both TV5 and GMA in the past. I included shows that are popular in the Philippines like Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Thai BL dramas as well since most of the time, Filipinos can only rely on kind pirates fans and uploaders to make the shows available online. So why not have them available here instead!

The PBA has been TV5’s biggest ratings grabber, even when they still had original, local entertainment programs. So having PBA games, live and on demand, should be able to attract a different audience group as well. We want Nood to have something for everyone, which will then introduce them to the other sections of the platform too.

And if possible, ESPN content other than the locally produced SportsCenter Philippines can also be included here.

And with all streaming services, Nood will eventually have original content exclusive to it. Above, I use Forever Sucks and The Complex from TV5’s digital D5 Studio as examples. And then a hypothetical nonfiction-type of show in Maine Mendoza’s Humans of Barangay or something similar. Original, full-length dramas or shorter minisodes and everything in between should be on the table for Nood.

For the international audience, Nood can be a gateway for them into Filipino entertainment in the way content from Korea, Japan, China and Thailand have become popular around the world as well. There’s certainly some good content in the Philippines that can appeal to an international audience, but no way for any of it to reach them. Nood can be that platform.

Obviously, the content will be a little different for international Nood users. No livestream of the Philippine feeds of GMA and TV5. Probably less of the non-Filipino content as well. But full access to the Filipino content.

For pricing and features, I have no idea about any of the business side of these things. But as someone who might want to subscribe to Nood, I would think the above features are fair enough for the prices.

Partnering with the different telephone and television services to give existing subscribers Premium access can also help build up the user base and spread the word to others.

Anyway, this was only just a simple idea, but once I got started, I spent the next few hours coming up with all of this. (lol) It was actually pretty fun once I got started and couldn’t stop. Lol

Will something like this ever happen though? Most likely, NO. But we can dream.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/21/introducing-nood-current-and-classic-filipino-shows-and-more/feed/ 0 16027
The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 17 – Leg 10 – China https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/14/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-10-china/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/14/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-10-china/#respond Sat, 15 Dec 2018 01:00:57 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=16001
IntroductionLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6Leg 7Leg 8Leg 9ALeg 9BLeg 10Leg 11Leg 12

Leg 17.10 – “His Dancing is Very Offensive, I Think.”


Teams are almost home! But they’ll have to survive this 10th Leg first! They open their first clue and learn they must fly to Shanghai, China!

Teams must figure out how to get themselves from Bratislava to Vienna Airport from which they will be flying on a direct Austrian Airlines flight, arriving in Shanghai at 6:50am.


Once in Shanghai, teams must take the Shanghai Maglev Train from the airport to People’s Square where they must search for their next clue.


That clue tells teams they must travel by bus to the ancient scenic water town of Xitang in Jiashan County. The next cluebox will be waiting at the bus stop.


Here in Xitang, teams must collect 10 filled rice wine (known as du kang) jars and load them onto a flagged boat in the river. They must then row themselves down the river and find three locations to which they must deliver the correct number of jars to through the roofed corridors of the town. Once they have made all of their deliveries, they will get the next clue.


Teams must now row themselves down the river in a smaller two-person boat and keep their eyes peeled for the next clue.

That clue will lead teams through the narrow corridors of the town to several locations with each clue. They must deliver items to each location to exchange for the next item that must be delivered. Once they deliver their last item, they will get the next clue in return.


Teams must now make their way to Hangzhou and find the Guozhuang Garden at West Lake.


Here, teams will find the Final Yield of the Race!

West Lake has inspired works of poetry and art. For this Detour, teams will need to choose between Perfect Poetry or Scenic Sketch.


In Perfect Poetry, teams will learn a traditional Chinese poem, memorize it and them recite it.


In Scenic Sketch, teams will choose half of a painting and search the area around West Lake for the exact spot depicted in it. Teams must then finish the other half of the painting on their own based on the location of the scene.


After the Detour, teams must make their way to Hangzhou Songcheng, also known as Song Dynasty Town where they must search for their next clue. That clue will reveal the Road Block: Who wants to time travel?


For this Road Block, teams will dress in full costume to learn and perform a routine from The Romance of the Song Dynasty, a type of Shaoxing or Yue opera, with the whole cast. When they get the thumbs up from the director, they will get the next clue.


After the Road Block, teams must make their way to MIXC Mall and find their next clue by the skating rink.


Hangzhou will host the 2022 Asian Games. For this task, teams will put on skates and a two-person dragon costume and do five figure 8s on the ice to receive their next clue.


And that clue reveals the Pit Stop, the Hangzhou Grand Theater.

The first team to find the Mat in the vicinity of the Grand Theater will win P200,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+.

The last team to check in here WILL be eliminated.

“Director’s” Commentary

So definitely a great Leg is possible here in this area. I was looking for some areas outside of Shanghai and I saw Xitang which looks like an amazing location.

I think there’s a lot of possible tasks here in the town alone. But for now, we have these two delivery tasks. One reason is to maximize our time in the town and to get teams making their way through the narrow corridors. Having to row down the river should be great fun as well.

Next up is wanting to maximize time at West Lake as well. I think the two Detours should be able to do that. Both simple tasks, but good for some nice 4K UHD shots, yes?

The Road Block is interesting. I was definitely inspired by TAR China 4’s similar task and wanted to have something like that on TARPHDME. So I hope this one is okay.

Last up is the skating in a dragon costume which is just an extra task to help fill out the Leg more.

The Pit Stop at the Hangzhou Grand Theater should look great after dark!

Overall, a pretty good Leg that can be even better with an actual visit to scout!

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/12/14/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-10-china/feed/ 0 16001