Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.20 – "Damn girl, you are hot!"

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.20 – “My Fair Wesen”

“No longer a dark, gray bird, ugly and disagreeable to look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan.”

Grimm 320

Nick tells Juliette Trubel is a Grimm. She is not sure about letting her stay with them, but Nick says they need to help her. She has no idea what’s going on and it’s a lot to take in. They realize she’s gone… to the kitchen to stuff her face with Chinese food.

After dinner, they bring her to the guest room. Juliette hands her some fresh clothes, but she says she’s fine. But thank you for the food.

Across town, a group of women rob a fancy store. Creating a distraction by knocking over a mannequin, the women take bags and clothes and stuff them into their own bags like pros. But while three women manage to walk out unnoticed, the last woman is grabbed by the security guy. She scratches her face and runs off.

Grimm 320

The three women meet with Michael Graziadei who likes their haul, but they tell him they ran into some trouble. He doesn’t seem happy, but they head upstairs to have a nice family dinner. He leads grace when the fourth woman arrives home. He smiles and takes her into the other room to suck her face off.

Meanwhile, Renard brings Adalind to a hotel. She wants him to stay as she’s afraid of being alone.

Trubel has trubel sleeping. She gets up and leaves the house. But Nick is out on the porch. You want to sleep in a jail cell instead?

Trubel asks why he cares so much. Nick says they’re the same and they could help each other.

Grimm 320

Next morning, Nick calls Monroe and Rosalee and asks if they can help show Trubel that not all Wesen are bad. Nick and Hank bring Trubel over to their house.

Monroe and Rosalee nervously go through the basics which she apparently already knows. So it’s time to show that even when woged, they are still the same.

Grimm 320 Grimm 320

Trubel asks how they know she’s a Grimm and they tell her about the infinite horrifying darkness in her eyes when they woge. “Cool,” she says.

It’s so weird, Trubel says, since everyone used to tell to her she was crazy. But Rosalee says this is a new experience for all of them. And it should be helpful for everyone too.

“Not all Wesen are like us,” Rosalee says, “so you have to be careful.”

Nick gets the call after a couple’s dog finds the body of robber #4 in the park. Monroe and Rosalee aren’t really excited to have Trubel stay with them, so Nick and Hank will take her along. She can be a criminology student.

Nick tells Trubel to just keep it cool as Wu fills them in on the bloodless victim.

They go to look at the body. Puncture wounds all over.

“Gotta be Wesen!”

Grimm 320

“Who’s Wesen?” Wu asks.

They head to the trailer to find more info.

Meanwhile, Michael Graziadei is trying to ease the concerns of the three remaining members of their “family” and asks one of them to find a replacement for their bloodless friend.

Nick, Hank and Trubel find that they’re dealing with a Lebensauger. Wu calls them to say the victim is an 18 year old with a juvenile record and last lived at a halfway house.

Trubel stops. She sees pages on a Siegbarste. This is what killed her foster parents. She ran away because of the monster that killed them. Nick sees she’s very emotional and offers to take her home, but she says she’s done running.

Grimm 320

Adalind goes to a storage unit with all her mother’s things. She just met with her mother’s lawyer who says all her net worth is gone. So Adalind hopes she can find something here.

Nick and Hank heads to the halfway house to find info on the dead girl. They talk to her former roommate, who Trubel sees woge. The roommate says nothing of importance.

Trubel tells them she saw her woge and the victim must have confided in someone and worked somewhere to get designer clothes. Hank is about to drive off, but Trubel runs out of the car and corners the roommate who woges from fear.

Trubel gets her to admit the victim had a job lined up that included fancy clothes without being a hooker and met with a “Donna” downtown. Nick and Hank tell Renard about staking out the Square to see if this heist ring will recruit a new street girl.

Grimm 320

Outside, Wu asks Trubel is doing on the ride along and they have a silent understanding that murder scenes are not as bad as horrible nightmares (ASWANG FLASHBACK!).

Adalind is still in the storage locker and finds a book. “This better be it,” she says. She tries to open it, but it’s stuck.

“Oh COME on! OPEN damn it!”

She hurls it through a mirror.

At the Square, Nick, Hank and Trubel have some food while waiting. They see a woman who seems to be scoping out the young girls. Nick and Hank say they have to wait for her to make a move, but Trubel can’t wait.

She grabs some change from the front seat and puts in her empty drink cup. She starts asking the people in the square for money like she’s a beggar. Then she comes up to the woman who checks her out and thinks she’d make a good replacement.

Nick and Hank hurry out of the car to chase after Trubel and the woman who eventually get into a car and drive off.

The woman takes Trubel to Michael Graziadei… Ken. They walk into their makeshift home and Ken welcomes her.

He tells her to make herself at home and hands her a pretty new dress.

The other girls give her a makeover while she asks them about Ken and how good their cut is from their work. They tell Trubel not to talk like that around Ken.

Grimm 320

“Damn girl, you are hot.”

Trubel’s makeover is done and Ken likes it. He asks her to walk for him. She’ll need practice, but Ken thinks she’ll be great.

Nick and Hank head to the apartment of the owner of the car (the woman who picks Trubel up). They find two utility bills, one for the apartment and one for another place.

At that other place, Trubel says she has to go get her stuff and come back. Ken becomes very suspicious. Why would she ever want to leave this place? Leave this new family?

Ken grabs Trubel’s hand and takes her into his room. New girls spend their first night with me, he says.

Once inside the other room, she hits his face and he woges. A GRIMM!

Grimm 320

She knees him in balls and runs out, telling the other girls to run. The two girls hide behind the bed, but the first woman doesn’t. She and Ken are both Lebensaugers.

“Oh crap.”

Nick and Hank arrive at the warehouse. Hank drives the car into the aluminum door and they hurry in as Trubel tries to fight the Lebensaugers off. She’s good.

Grimm 320

She grabs a knife from her shoe and stabs the woman in the neck while Nick shoots Ken dead.

Adalind uses a piece of broken mirror to try and rip open the book. But she rips her hand open instead.

Suddenly, her blood dripping on the book snaps it open.

Grimm 320

Back home, Nick tells Juliette that “She’s going to get herself killed.”

Trubel knocks on the door. She admits she messed up. She is just not used to being the hunter. That’s why she needs more help, if Nick is still willing.

Why don’t we talk about it in the morning, Nick says.

Grimm 320

Trubel is in her bed drawing a picture of the Lebensauger and taking her own notes.

Meanwhile, an old man is coughing. And he has a KEY!

Grimm 320

Episode Thoughts
Very nice episode. It was a lot of fun and I think they did a great job of easing Trubel into the thick of things. Her intro last week was okay, but I think we got a much better look at what she can bring to the show this week.

Definitely loved seeing her starting her own Grimm notebook. And that fight she had with the Lebensaugers was one of the best the show has ever had, I think.

It was also awesome to see Michael Graziadei on the show.

It’s hard to think there’s only 2 more episodes. But I’m sure next week will really ramp up the insanity. I hope they definitely deliver on that “epic” finale promise.

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