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I have definitely been missing Kyuranger. So once I saw that Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad was finally available to watch, I knew I had to watch it immediately.

And I was not disappointed. It was so much fun and even a little comforting to be able to visit with our saviors of the galaxy one more time. All of the elements of the series that I love and remember were present here in this movie. And with some trademark Koichi Sakamoto action thrown in.

To add to the nostalgia I already had with missing Kyuranger, we get an All-Star team of some of the best villains from the last decade.

Kyuranger vs Space Squad

The basic premise of the movie is pretty simple and even a little predictable. The Kyurangers are shocked to find Hammie is working with an evil terrorist organization and has stolen four Neo Kyutamas, a new, ready to be mass-produced Kyutama that can help in the recovery efforts of the galaxy which is still trying to rebuild after Jark Matter’s reign of terror.

But the Kyurangers are split into two groups, especially after Hammie injures Supreme Commander Ronpo in a confrontation. One side wants to take Hammie into custody and is led by President Tsurugi along with Commander Stinger, Raptor and with some initial help from Naga and Balance. The other side who trusts Hammie has a good reason for what she’s doing is led by Lucky and includes Champ, Kotaro and Spada. Garou, who has married and has a new baby, comes in after an all out battle between the two sides.

Eventually, it is discovered that Space Ninja Demost of the Genmakuu organization has just been manipulating Hammie into retrieving the Neo Kyutamas and eliminating the Kyurangers. Once that’s all cleared up, the Kyurangers are all able to reunite and defeat Demost with also some help from Gavan, Geki Jumonji and Shaider, Shu Karasuma.

The story itself is certainly familiar and even predictable. But what makes it work is the characters themselves. And especially their relationships and bond that they formed throughout the series with each other and with us the viewer. Throughout the film, almost every story beat comes back to the Kyurangers’ relationships with each other. And for a movie that is basically a civil war, having people who you know are close and consider each other family end up fighting each other, it legitimizes and gives depth to the tension and confusion that comes about for this situation.

There were some really great moments in terms of character beats such as Champ and Kotaro unhappy with Stinger’s decision to side with Tsurugi against Hammie. Then there’s Tsurugi, countering Lucky, pointing to how while they believed in miracles and each other to bring them out of tough situations, they’ve got to be more practical now.

And of course Commander Ronpo’s words of wisdom when the rest of the Kyurangers needed it most.

Kyuranger vs Space Squad

And then the climactic civil war battle. It was equal parts emotional and exciting. You had the Kyurangers paired up and fighting with the ones they had the most significant backstories with from the series.

For example, Stinger versus Champ and Kotaro. Or the implied lovebirds Spada and Raptor. And of course our two Reds, Lucky and Tsurugi. Meanwhile, Naga and Balance on the outside unsure of who to side with, but knowing that they all shouldn’t be fighting each other was also very much in character for them as well. Garou coming to Lucky’s aide of course is what we expect from him too. And Commander Ronpo being Commander Ronpo is already a win. Though I certainly have a major gripe about how he was used during the movie which I’ll talk about in a little bit.

And finally Hammie, the star of the film. Throughout the film, even when we are still to believe that something has gone terribly wrong with her, we see her hesitation and internal struggle. We can see that she knows what she’s doing must hurt her friends. And it is shown through subtle moments or the more outward expressions of her beginning to doubt and even maybe regret her decision. It was also awesome to see badassHammie here as well.

None of this would work without that foundation that was built and fostered during the series. All 12 of our saviors of the galaxy legitimately and sincerely care about each other and regard each other as family. As an audience member, you wouldn’t care about people having a civil war if they weren’t even close or liked each other in the first place. And there are certainly Sentai and even Kamen Rider teams or allies that don’t have that close of a bond. But with Kyuranger, the characters and their relationships really are able to be the strong foundation for any story. And that’s what made this a really enjoyable and exciting film.

My only complaint really is the lack of Commander Ronpo in battle including the lack of him in the final decisive battle and roll call where he doesn’t even appear let alone able to morph into Ryu Commander.

Though this was a team up between the Kyurangers and Space Squad, as the title suggests, Geki and Shu really played a very supporting role to the 12 Kyurangers. Though since it’s already been established that there is that relationship between the Space Squad and the Kyurangers by way of the crossover in-series, this movie very much played out like a traditional Returns film instead of a huge or traditional Toei Universe team up.

Still it was fun to see Geki and Shu again. I had actually forgotten that Hiroaki Iwanaga was nuShaider.

And that brings us to our All-Star team of villains. It was definitely amazing to see Escape, Basco and Juzo again.

Kyuranger vs Space Squad

And though I’ll have not watched Gekiranger, but definitely watched Jungle Fury, I still was able to feel Mele’s presence and importance to the story. Even with just the short clips that they included during the film and with the little information that I know about Mele’s character, the film made a really good job of connecting her and Hammie with their similarities as well as being a great way to touch up on what I understand and appreciate as a truly great story of from a previous Sentai season.

Kyuranger vs Space Squad Kyuranger vs Space Squad

With Basco, Escape and Juzo, I was expecting maybe a little more from them. If anything, they were just glorified cameos. But I certainly can’t complain because just the sight of them is certainly a welcome one. And getting to see them battle one more time was really just a wonderful experience. Especially as they were fighting my favorite Sentai team of all time. (Well, tied with ToQger of course. Hehe)

The Stinger vs Basco and Spada vs Escape face offs were particularly enjoyable. Spada vs Escape was kinda hot. lol

Kyuranger vs Space Squad

Also a special mention to Yuko Takayama, aka Wizard‘s Rinko-chan who also did a great job in the film especially the big reveal that she was indeed Demost.

Kyuranger vs Space Squad

And of course the final fun Easter egg featuring Mao Ichimichi/M•A•O returning so Luka and Raptor can go at it over one of Spada’s macarons.

But we bring it all back to the Kyurangers. Like I mentioned, this played out more like a Kyuranger Returns film and not so much a big crossover event. But the strongest aspect certainly was being able to use and draw upon the relationships between the Kyurangers to put together a sincerely emotional and exciting film.

I wanted this movie to make me cry. Good tears of course. And I certainly did during that climactic confrontation between the Kyurangers. Now, I certainly wanted a little more. But honestly, I don’t know that I really would have anything but positive things to say. The fact that I’ve been missing the Kyurangers so much since it ended, really made me excited and just really appreciative that I get this one, maybe last, opportunity to see all the Kyurangers together as a team.

Kyuranger vs Space Squad

Though, we certainly never know in the future. =)

Lucky’s Luckys of the Movie

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Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (13) 33 – “That’s ripe!” https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/16/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-13-33-thats-ripe/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/16/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-13-33-thats-ripe/#respond Sun, 16 Sep 2018 09:10:03 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15731 Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (13) 33 – Prepare to Fail

Madame Odius welcomes General Tynamon and his galaxy famous fighter Brax. Badonna is a huge fan of Brax and wants them to get to know each other very intimately. Tynamon calls Badonna a minx and tells her to keep her paws off his fighter.

Badonna warns Tynamon not to get too testy with her because she knows his big secret and she will not hesitate to tell the whole universe.

At school, Sarah is the only person in class who got an A+ on the first part of the math test. Later in the park, the Rangers are helping each other study when Levi is bombarded with fans hoping to get his autograph. He tells the others to go on ahead and he’ll catch up.

Sarah doesn’t seem that interested in studying though, feeling confident after her A+ earlier. She wants to go to the movies to see Train on the Run 6 instead.

Just then, Badonna and Tynamon appear with some Basher Bots. They introduce Brax and the Rangers morph. Brody slashes at Brax and he whimpers like a puppy, afraid.

Badonna goes to care for him. Tynamon tells the Basher Bots to retreat as well, leaving the Rangers confused. Levi arrives and they all head back to the command shop.

Redbot says this does not make any sense. But Sarah is pretty happy with today’s events. An easy win against a Galaxy Warrior and an easy test. She decides to go to the movies while the others go study.

First, Mick asks Sarah about the mess. She explains that she’s been working on a SuperStar Blade upgrade. Mick asks if they can work on finishing it together. But Sarah says there’s no hurry, especially since Brax is so weak. So she heads to the movies.

Over at Galaxy Warriors, Brax reveals he was just pretending to be weak to have the Rangers let their guard down.

The next day, Sarah is caught by surprise when she sees what’s on part two of the test. Victor and Monty try to fart their way out of taking the test after failing part one. But Mrs. Finch has gas masks for everyone.

Victor and Monty rush through their test and they literally burst through the door so they can unload their poop as soon as possible.

After class, the Rangers all are happy with their tests. But Sarah thinks it is so unfair how today’s test was so much harder than yesterdays… because she got an ‘F’. Mrs. Finch hears her complaint and drops the mic by saying sometimes tests and challenges in life are hard, not always easy. But you should be prepared. Especially after she told them to study yesterday.

Mick calls the Rangers to tell them Brax is back. They hurry over to the quarry where Brax continues to pretend until he decides it’s time to let the Rangers know exactly what he’s capable of.

The Rangers try a whiplash and rock shot attack, but Brax just swats it back at them and they get slammed to the ground. The Rangers retreat back to the command shop.

The Rangers realize the parallels between Sarah & math and them & Brax. Sarah decides to finish the SuperStar Blades while the others figure out how to wear Brax down.

Sarah finishes the SuperStar Blades and they head out to meet Brax. They morph and they battle.

Sarah uses the Lion Fire Star in the new Blade and she is able to really wear down Brax. That allows the Rangers to deliver a Super Star Slash final attack.

Badonna pushes the button for a Gigantify and the Rangers hop into the Ninja Steel Megazord and Ninja Blaze Megazord. Badonna sends four Skullgators down and Brax returns to the ship.

Back at school, Victor and Monty have fixed the classroom door. Sarah tells Mrs. Finch about how wrong she was about being overconfident and she’s been studying all the things she got wrong. Mrs. Finch decides to let her retake the test tomorrow.

Sarah hugs Mrs. Finch and thanks her.

Monty eats more beans and his fart is so explosive, the door gets farted to pieces.

Episode Thoughts

OMG are you kidding me with this? Seriously with the fart jokes for a second week in a row?! I cannot even.

If we removed the farts and poop and diarrhea stuff, this would’ve been a pretty good episode.

The lesson of the week wasn’t as heavy handed as it usually is, so it worked very well in conjunction with the introduction of Tynamon and Brax. Sarah being the focus also seems to help as her last focus ep was relatively solid in plot as well.

I’m intrigued by how Ninja Steel uses Tynamon and Brax. Especially Tynamon, considering his role in Ninninger.

BUT OMG it is definitely weird to see them turn Badonna into Brax’s “fan” considering the source material where Ariake no Kata and Mangetsu had that disgusting abusive incestuous relationship. (Eeek!) Obviously, they weren’t going to bring that over across the Pacific. But I always like to see Power Rangers do something different and interesting when adapting generals from Sentai. I hope they do something good with them.

I did like the new music they used when they first retreated to the command shop. That was very exciting music, though I wish the scene itself matched how exciting and dramatic the music was. The scene of them getting ravaged by Brax should’ve been much bigger to emphasize how outmatched they were. But then the next scene with the SuperStar Blade kind of made it seem like a deus ex machina instead of something the Rangers needed to work on for an episode or two.

Overall, a much better episode than the last few weeks. Maybe the best episode since the hiatus.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/16/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-13-33-thats-ripe/feed/ 0 15731
Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 2 – Best Match 2017 https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/15/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-2-best-match-2017/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/15/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-2-best-match-2017/#comments Sat, 15 Sep 2018 09:13:18 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15727 Zi-O 2

Geiz uses the power of Ghost to attack Sougo. Geiz says he has nothing against the present Sougo, but he must do this for the future. Geiz prepares a Ghost Finish Time Omega Time Burst attack at Sougo, but Tsukuyomi blocks it in her Time Mazine.

Tsukuyomi tells Sougo to run for it. He notices a “bike” watch on his arm so he uses it to summon his bike. Geiz also has a bike and he chases after Sougo only to lose him when Sougo hides by the side of the road.

Zi-O 2

Tsukuyomi finds Geiz who is upset with her stopping him from finishing off would-be-Oma Zi-O. He asks why she did that, but she isn’t sure herself.

Elsewhere, Uhr taps the basketballer’s forehead and he rises. He inserts another watch into him and he’s back to being Another Build.

Zi-O 2

Sougo runs into Woz again. He introduces himself and says unlike Tsukuyomi-kun and Geiz-kun, he is Sougo’s ally.

Woz says according to his book, Sougo will be crowed king of time by walking the path of military conquest. There are TimeJackers who are trying to prevent this from happening.

“Is everyone trying to rewrite history?” Sougo asks. Woz says yes and that he is the only one who is trying to preserve the original timeline. He will do everything he can to make sure Sougo stays on the path to becoming the demon king.

Zi-O 2

As they are walking along, Tsukuyomi and Geiz encounter Another Build sucking in some baseball players. Geiz initially says they should just ignore them, but he henshins after all and takes on Another Build.

Sougo arrives back at the shop and is surprised to see Woz waiting for him. Woz says he forgot to tell him about Another Build, that is “Kamen Rider Build.” Sougo remembers meeting Sento and says Another Build is an impostor. But Woz says the TimeJackers have changed history and Another Build is now the real Build.

Woz is not sure what has happened to Sento. But Sougo cannot defeat Another Build. He then tells him that Geiz is fighting it right now.

Sougo hurries over and is able to shield Geiz and Tsukuyomi from Another Build’s baseball attack. Sougo asks if they’re okay before he goes over to fight Another Build. Tsukuyomi and Geiz are now really unsure if Sougo is indeed the Oma Zi-O they know.

Sougo delivers a Time Break kick at Another Build. But another Another Build just pops up. Sougo realizes he must find the real Build so he hurries off.

Sougo heads to Nascita and opens the fridge door… only to find a fridge. Just then, two familiar faces walk into the café, excited after having just attended a Tsunagizu concert. Sougo approaches them, but they don’t remember him.

Sougo says he’s from the future and asks if he can borrow Build and Cross-Z, but they have no idea what he’s talking about.

Geiz is able to destroy another Another Build. That seems to snap Sento and Ryuga out of it and they pull out Watches from their pockets. Sentumi seems to remember something and hands the now filled Watch over to Sougo, telling Ryuga to do the same.

Zi-O 2

“Say hi to my past self!”

Geiz is forced to dehenshin. Sougo arrives and he has realized what they have to do. He hands Geiz the Cross-Z Watch and says they must go back in time to fight Another Build… with Build.

Sougo and Geiz hop into their Time Mazines and make their way back to 2017. Another Build continues rampaging and sucking people into Bottles. Sento and Ryuga arrive.

Another Build runs over to Ryuga and hugs him as they are a Best Match.

Zi-O 2

Ryuga pushes Another Build off of him and runs over to Sento.
“I feel a bit jealous.”

Sento and Ryuga henshin, but their power appears to be unstable. Another Build swallows the swimming and archery Bottles it made earlier and attacks Sento and Ryuga. But Sougo and Geiz arrive just in time.

Sento and Ryuga run towards Sougo, but Uhr appears and freezes them. He asks Sougo not to interfere in their efforts to bring about a new king. Sougo realizes Uhr is a TimeJacker.

Zi-O 2

Uhr introduces himself and explains how he changed the should-be-dead-basketballer’s timeline and made his time start again. Sougo says while the hands of a clock can be stopped, started and turned back, human life cannot. And the basketballer is the only one who can decide his own future.

Uhr says that’s a very interesting thing for him to say, but it’s very Zi-O. He looks forward to seeing what future Sougo decides for himself.

Uhr leaves and Sougo and Geiz henshin.

Zi-O 2

The four Riders stand side by side, but Sento and Ryuga are forced to dehenshin. They say their powers are disappearing, so they will leave the rest to Sougo and Geiz.

Another Build takes Sougo into the ground, but Geiz uses his Ghost Watch to save Sougo. Sougo realizes he can use the Build Watch as well.

Woz appears and says that using the Watch means Sougo has accepted inheriting Build’s power. He says that according to the book, Sougo’s victory depends upon taking the responsibility that comes with that power.

Sougo accepts. He locks the Watch into his Driver and gets his Build armor.

Zi-O 2

Woz proclaims Sougo’s inheriting of his first Rider power. Sento shows Sougo how to do his pose before Sougo charges at Another Build.

Sougo and Geiz work together to wear Another Build down. Sougo tries what Sento whispered for him to do. He pretends to crank his Driver and he delivers a Vortec Time Break at Another Build with Geiz’ Extreme Shot helping to finish him off for good.

The basketballer is back in his regular human form and the Another Build Watch is destroyed.

Zi-O 2

Geiz asks Sougo why he had the Build Watches since they’re not supposed to have them in the first place. Sougo asks Sento to take the two Watches.

Sento says his name is Katsuragi Takumi. But he’ll take the Watches just the same.

Sougo tells Geiz that he doesn’t know what’s going on, other than that the blank Watches will become the Build Watch in the future. Even if history changes, Sento will still choose the path to becoming Build and Ryuga will still become Cross-Z.

Zi-O 2

Takumi and Ryuga wave goodbye to Sougo and Geiz as they fly back to 2018.

Zi-O 2

Back in 2018, Geiz and Tsukuyomi are still confused about Sougo and how he could become Oma Zi-O. Geiz notes that Sougo defeated Another Build, but Kamen Rider Build disappeared from history. And Sougo obtained the Build Watch. Thus, he’s still on the path towards Oma Zi-O.

Next morning, Uncle Junichiro wakes Sougo for breakfast and introduces him to their two new boarders… Tsukuyomi and Geiz!

Zi-O 2

Tsukuyomi says she will be observing Sougo closely to see if he really will become Oma Zi-O.

Zi-O 2

Geiz, meanwhile, warns Sougo that he’s just itching to take him out.

Woz teases that the next legend Rider guest star is Emu!

Zi-O 2

Recap: Episode 2.5

Sougo has some questions, so he heads back to Nascita to talk to Sento Takumi and Ryuga.

Zi-O 2

Sougo wants to know why Build’s power disappeared and why Takumi is no longer Sento.

Takumi says there are three rules. Rule #1, the same Rider’s power cannot coexist in the same time. So two Builds cannot exist together which is why Uhr changed the past to create Another Build resulting in Sento no longer being Build.

Zi-O 2

The timeline that had Katsuragi Takumi becoming Kiryu Sento is now gone. That means the Build season no longer exists. But when Another Build is defeated, the timeline is restored until another Another Build appears.

Rule #2 states that Another Rider can only be defeated by the same Rider’s power. That is, Another Build can only be defeated by someone who has inherited Build Armor.

Zi-O 2

Sougo asks why that is. “Hell if I know!” Takumi says and he suggests everyone keeps watching every week to find out why.

Ryuga has a question though. Takumi became Sento after the face change. So why does Takumi now have the same face as Sento/Satou Tarou.

Takumi changes the subject and gives Rule #3, Don’t ask questions and accept things as they are or you’ll get kicked by a horse.

Zi-O 2

Episode Thoughts

OMG. It’s only episode 2 and I’m already confused. lol

Like, do I even want to try and understand how the time traveling works and which timeline we’re in now and how it affects previous seasons and if whether or not Sento Takumi and Ryuga got married and are the biggest Tsunagizu fanboys ever? I mean, what in the world is going on?!

So many things getting thrown at us! I don’t even know where to begin!

So, I liked the first episode. It was fun and had that little bit of nostalgia (of a show that just ended the week before lol) that you look for in an anniversary season. But then this episode comes along and things have changed and the butterfly effect kicks in and that’s where things start to get crazy.

What’s even crazier is that Episode 2.5 seems to spell out some important exposition that really should be in the main episode and would’ve at least eased some of that confusion as well.

That and the “Don’t ask questions or you’ll get kicked by a horse.” rule too which I think might be very good to keep in mind all season. lol Honestly, after this episode, I kind of take it like the Movie Wars and Super Hero Taisens and various crossovers, I guess. All of this can be in continuity if you want. If you don’t want it to be, then it won’t.

That’s a little disappointing though. That we basically just have to go with it and not overthink things or find reasonable explanations and stories that make sense.

Of course, I wish and hope everything can fit in the greater Kamen Rider universe. But I know that’s a very high expectation.

But even accepting that things aren’t going to fit perfectly, the basic mechanics of how this season will work really got fuzzy this episode. Very strange. It seems like things moved a little too fast and we’re getting too much stuff all at once. Obviously, they aren’t going to reveal everything now. Not everything is going to be explained in the first two episodes. But I think they could’ve used some time to slow down and solidify the basic premise first.

I dunno. I still enjoyed the episode even if I had no idea what was going on. lol Maybe it’s because it was fun seeing how they are going all in and playing up the geiz… I mean, the bromance between Sento and Ryuga. The jealousy, the opening up a cafe together; it was fun.

The parallel they were drawing between Sento/Ryuga and Sougo/Geiz was the probably the only thing I understood. lol And I have a feeling Sougo will be learning a great life lesson from each of the legendary Riders he meets.

Woz is a very interesting character. You know there’s definitely more to him than a simple servant of Oma Zi-O and a prophet with a cool book. His opening narration was fun this episode, but it would get a little old if he spoils the episode he’s introducing every week. lol

Should be interesting to see how long Tsukuyomi and Geiz have to “observe” Sougo until they come to a conclusion about what they do to him in 2018/2019.

Overall, while I enjoyed watching this episode, I am definitely confused and a little worried about how things will play out during the season. But it is only Episode 2.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/15/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-2-best-match-2017/feed/ 2 15727
Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 31 – The Gangler Who Surrendered https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/14/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-31-the-gangler-who-surrendered/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/14/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-31-the-gangler-who-surrendered/#respond Fri, 14 Sep 2018 07:52:08 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15724

The Lups already have the Collection Piece as they take care of Golems and safe-head Podamans. Destra and Goche are observing the proceedings for Goche’s experiment.

Meanwhile, the Pats find Yoshi Uraza being chased and beaten by Podamans. They take care of the Podamans and Yoshi begs for them to take him into custody,

At the GSPO, the Pats are interrogating Yoshi who says he wants to change and live a peaceful life. He’s give them important Gangler information in exchange for leniency.

Noel insists the Gangler won’t ever tell the truth, but the Pats and Commander Hilltop are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Jim Carter says a little bit of new info might be worth the risk.

Sakuya has an idea on how to get the information without making a plea deal. He and Keiichiro dress up as detectives and give it a try.

Sakuya takes the lead, but while Yoshi humors him for a little bit, it doesn’t work.

Sakuya has another plan, but this time it involves Commander Hilltop and Jim Carter dressing up as very familiar characters.

“I’ll plug a banana in your tailpipe!”

It doesn’t work either and Yoshi points out that Hilltop and Jim Carter seem to have their characters switched. But Sakuya’s got one last idea, this time for Tsukasa and Noel.

Tsukasa says she’ll just question Yoshi normally and asks Noel not to be too touchy-feely with the safe. Yoshi is in GSPO Japan’s custody, not GSPO France HQ.

Tsukasa asks why Yoshi was being chased by Podamans, but he doesn’t want to answer. She presents him with the documents for the plea deal and his new identity. Noel notices Yoshi’s safe glowing as he is excited to see the papers.

Tsukasa asks how he got injured. He says he’s just been a bother to the Ganglers so they attacked him. Tsukasa asks if it hurts, which surprises Yoshi and he calls her an “unexpectedly nice lady.”

Down in the underworld, Goche prepares the fruit of her experiment. She finds there is a delicate balance between more safes on a Gangler and the ease of control with so many.

Back at the GSPO, Tsukasa reports to Commander Hilltop and says they’re making good progress with Yoshi. Commander Hilltop says she can continue to take the lead.

Noel asks to speak with Tsukasa and warns she shouldn’t get any closer to the Gangler. Tsukasa says if Yoshi really regrets his past actions, then offering him a plea deal is fine.

Over at Jurer, it’s Noel who gets interrogated by the Lups who are upset he didn’t just swipe the Collection Piece. “That’s the only reason you’re a cop, after all,” Tooma says

Noel says he should’ve, but Tsukasa was being so sincere. Kairi says he gets it and Umika wonders if there’s a way to take the Piece without hurting Tsukasa. Tooma says the longer they wait, the more Tsukasa will be hurt.

Tsukasa meets with Yoshi and says his application has been approved. She asks what he will do with his new life. Yoshi wants to go back and enjoy his youths.

He imagines what that could be like. High school Keiichiro wants to be a policeman when he grows up. High school Sakuya wants to be a YouTuber. Tsukasa wants to be the head of the stuffed toy department at a toy company. Yoshi wants to be a good housewife.

Tsukasa says that’s interesting. And to celebrate, she brings him a bowl of katsudon. She sits down to eat with him. He finishes his bowl quick. Tsukasa sees there’s some rice on his lip and she takes it and eats it.

Yoshi decides to tell her that his injury is because of Goche’s forced experiments including ripping off his safes. Before she could rip off his last safe, he was able to barely escape.

He warns Tsukasa to be careful of Goche as she gathering up safes for something crazy. She thanks him for the information.

Later, Noel calls someone in France.

Next day, Commander Hilltop tells Tsukasa that France HQ called and they want Yoshi transferred to them immediately. Tsukasa realizes what’s going on and she finds Noel to ask him why he would do this.

Tsukasa insists Yoshi has really decided on turning his life around. Noel says he can’t answer any of her questions.

Noel leaves and Tsukasa punches the wall. The Pats are driving Yoshi to the airport. Yoshi thanks Tsukasa for everything she’s done for him.

Podamans suddenly attack their car. Keiichiro and Sakuya morph to take on the Podamans while Tsukasa takes Yoshi to safety. She tells him to run while she holds any Podamans off.

Yoshi says he can’t leave her alone here. He wants to give her his Collection Piece. He places it in her hands, but a cuckoo clock bird suddenly pops out of Yoshi’s face and his demeanor changes.

Yoshi doesn’t recognize Tsukasa at all and demands she hand over his Piece. She tries to ask what’s happened, but Yoshi tells her not to call him by his name since they’re not friends. He grabs her by the neck and slams her against the fence.

Noel arrives and shoots at Yoshi to release Tsukasa from his grasp. Noel explains that the Collection Piece switches Good and Evil. That is, the more evil a person, the more good they appear with it.

Tsukasa drops the Piece and of course Noel picks it up.

“You knew this would happen!” Tsukasa says. She remembers his warnings to her earlier.

Noel says even if Tsukasa was gullible, at least she was sincere about it.


Noel morphs into Patren-X. Keiichiro and Sakuya arrive. “So there’s no such thing as a good Gangler after all?” Keiichiro declares.

Tsukasa hardens herself and she morphs. She charges at Yoshi and the Pats take him on. After Tsukasa Rider Kicks him, Good Striker flies in and they combine into Ugou. They deliver a One Hit Strike to finish off Yoshi’s first life.

Goche’s creation from earlier appears and the Pats are surprised to see it with four safes all over his body. One of the Pieces undoes Ugou. Good Striker says that the Gangler has Bad Boys which weakens the entire Collection and cancels out Good Striker’s power.

Goche appears and finds there’s nothing left in Yoshi’s safe. Oh well, she says.

Tsukasa remembers Yoshi’s warning to her about Goche and safes.

Goche slaps Yoshi’s safe onto the Gangler and fixes it before telling it to go rampage.

The Gangler embiggens. Noel says this is Status Quintuple. Keiichiro shoots Good Striker who is unsure. They hop into PatKaiser as Noel tries to stop them.

Keiichiro does not allow Good Striker to talk and they proceed to shoot a Bullet Strike at the Gangler only to have the attack blocked. The Gangler uses the multiple Pieces to easily attack PatKaiser.

Keiichiro wants to go Strong, but the Gangler prepares a huge attack. Noel tells them to run, but it’s too late. The attack hits PatKaiser, they ungattai and get shot away.

Episode Thoughts

Well, my Pat-biased self definitely enjoyed most of this episode. lol

The end definitely reverted back to “Pats are foolishly reckless and gullible. Lups are reasonable, smart and clever.”

But the rest of the episode was very fun and something I always wish Sentai or Kamen Rider to do more off. That is, having nice, sympathetic MOTWs. I almost hate when they actually do it because it always ends badly or sad. Just like here where Tsukasa’s sincere feelings get stomped on and thrown in the trash.

I think Sentai and Kamen Rider should do at least one of these every season. Having a villain monster of the week redeem themselves or something AND stay alive. Jealoushitto is one of the best characters, period, of Sentai I’ve seen since I started watching. A comic relief MOTW that became a great recurring character. And then there’s the Roidmude that copied Kyu on Kamen Rider Drive. That was so emotional.

It makes for a good story. And it adds to the character development of whichever regular character is the focus of that story. In this case, it was Tsukasa. Ignoring the “You’re too gullible” aspect of her feeling for Yoshi (and even the Pats, Hilltop and Jim Carter’s trust in Yoshi as well), that she was compassionate while still being a good cop is certainly a great thing.

My perfect conclusion to this episode would’ve been to have Noel proven wrong. That Tsukasa’s intuition (which has been touched upon a few times already this season, especially in relation to the kaitous) was actually spot on this time. And that the Pats actually do know how to be cops and are not bumbling fools.

Since the main purpose of this episode was to set up Goche’s multi-safe Frankengangler, the good and evil opposites day Collection Piece could’ve easily been replaced with something else. Not only would it have been a refreshing story to have a truly reformed MOTW, it also would’ve added to Goche’s character as well. We’ve seen bits and pieces of how disgustingly evil she can be when it comes to experiments. I think she’s already killed many humans just to play around with her experiments, right?

So torturing Yoshi and ripping safes off of his body would’ve definitely helped to solidify and illustrate just how evil Goche and the Ganglers can be. Emphasizing how evil the villains can be always helps solidify the heroism of our main characters as well.

Tsukasa can be both compassionate and perceptive at the same time you know.

Though Tsukasa taking the rice from Yoshi’s lip and eating it was too much lol

The dressing up was also fun. The Commander Hilltop/Jim Carter scene was obviously the most amusing.

Overall, for the most part, I enjoyed this episode. I wish it ended differently, but it was certainly the most fun I’ve had with LuPat in weeks.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/14/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-31-the-gangler-who-surrendered/feed/ 0 15724
Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 11 and Season Wrap-up – “Proud to be a Canadian!” https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/12/recap-the-amazing-race-canada-6-episode-11-and-season-wrap-up-proud-to-be-a-canadian/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/12/recap-the-amazing-race-canada-6-episode-11-and-season-wrap-up-proud-to-be-a-canadian/#respond Wed, 12 Sep 2018 11:58:14 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15721
Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 11 – The Summer of Heroes


Teams fly to Courtney & Adam’s hometown of Calgary, Alberta. The next clue at the airport reveals the Road Block: Who likes to play it by ear?


For this Road Block, teams will enter the ATC simulator at the base of the air control tower and listen to and memorize an ATIS transmission including the weather of the vicinity which they must relay to the head air traffic controller for their next clue.

Both Courtneys and Kwame do the Road Block. Taylor’s Courtney makes the first attempt, but she fails. Kwame goes next, but he also fails. Taylor’s Courtney goes again and she passes.

Teams must now take a helicopter to Banff National Park. Kwame and Courtney are still at the tower when Taylor & Courtney arrive at the top of the mountain and find the next clue. They must make their way to Sunshine Village Ski Resort via helicopter.

Courtney finally passes and she and Adam hurry off.


Taylor & Courtney land and hop into a taxi to the ski resort. They find the next clue, another Road Block: Who’s top dog? For this Road Block, teams will try skijoring, a sport combining skiing and dog sledding, for two laps. They will then sled down into the slush cup of icy water.

Taylor must complete this Road Block.

Back at the ATC tower, Kwame finally passes and he and Dylan are off in the sky as Courtney & Adam arrive on the mountain.

Taylor faceplants into the snow and he and Courtney make their way to Banff National Park Administration Building. Courtney & Adam spot Taylor & Courtney as they head in opposite directions on the gondola.

At the Administration Building, Taylor & Courtney open the next clue. They must now search the marked stores along Banff Ave for 22 souvenirs representing people, places and things, two from each Leg of the Race. There are multiple items available for each Leg. They will then display them in the correct order to receive the next clue.

Courtney & Adam catch up to Taylor & Courtney as they shop, but Taylor & Courtney head back to the administration building. Dylan & Kwame also start shopping.


Taylor & Courtney are missing two or three items so they head back to the shops. Courtney & Adam have been taking note of which souvenirs they’ve gotten. They head back to the administration building and start displaying their items.

They get a check and they only have one wrong. Taylor & Courtney also ask for a check and they also have one wrong.

Courtney & Adam are incorrectly placing a zombie souvenir on the Mexico Leg. They replace the zombie with jai alai and then remove the Revolution Monument from Mexico and replace it with the zombies.

Adam realizes the mistake. They put the monument back and on their 11th attempt, they get the next clue.

Courtney & Adam can now make their way to the Finish Line at Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course by ziplining and boating down the river to the Finish Line by Hole 5. Taylor & Courtney are right behind them.


Courtney & Adam ask a golfer and realize they are on the wrong course. They must be at the Tunnel Nine course.

But it’s Courtney & Adam who cross the Finish Line first. Jon officially declares them the winners of The Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition.

Taylor & Courtney are 2nd and Dylan & Kwame are 3rd.


Episode Thoughts

Well that was such a horribly designed, very linear Final Leg. But it did have a pretty good outcome. Lol

Banff is definitely a location that should’ve been visited a few seasons ago. But I don’t know that it has enough to do for a Final Leg. Well, it didn’t have enough to do. This was a very barebones Final Leg that really kind of lacked real thrills and excitement that a Final Leg should have.

I think without Taylor & Courtney’s mistake at the Final Task, this would’ve been a very uneventful finale decided after the first task. The helicopter rides also kind of contributed to how linear the Leg was.

The first Road Block was alright. It’s a straightforward memorization task in a fresh location. And obviously, the location worked logistically to get teams immediately into the helicopter.

The Route Marker at the top of Mount Fable was all for the great scenery, but not much in terms of Racing.

The second Road Block was also very processional and would’ve been a much better task on an earlier Leg. They really should’ve done something a little more physically demanding for the second Road Block. Faceplanting into the snow isn’t enough lol

Finally, the Final Task was pretty good. It looked a little like a TARPHDME Final Task lolol The best part is that there are a lot of different possible combinations and solutions since there’s more than two possibilities for each Leg. That definitely makes things a little easier in terms of the needle in a haystack aspect. But it makes it more difficult if you didn’t take notes like Courtney & Adam did and you mistakenly take more than two from one Leg and not enough on another.

Still, the task itself was fine. But certainly not the most exciting thing to do on a Final Leg. The edited footrace at the end definitely felt forced and a typical TAR Canada-style Pit Stop faux footrace.

Overall, a pretty barebones Final Leg.

Season Wrap-up

For the season overall, it was alright. Nowhere near as offensive as TARC4 or TARC5. And the cast actually helped make this season a little more interesting than last year’s.

It’s also important to note right at the top that this Heroes Edition and last year’s #Canada150 season have probably been the two least xenophobic and nationalistic seasons of TAR Canada so far. You definitely wouldn’t expect that. Especially with one less international Leg this year instead of more than last year’s three.

But even as the Canadian Legs get more and more tired and recycled, this season was actually alright.

Jon’s comment at the start of the season about teams all getting along with each other, the MOST of any season ever before, was very scary. lol The implication being that competition would be nonexistent and all these “heroes” would be helping each other and positive 24/7. No drama, no competition. Just a bunch of good people having fun.

That’s certainly not the most exciting idea. But thankfully, Jon overstated that and the season was actually okay in terms of competition.

The barebones Legs and poor Leg design (because of lack of interesting and fresh tasks in Canada) didn’t do much. But the teams themselves and their varying degrees of Race acumen did keep things reasonably enjoyable.

The best Legs were obviously the Indonesia and Mexico Legs. There really is just something great about international Legs. There’s a different kinetic energy to these Legs that unfortunately are not present on the Canadian Legs. And if any TAR Canada cast deserved more international Legs, it’s this cast of heroes.

Anyway, if I were to rank TAR Canada seasons, I’d have to put Season 1 and 2 at the top then Seasons 5 and 6 in the middle and Seasons 3 and 4 at the bottom just because of various unlikeable and gross aspects that I’d rather not remember. lol

My Subjective Team Rankings for the Season

I think this was an above average cast for TAR Canada. There weren’t any hateful teams like in the past and there may not have been confrontational drama. But they were all pretty competitive in their own ways. And that’s even with Taylor & Courtney winning half the Legs.

My favorite team from this season is definitely Martina & Phil. Legit All-Stars, no question. They were underdogs who became contenders and with great, very likeable personalities to boot. I would definitely love to see Phil and his Martina noona Race again in the future.

I was definitely skeptical about Nancy & Mellisa at first with that “We barely know each other” stuff and Mellisa being friends with Jon. But they really were a great and fun team to watch. Definitely one of the most competitive teams this season and definitely another team I’d love to see back in the future. Dylan & Kwame were another fun team. They definitely knew to step it up week after week. They started off very slow, but were able to climb up and make it to the finale.

Like I said last week, Courtney & Adam‘s bottomgodessing was either going to end with a win or 3rd place loss. And it was indeed a great darkhorse win. They’ve escaped many times season (though not by way of Non-Eliminations! Take note of that!). But they stepped it up at the right time and had great momentum going into the Final Leg. They started off kind of annoying with all the kissy-faces they made. But they soon became a much fuller and more enjoyable team as the Race went on. You definitely saw they were competitive and would never give up despite regularly making mistakes or encountering bumps along the way. It was a good win.

Leanne & Mar were a very strong and relatively consistent team. They had some missteps, but when they were “on,” they were a team to beat. Their elimination was unfortunate, but they were otherwise a great team. Taylor & Courtney were also a very strong team and certainly the top contender for much of the Race. That kind of dominance can get boring and unexciting which is why I wouldn’t have been the most excited to see a win from them. Still, they had some fun moments here and there.

The rest of the teams were alright too. But the early episodes really didn’t give much from them to really give any other impression but them being nice people. Zainab & Monica, Joseph & Akash, Chewy & Happy and Todd & Anna were all fine people with nice stories. But judging from their Racing, they all went at the right time. Except for maybe Todd & Anna. Joseph & Akash really had some of the worst luck of any team on TAR Canada. But Todd & Anna had the makings of a strong contender. But, the Race can get tricky at times and they unfortunately fell victim to that unpredictability.

Episode Quotes

Courtney: “Sounds like a recipe for a win.”

Adam: “Hot pink pants coming!”

Kwame: “It truly made me proud to be a Canadian!”

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/12/recap-the-amazing-race-canada-6-episode-11-and-season-wrap-up-proud-to-be-a-canadian/feed/ 0 15721
Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (12) 22 – “I look like a cross between a troll and a yeti.” https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/08/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-12-22-i-look-like-a-cross-between-a-troll-and-a-yeti/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/08/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-12-22-i-look-like-a-cross-between-a-troll-and-a-yeti/#comments Sun, 09 Sep 2018 06:02:57 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15718 Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (12) 22 – Fan Frenzy

Levi gets an offer to be the face of a fast food chain, but he says he’s too busy right now. A fan, Chaz, comes up to him and tells him how much Levi has helped him in life. Chaz shows Levi an autograph he sent as a reply that promised they should hang out. Levi says his manager wrote that, but he’s still open to hanging out.

Calvin drives Mick downtown to get supplies for shop class. While Mick enjoys the hardware store, Calvin sees a Buzzcam and he calls the others. As they run out of school, Chaz asks Levi for a selfie on his burger phone. Levi runs off before Chaz can give him his e-mail address.

The Rangers morph. Dreadwolf summons Basher Bots. Levi takes on Dreadwolf himself. Dreadwolf hurls three of his poison claws at Levi, but they miss him and one hits Mick instead.

Dreadwolf leaves. The Rangers hurry over to Mick who says he’s fine. They hurry back to school for shop class. After Chaz shows how he has now dressed exactly like Levi, the Rangers see Mick is turning into a wolf.

The Rangers usher Mick into the command shop. Chaz asks Levi if he would like to go to the plaza later to meet some friends and sign autographs. Levi tells Chaz to leave him alone.

“I look like a cross between a troll and a yeti.”

Redbot says he sees something in his head. They hold Mick and Hayley pulls the claw out. Mick is back to normal.

Chaz meets with his friends and tells them Levi isn’t coming. His “friends” say this is typical Chaz and they leave annoyed. Dreadwolf is on the rooftop and thinks Chaz is Levi. He shoots a claw at him, but Chaz trips. The claw instead hits Victor.

Dreadwolf tosses his last claw and it hits Chaz.

The Rangers head to the plaza and they find wolfChaz. Dreadwolf is surprised, but it doesn’t matter.

The Rangers morph and chase after Dreadwolf. Levi stays behind and tries to help Chaz. Levi apologizes for not hanging out. Remembering that his song calms Chaz down, Levi sings. Chaz starts to fall asleep and Levi is able to pull the claw out.

Chaz is back to normal. Before Levi can apologize, Mick calls him to say the Prism is telling Levi to use the Lion Fire Armor.

Levi asks Brody for the Lion Fire Armor Star and Levi upmorphs to Lion Fire Gold. He is able to finish off Dreadwolf and Cosmo Royale Gigantifies him.

The Rangers hop into the Ninja Ultrazord and with the help of the Ninja Super Steel Blaster, they deliver an Ultrazord Blast Final Attack to finish off Dreadwolf for good.

Levi joins Chaz and his friends at the plaza. Levi asks to talk to Chaz alone first and apologizes for how he snapped at him earlier. Chaz says it’s okay. Levi says they’re friends now.

At school, Monty pulls the claw out of Victor’s butt and he is back to normal. That means the end of his advertising contract.

Episode Thoughts

Honestly, that troll/yeti line/*wink*wink* Easter egg was the most fun moment all season.

Otherwise, another standard filler episode. It was alright. The plot was very predictable, whether between Levi and Chaz or whatever Dreadwolf was doing. We didn’t even see Odius at all which just made this episode even more of a filler.

It’s interesting how these filler episodes of this Super half of the season have all felt weird. That is, there seems to be a lot going on, yet nothing of substance in terms of plot or even character development. The episodes are pretty full, but forgettable. Very strange and certainly not the most exciting.

Overall, another okay episode. But come on. Let’s get to the big picture!

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/08/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-12-22-i-look-like-a-cross-between-a-troll-and-a-yeti/feed/ 2 15718
Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 30 – The Two Are On a Trip https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/08/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-30-the-two-are-on-a-trip/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/08/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-30-the-two-are-on-a-trip/#comments Sun, 09 Sep 2018 04:11:43 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15713

Noel is suspicious of the Pats, Commander Hilltop and Jim Carter who are acting very suspicious trying to explain that Keiichiro is taking a day off for a trip instead of telling him about the real mission.

Noel decides to tell the Lups about his suspicions and has Kairi follow Keiichiro on the trip.

Keiichirio is surprised when Kairi spots him at the train station and proposes they go sightseeing together. They first have lunch, play games and then have some treats. On their way to the hot springs, Keiichiro spots a young girl crying. He comes across as too intimidating so Kairi comes over to squeeze his face which makes Keiichiro look like an even bigger weirdo.

Keiichiro and Kairi’s bickering is what gets the girl to eventually laugh. They bring her to the police station. Keiichiro tells the officer that the girl left her hotel alone to look for a hair tie she dropped and then she got lost.

Keiichiro decides to go look for the hair tie and tells Kairi he doesn’t have to come with. That triggers a memory for him.

While Keiichiro frantically looks for the hair tie, Kairi goes to buy a new pair. He heads back to the station where the girl’s parents have come to pick her up. Kairi is about to hand the girl the new hair tie, but Keiichiro comes running with the actual hair tie the girl lost. The girl is so excited and thanks Keiichiro for finding it.

Kairi clutches the new hair tie, seemingly upset.

Down in the underworld, Goche is horrified that Gangler Kunks is out on the prowl. Dogranio says he gave him an appropriate Collection Piece so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

Jim Carter shows the Pats video of Kunks just creeping around on rooftops across the city. Noel suggests they call Keiichiro, but the Pats again act overly obvious about not wanting to disturb him.

Back to the two Reds, Keiichiro senses something is off with Kairi and asks what’s wrong. Kairi tells him about his older brother taking time out from their trip together when he was a kid to help a lost little girl. Kairi had felt very jealous and selfish. He admits that unlike his older brother, he’s a bad person.

Keiichiro says that’s not true since Kairi helped him back there with the little girl earlier too. Kairi remembers being sad to his brother who cheered him up by saying he was still helpful for waiting.

Keiichiro gets a text from the person he is scheduled to meet. He tells Kairi he has to go and he runs off.

Keiichiro meets with some sketchy looking people who have a VS Vehicle they hope to exchange for money. Keiichiro shows them his bag full of cash, but the gangsters have no intention of handing it over. Instead, they will keep the VS Vehicle, take the cash and kill Keiichiro.

Keiichiro manages to take on the six goons by himself and even trips the boss. Keiichiro reveals he is GSPO and that local cops tipped them off about continued black market art dealings.

Keiichiro lets HQ know he has retrieved the VS Vehicle. Kairi decides to swipe it for himself.

Keiichiro and Kairi both morph and they battle for the Piece. But Kairi seems to hesitate somewhat against Keiichiro. Keiichiro notices Kairi isn’t putting up much of a fight.

Meanwhile, the others are facing off against Kunks whose power is to spray farts. The Collection Piece he had masked the smell. Dogranio tells Goche to go embiggen him already.

Kunks lights all the farts he spread around the city and the city explodes into a sea of flames.

Noel says they need the Splash VS Vehicle. Conveniently enough that’s the Piece Keiichiro was supposed to retrieve from the mobsters. Tsukasa calls to tell him.

Keiichiro thinks about it and decides to tell Kairi to hurry over with the VS Vehicle to help put out the fires. Kairi doesn’t understand. Keiichiro screams at him to go.

Kairi joins the others and with Good Striker they form LupinKaiser Splash Magic. They put out the fires. Good Striker asks where Kairi could have found the VS Vehicle Arsene Lupin gave to girl he fancied. Umika and Tooma are surprised when Kairi says the cops gave it to him.

With Noel’s help, they finish off Kunks for good.

Back at the GSPO, Keiichiro apologizes for letting the Lups get the VS Vehicle, But Commander Hilltop says it’s alright since they were able to keep the death and destruction low.

Jim Carter says he’s surprised the Red kaitou listened to Keiichiro’s request. But Keiichiro says he wasn’t surprised at all.

Over at Jurer, Kairi is still moody as he thinks about his day with Keiichiro compared to his older brother.

Episode Thoughts

Well, I’ll just say right now that fart jokes are never a good thing. It’s 2018, for goodness sakes.

Thankfully, the rest of the episode was okay, otherwise this would’ve been a complete waste of time.

I definitely prefer this emo, moody and broody Kairi over the smartass, cocky Kairi. Definitely more interesting. I will say that it is also refreshing that we have an oniichan/aniki problem instead of a daddy problem this time.

Keiichiro trusting Kairi as opposed to his incessant screaming at wanting to catch him was nice. If this were a different show, I’d think that Keiichiro is starting to put two and two together about the Lups’ identities. But of course that’s not the case. So basically it’s the Pats continuing to warm up to the kaitous while the Lups continue to screw them over for their own personal reasons. Oh well.

The Pats acting so obvious was very strange. Either the show really is going all in with trying to make them as goofy and as much of a bunch of bumbling idiots as possible. Or they intentionally were trying to set up Noel. With the way the show has been in the previous 29 episodes, I’ll go with the former. They really just wanted to paint the Patrangers as complete idiots compared to the awesome, invincible Lupinrangers.

So, apparently Umika’s distaste of Keiichiro stems from her attempts to play matchmaker for him and Mina from all those episodes ago. I remember it being very obvious that Keiichiro did have feelings for Mina and Mina understood that as well. The episode ended with the mutual understanding that they’d pursue a relationship when it was the right time. Umika was just being a naïve teenage girl not understanding all of that.

Anyway, overall this was a better episode than recently. I do hope we get more into deeper character stuff than the usual that we’ve been getting.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/08/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-30-the-two-are-on-a-trip/feed/ 2 15713
Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 1 – Kingdom 2068 https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/08/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-1-kingdom-2068/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/08/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-1-kingdom-2068/#respond Sat, 08 Sep 2018 10:55:21 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15705 Zi-O 1

We meet Tokiwa Sougo, a high school student who wants to become a king when he grows up. On the way home and after a flip from a judo friend, he finds a strange object on his bike, but decides to leave it on the ground. A strange red robo seems to be following him.

Zi-O 1

He gets home and is welcomed by his Uncle Junichiro who runs a clock shop. He tries to ask Sougo about College Entrance Exams, but Sougo has no need for them since he’s going to be a king.

Sougo heads back out and runs into a hooded man, Woz, with an almanac that shows today is a special day for Sougo, except he should watch out for a red robot.

Zi-O 1

Woz disappears and the red robo appears, piloted by Myokoin Geiz.

Zi-O 1

Geiz chases after “Oma Zi-O” as Sougo tries to pedal away. Geiz wrecks the market hall Sougo bikes into and he gets thrown off. Sougo tries to continue on foot.

Just then, a silver robo punches Geiz’ robo away and a voice tells Sougo to hop in.

Zi-O 1

Piloting the silver robo is Tsukuyomi and she tells him to hold on as they travel through time. She shows him a video from the year 2068.

In the shadow of a circular row of Heisei Riders and a young man appearing to henshin, a gold-plated Rider absolutely lays waste to an army of fighters and easily swats away giant robos and missiles.

Zi-O 1

Tsukuyomi says Sougo will become that horrible demon king in 50 years. Sougo can’t believe it. He walks out of the robo, known as a Time Mazine, for some air. But he instead gets chased by a dinosaur. Turns out Tsukuyomi jumped them to 66810000 B.C.

Tsukuyomi scoops Sougo up and they jump to the year 1671 instead. She introduces herself and talks about how King Oma Zi-O came to power and made people suffer while creating a world without hope. She and Geiz were part of a group of resistance fighters who tried to fight Oma Zi-O.

Zi-O 1

When things really seemed hopeless, Geiz decided to travel back in time to ensure Sougo would never obtain the power of Oma Zi-O. Tsukuyomi followed.

Sougo asks her if she is sure it’s him. She rattles off all of his biodata from her research.

They sit down for a snack and Tsukuyomi pays the lady with coins from this era popping out of her tablet with just a swipe.

Tsukuyomi points out that Sougo also has “the watch.” Sougo is surprised to see him holding the strange object from earlier that he thought he left on the ground.

Tsukuyomi says the watch will give him unimaginable power and will cause him to become the king of time who destroys the world, Oma Zi-O. The statue of the henshining man from the video was that of Sougo’s first henshin.

Sougo says he believes her since he’s always wanted to become a king. But becoming a demon king doesn’t sound very good. Tsukuyomi notices the watch is not reacting to him. Suddenly, they hear a commotion nearby.

A couple of men are getting into a fight. Tsukuyomi gets the men’s attention by making it seem Sougo is stepping up to stop them. He tells them that peace is the best way to resolve a conflict. But the men pick him and throw him into the creek.

Zi-O 1

Tsukuyomi still isn’t sure Sougo is Oma Zi-O, especially comparing the way they talk. Sougo climbs back up onto the bridge. He notices the men have stopped fighting and instead are laughing together as they walk away. The locals are amused by Sougo being more concerned about the men than about his wet self.

The men suddenly scream about a monster. Tsukuyomi looks and sees it’s Geiz, who has henshined. She warns Sougo that Geiz wants to eliminate him before he obtains Oma Zi-O’s power. They hop back into the Time Mazine.

Zi-O 1

The two Time Mazines bump each other as they speed through the time highway. Geiz bumps Tsukuyomi’s Time Mazine off of it and they exit. The Time Mazine hits the Skywall and Sougo is ejected from the robo.

Before Sougo can get his bearings, a Strong Smash Hazard comes running toward him. But Sento and Ryuga finish off the Smash and run over to Sougo to make sure he’s alright.

Zi-O 1

Sougo asks if they’re from the future too. Sento and Ryuga introduce themselves as they dehenshin. Sougo asks what era it is, but they say it’s actually November 30, 2017.

Sento and Ryuga bring Sougo back to Nascita. Sougo looks at Ryuga’s milk carton to make sure and the expiration date says December 10, 2017.

Sento comes up from the lab after examining the watch and says it is created with technology that doesn’t exist yet. Sento believes Sougo is from the future, but Sougo says he’s only from next year. He starts to tell them about Tsukuyomi and everything he’s learned since he met her.

Zi-O 1

But Tsukuyomi walks into Nascita and shoots the three guys unconscious. She apologizes and says they’re not supposed to interfere with the past any more than necessary.

Elsewhere in the city, a basketballer almost gets run over by a car. But another strange man, Uhr, stops the car using telekinesis. Uhr explains that in the original timeline, this basketballer died. But if he agrees to a contract, his fate can be changed.

Zi-O 1

The basketballer agrees and Uhr hands him a watch as he swats away the car that would’ve killed the guy.

Uhr proclaims that this guy will now become Kamen Rider Build. Uhr shoves the watch into the guy and he morphs into a horrific monster version of Build.

Zi-O 1

This Another Build starts attacking athletic people downtown. He uses FullBottles to suck in a tennis player and a karateka, but finds they are not a Best Match.

Sougo wakes back up in his own bed in 2018. He tells his uncle about what he assumes was a dream and how he is unsure about becoming a king if it means he becomes a demon king in the future. Uncle Junichiro says Sougo shouldn’t rush his decision then. He talks about a chance to follow his dream when he was younger. The risks involved caused him to hesitate and that resulted in the opportunity passing him by. He never got another chance after that.

Zi-O 1

While the hands of a clock can be stopped and even turned back, life isn’t that way.

Later, Sougo is walking downtown when he comes across Another Build attacking people, including his friend from yesterday. Sougo tries to save his friend, but just gets swatted away.

The watch falls out of his pocket and it lights up. Sougo realizes it wasn’t a dream. He charges at Another Build who grabs him by the collar. Tsukuyomi arrives and shoots at Another Build before telling Sougo to throw the watch away and stop his rambling about wanting to become a king.

Sougo says he still does want to become a king to make the world a better place for everyone to be happy. Woz reappears and says Sougo must indeed become king. With the Zi-O power, he can bend the world, the past and the future to his will.

Sougo thinks about the fact that he will become a demon king one day. He decides. He will become the demon king, but a great and kind demon king.

Zi-O 1

The watch changes color and Woz, on one knee, presents Sougo the Ziku-Driver on a fancy pillow. Sougo takes it, slaps it on his waist and locks the watch in to henshin to Kamen Rider Zi-O.

Zi-O 1

Woz excitedly proclaims the birth of Kamen Rider Zi-O. Tsukuyomi can’t believe it.

Sougo fights Another Build. Woz leaves, seemingly happy.

The Zikan Girade pops out and Sougo uses it to deliver a Finish Time Girigiri Slash at Another Build. The basketballer returns to his human form.

Zi-O 1

Just then, Geiz appears, wanting to know why Sougo would choose the path of the demon king. Sougo basically says this is his destiny from the moment he was born. Geiz flashes back (forward?) to 2068 when Oma Zi-O declared himself unbeatable because he was born to be king.

Geiz says he understands that he must stop Sougo right here, right now. He henshins to Kamen Rider Geiz and then uses a Ghost watch to get extra Ghost armor.

Geiz charges at Sougo.

Zi-O 1

Episode Thoughts

I’m still on a bit of a high from Build‘s finale. So I didn’t know how that would affect my watching of Zi-O‘s premiere. Would the excitement carry over to the new series? Would I have unreasonably high expectations for Zi-O?

Well, after finally watching the premiere, I still actually don’t know if my Build high had any affect at all. lol

What I do know is that Zi-O’s premiere definitely left me intrigued about the season. Toku premieres always tend to stuff as much information as they can into that first 22 minutes. There’s pros and cons to that. Which is why with both Sentai and Kamen Rider, one should give them a couple of episodes for a fair shot.

Zi-O‘s premiere certainly wasn’t any different. We met so many characters, were introduced to so many plot points and concepts and possible toys and of course got all the hints of Heisei nostalgia complete with Sento and Ryuga’s first appearance. The show was literally jumping all over the place.

But I think the most important point was the idea that Sougo will become some demon king ruling a post-apocalyptic world. And they got that across quite effectively. We get a reasonably good picture of who 2018 Sougo is (a nice high school boy next door with a slightly odd obsession with becoming a king) and a tease of what he might eventually become (DEMON KING!).

Obviously, that seeming disconnect is very interesting and is a good jumping off point for the season.

I am now suddenly remind of Drive and the plot of the movie where Belt-san goes bad. lol

I do like what we saw of all the characters that were introduced in this episode. Even in just very short and fleeting moments, they all seemed very promising. Tsukuyomi and Geiz seem like perfect tsundere characters and that would certainly be interesting to see unfold since we are to believe Sougo goes from boy next door to world destroying-tyrant. lol

Now, I admit, I was fanboying a little when Sento and Ryuga popped up. And it’s only been a week since we last saw them. lol

I’m assuming Zi-O will be jumping back to every Heisei Rider season and meeting past characters in a similar way. Will be interesting for me having only started watching Kamen Rider with OOO.

Which reminds me! I still haven’t finished watching Decade. I’ve always been interested in seeing the season after seeing him pop up from time to time and after always seeing the varying comments about the season. I don’t even remember at which episode I stopped at. And I’ve started and stopped several times. Not because I wasn’t interested or was bored by what I did watch. I just never have the time to just power through the episodes. Whenever I decide to give it a shot, I always just start over with Episode 1 and as I watch, I’m all “I remember this. I already watched this.” So then I don’t pay attention as much and then I lose track and then I stop watching until I remember I want to finish lol

Anyway, Zi-O had a fun, promising start. It certainly has a lot of high expectations after such a good (if not, great!) season and being a big milestone season as well.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/08/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-1-kingdom-2068/feed/ 0 15705
Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 10 – “My bladder hurts the most.” https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/05/recap-the-amazing-race-canada-6-episode-10-my-bladder-hurts-the-most/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/05/recap-the-amazing-race-canada-6-episode-10-my-bladder-hurts-the-most/#respond Wed, 05 Sep 2018 10:38:36 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15700
Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 10 – The Plan is Simple, Win!


Teams must fly to Fredericton, New Brunswick via Toronto. Once there, teams must make their way to Officers’ Square in the Garrison District. Here, teams must observe and compare a changing of the guard here and in front of City Hall. Once they point out the one difference, they will receive the next clue.


Martina & Phil spot the correct difference and can now face the Detour: Fit or Fly. Both Detours are at CFB Gagetown. In Fit, both team members will complete a Race version of the military’s Force Fitness exam (20 metre rushes, sandbag lifts, intermittent loaded shuttles and a sandbag drag) in a combined time of 18 minutes. Only one Racer can complete the exercises at a time. In Fly, teams must locate the Bell Centre in Montreal during a flight and land on it during a flight simulation. This is a Limited Stations Detour.

Martina & Phil choose Fly while Dylan & Kwame choose Fit as do Taylor & Courtney and Courtney & Adam. Taylor & Courtney try to take Courtney & Adam’s taxi, but the driver is loyal. Taylor & Courtney arrive last at the Fit and decide to try the flight simulation instead of waiting for a spot at the Fitness.

Martina & Phil are on their 7th attempt and they finally find the Bell Centre, but Martina can’t properly land the helicopter in five minutes. They have to switch out for Taylor & Courtney to have an attempt.

After a couple of restarts, Dylan & Kwame are finally able to get each exercise down and get the next clue… a Face Off!


For this Face Off, teams go head to head to compete in a 15 minute game of wheelchair basketball.

Taylor & Courtney are able to land on their first attempt so it’s them vs. Dylan & Kwame at the Face Off.

Adam is tired after his attempt at the fitness so Courtney gives it a try while he rests. She does well until the final exercise. They decide they can’t go through that again so they have to switch. When they get to their taxi, Adam realizes he forgot the clue in his uniform pants so he runs back to grab it while Courtney waits in the taxi.

Martina & Phil are on their 12th attempt, but Martina still can’t land.

Taylor & Courtney beat Dylan & Kwame. They open the next clue revealing the Road Block: Who thinks a picture is worth at least one word?


For this Road Block, teams must identify six paintings in Wolastoqey by listening to an elder, Imelda, who will ask them questions.

Taylor decides to do the Road Block.

Back at the Detour, Phil feels very sick after their 14th attempt. Courtney & Adam fail their 3rd attempt. Martina & Phil are on their 18th attempt now and Martina finally lands.

Courtney & Adam land on their 4th attempt.

Dylan & Kwame take on Martina & Phil at the Face Off and Dylan & Kwame easily win 22-8.

Kwame starts the Road Block as Taylor gives his 6th and final answer. Taylor & Courtney head to Government House and check in as Team #1. They win a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Back at the Face Off, it ends a tie game. They go to Sudden Death. Martina & Phil get the ball first, but Phil misses the basket. Adam makes the basket and he decides to do the Road Block.

Martina & Phil have to wait out their penalty. Martina decides to do the Road Block.

Over at the Road Block, Adam decides to memorize the English descriptions of the paintings first.

Kwame gives all the correct answers and he and Dylan claim the 2nd spot in the Final Leg.

Adam goes for his first attempt, but doesn’t seem to understand the task. He re-reads the clue as Martina gets started. Adam then gets all six answers correct and he and Courtney leave. They step on the Mat and Jon checks them in as Team #3.

That means Martina & Phil are last and eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

So this was a pretty badly designed Penultimate Leg. I really believe that you can’t put these artificial and forced road blocks (not Road Blocks) that keep teams from moving forward, especially on a Penultimate Leg. Let them Race! No First Come, First Served tasks. No Limited Stations. And definitely no Face Offs.

Seriously, what is TAR Canada’s obsession with Penultimate Leg Face Offs? It’s almost as dumb as TARUS’ end-of-Leg Head to Heads.

Anyway, the task themselves on this Leg were okay. Like last year, this would’ve actually worked much better as an early Leg and not a Penultimate Leg.

The guard ceremony was a very, very simple, almost last minute task they threw in. Unexciting. And a typical TAR “learn the routine” task would’ve been better. Though still would not have helped Leg Design.

The Detour was certainly a perfect fit for this Heroes Edition as a tribute to the military. But again, making it Limited Stations plus having only one flight simulator was just not good for Racing. Especially on this critical Penultimate Leg.

I shouldn’t be surprised about having a Face Off on the Penultimate Leg. But I was surprised about having a Face Off on the Penultimate Leg. Like, why? If it’s to create extra drama on this Leg, why not design a better Leg instead and let teams Racing side-by-side against each other be the exciting big draw.

The Road Block was okay, but it certainly didn’t appear as difficult as it sounded. If anything, teams should’ve all given the answers at once, not give one answer then come back again. The episode didn’t make clear if teams had to go through all six answers again on each attempt.

Also, what was up with that whole scene of Adam forgetting his clue in his military pants? I honestly thought them specifically showing Adam going back to grab the clue in his pants and leaving Courtney in the taxi was because they’d be getting a penalty for the distance rule. Maybe they did and it didn’t matter if Martina & Phil were so far behind. Or TAR Canada doesn’t enforce that rule. But I really thought they’d get a penalty for that. Oh well.

Overall, a poorly designed Leg with okay tasks. Certainly not anywhere close to the garbage (literally!) TARC3 Penultimate Leg. But still not very good.

My Subjective Team Rankings

This was definitely a horrible Leg for Martina & Phil. After a quick start for them, things just went downhill from there. This might have been their worst Leg of the Race actually and it’s definitely sad it had to come on the Penultimate Leg. They kept saying they wouldn’t give up, but you could see that they were growing less hopeful as the Leg went on.

Dylan & Kwame said it themselves, they’re peaking at the right time. They might be in the best position to win with the momentum they have. Courtney & Adam are the darkhorses though as they also have momentum going into the Final Leg. There is certainly something to the “Win the most important Leg” philosophy on TAR. And their season of bottomgodessing ends with either a big win or a 3rd place finish, I believe.

Taylor & Courtney certainly have more wins, but they’ve also suffered big missteps as well. And I think that could be a liability on the Final Leg. Of course, the Final Leg itself could play a huge part (typical of TAR Canada), but they too could go either way.

Episode Quotes

Adam: “My bladder hurts the most. I gotta pee so bad.”

Courtney: “These guys have arms bigger than my neck.”

Dylan: “You’re bothering me right now.”

Courtney: “I’m, like, directionally challenged.”

Phil: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/05/recap-the-amazing-race-canada-6-episode-10-my-bladder-hurts-the-most/feed/ 0 15700
Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 29 – Photos Are Memories https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/01/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-29-photos-are-memories/ https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/01/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-29-photos-are-memories/#respond Sun, 02 Sep 2018 03:21:07 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15696

Sakuya tells Keiichiro and Tsukasa that Noel is preparing a welcome party for himself tonight. But before they can enjoy that, they spot Goche wandering around nearby. They follow her and fight off Podamans.

The Lups walk by from grocery shopping and see one of the Podamans has a safe on its head. That’s odd.

Goche decides to try out the Collection Piece in that safe on Keiichiro. A bunch of pictures pop out of his head, but Goche is unhappy with how little does fly out. She decides to leave and adjust the Piece some more.

Tsukasa and Sakuya run over to Keiichiro. He recognizes Tsukasa, but not Sakuya. They collect the photos and head back to HQ where they realize the photos are Keiichiro’s memories.

Keiichiro does not remember Jim Carter or even Commander Hilltop. Noel thinks the Collection Piece power wasn’t used correctly. But he thinks they can jog his memory somehow.

Tsukasa shows him a photo of the Lups and they begin the recaps. Noel thinks there are more photos scattered around so Tsukasa and Sakuya go out to look.

Noel notices Keiichiro seems to be reacting to the Lupinranger photo. He heads over to Jurer where the Lups also find a photo of them. He asks if they can help return Keiichiro’s memories, but they refuse. They say it would be easier for them if Keiichiro is out of the picture, so to speak, for good.

Noel says there’s a reason he is both a cop and kaitou and that they can be mutually beneficial to each other. So it’s a shame that the Lups don’t feel the need to help. Umika suggests Keiichiro mistreats women/is a creep.

Noel tries to explain that Keiichiro sincerely wants to protect the peace of Japan. But the Lups insist that he is an annoying jerk. Noel says he will leave the decision up to them.

Keiichiro manages to escape from HQ and engages Podamans downtown. He pulls out his blaster and seems to begin remembering things. The Lups arrive to take credit for his memories starting to return.

The photos return back into Keiichiro’s head as his memories are fully back.

Tooma swipes the Collection Piece as Keiichiro manages to attach the Crane VS Vehicle onto his arm. He finishes off the safehead Podaman with a Strong Destruction Break.

Good Striker flies in, but wonders why there’s no embiggened monster. He does his own recap and puts on a wig and makeup.

Later that night, the Lups and Pats attend Noel’s welcome party and enjoy the end of summer fireworks in yutakas.

Episode Thoughts

Welp. It was a recap episode. Must have been movie-filming week.

And honestly though, the flashbacks and the Lups reaction to Noel asking them to help return Keiichiro’s memory made them look selfish more than noble. Especially when the show made a pretty surprising choice to show the Pats in a much more positive light with the clips they chose. I would’ve expected more Patranger mocking, as has been the usual this season of course.

Also that strange line by Umika saying, depending on translation: “I dunno. I think he’s horrible towards women…” or “I dunno. I mean, he’s terrible with girls…”

WTF are you talking about? Neither translation makes any sense in any context.

When the Lups try to pretend that they didn’t actually intend to help Keiichiro when they showed up to fight the Podamans, you actually believe them because they would just go for their own purpose and not for any greater good-type of reason. That’s just how they’ve been written all season.

The only mildly enjoyable moments in this episode were Sakuya pulling Keiichiro-sempai into hugs all the time and Good Striker being random. Not to mention the fleeting reminder that Zamigo exists and still seems to be the most interesting character despite only showing up for maybe five minutes all season so far. The end of episode barbeque wasn’t even that fun either. Especially after Build‘s amazing barbeque a few weeks ago.

So a standard recap episode.

https://dryedmangoez.com/2018/09/01/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-29-photos-are-memories/feed/ 0 15696