Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.21 – "I'm doing what I have to do."

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.21 – The Inheritance

“‘No,’ said the King. I’d rather die than place you in such great danger as you must meet with in your journey.”

Grimm 321

Monroe and Rosalee are at Nick’s for dinner. The wedding is on Saturday and everything’s almost ready. Juliette goes upstairs to call Trubel for dinner. She really loves spaghetti.

Rosalee tries to make small talk and asks about Trubel’s first time seeing a Wesen. It was when she was almost raped by one when she was younger. It was also the first time hearing someone call her a Grimm. She’s been called crazy a lot.

Outside, there’s a man watching the house. He calls and asks for Nck, making sure he is the detective Nick Burkhardt.

Grimm 321

The guy returns to the hotel, watched by FBI agent Steward. A suited man joins him in the elevator and says maintenance has been in room fixing the cable for three hours. The suited man hopes guy doesn’t have the same problem either.

Guy gets inside. His father has been anxiously waiting, but the guy says he didn’t even talk to Nick. You don’t understand, father says. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. It’s the guy from the elevator who now attacks son. Father grabs a sword from his trunk and sticks it right through the suited Wesen’s stomach.

Father is trying to explain that he was being followed if this man was with him earlier. He might be Verrat and when father checks the Wesen’s palm, there’s the tattoo. Son seems to think his father is crazy, not believing anything about Wesens or Verrats.

Grimm 321

Father and son leave the hotel and Steward, finally woge-ing, heads up to see his Verrat comrade dead.

Father tells son they need to find a place to stay until they can meet Nick. Son says what they’re doing is crazy. Father says okay, fine it might be crazy, but he’s dying. If this is what he wants to do with the last days of his life, what does he care?

They pull into an abandoned gas station and father tells son to get their stuff from the car.

Next morning, Juliette chats with Trubel. She asks about the chess piece and Trubel says she just likes the way it moves. How about the Queen? Oh, I like the Queen, Trubel says. It saved her life when she stuck it in a Coyotl.

Juliette says she’ll treat Trubel to shopping for new clothes after work. I don’t think that’s a good idea, Trubel says, “I don’t want to get used to this.”

Grimm 321

Across town, Renard wakes up in bed after a night with Adalind. He hears her talking to someone in the living room. She wants to know what time Dr. Juliette will be in, but quickly hangs up when she realizes Sean is out of the bedroom.

He’s still naked. So she gets naked and heads back to bed. But Renard knows something is up.

Father tells son to go get Nick Burkhardt and to bring him here. He rips a page out of a book from the trunk, it has a Wesen on it. If son shows that to Nick, he’ll come.

Meanwhile at the tea shop, Rosalee is very stressed. She worried about the wedding and something bad possibly happening.

At the station, Renard asks Wu to keep eyes on Adalind at the hotel. He then asks Nick and Hank into his office to show them photos from the dead Verrat from last night. Only, this one is a special Verrat, part of a section that is tasked with finding rare objects, the occult and the supernatural.

The room was registered under Roleck Porter and they know he has been traveling with his son Josh. Renard wants to find the father and son before the cops on the case do. And knowing that the Verrat never send only one person, they see that Steward was at the hotel, so Renard wants to find him as well.

Grimm 321

Back home, Josh knocks on the door. Trubel peeks through the window and Josh explains he needs to see Nick and he has a drawing his father wanted to show him. Trubel asks to see it and recognizes it as a Jundjager. She tells him to wait outside while she calls Nick.

But Nick’s still in Renard’s office.

Trubel comes back outside and says Nick’s not answering. She clarifies that his father has apparently seen this thing and knows what a Grimm is. Josh wants to just leave, but Trubel insists on coming with to help.

Wu watches as Adalind leaves the hotel and gets into a cab. He reports to Renard.

Josh and Trubel arrive at the gas station and Roleck brings her inside to show her the contents of his trunk. He says he has to get this to Nick otherwise his son will destroy it all since he thinks he’s crazy.

Roleck grows weaker and Josh says he’ll bring him to the hospital. He says not to leave the trunk and Trubel says she won’t.

Adalind arrives at Nick’s house and uses a necklace of bones that turns into a key to get in. She takes one of Juliette’s nighties and her hair, but back downstairs, Renard grabs her arm.

What are you doing here? He grabs her bag and sees the stuff she’s got.

“I’m doing what I have to,” Adalind says and she uses her powers to send a vase flying toward Renard’s head.

At the hospital, Josh goes inside to get help. Roleck tells Trubel that if he dies, she has to get the trunk to Nick and to tell him that he has a key. Josh gives Trubel the keys to the car and asks her to park it.

Inside, Josh gets a call from a guy saying it’s the Portland police department and that there’s a witness who can vouch for his father acting in self defense and they need to meet. But it’s actually Verrat FBI agent Steward.

Trubel calls Nick and fills him in on everything. Realizing it’s the same Roleck and Josh they’ve been looking for, Nick and Hank hurry over to the hospital. Hank stays with the car and the trunk inside.

Grimm 321

Trubel brings Nick to meet Roleck. He is much weaker now, but he tells Nick he has to give him something. Something his father gave him.

“I couldn’t do what they did, what you do.”

Roleck says he killed the Verrat and to not arrest his son. But Josh says it’s okay since the detective called and they know it was in self defense. Nick asks who the detective was and it isn’t either of the guys Renard said was on the case. Uh oh.

“I have to give you the key. I promised my father I would protect it. And I would pass it on.”

Josh is not a Grimm, so Roleck had to find someone else. Nick was the only one he could find. Roleck asks Josh to hand him his cane, but then he goes into cardiac arrest.

The doctors and nurses hurry in. Nick tells Josh not to let the detective into the hospital room. He and Trubel leave to go to the car, but Hank calls when he sees three guys peeking into the car.

Nick tells Trubel to stay inside, he doesn’t want the Verrat knowing what she is. But she follows anyway. Hank tells the three Verrat to drop their weapons and get on the ground, but Steward tries to run him over.

Hank gets out of the way and now it’s a brawl between Nick, Hank, Trubel and the Verrat.

Steward drives off and the Verrat are sprawled all over the parking lot. Nick tells Trubel to drive the car home and Hank takes care of the bodies.

Grimm 321

Nick heads back inside. Roleck has died. He tells Josh that he can help explain things, so take care of what he needs to care of here at the hospital and Nick will send a cop car to pick him up.

“What kind of cop are you?”
“I get asked that a lot.”

Renard calls Wu and tells him to find Adalind.

Grimm 321

Back at the house, they all search through the stuff in Roleck’s trunk (and it’s awesome stuff), but they find no key. Trubel remembers Roleck was asking for his cane before he died. Josh says it’s a cane that’s been handed down in the family. Nick snaps the handle off and Hank uses it to unlock a secret compartment inside.

Grimm 321

There’s the key.

They go to the tea shop where Nick has kept his own key and the first print he made of it in the floorboards. He adds the map from the two sides of the new key.

Grimm 321

Meanwhile, Adalind is boiling some kind of potion. She places a witch’s hat over the pot and green steam comes out of the top, which she inhales. She goes to the mirror and she woges…

Grimm 321

… into Juliette!

Episode Thoughts
Okay. Now it’s really time for the finale. I know the show will definitely have a big cliffhanger (with a witty comment) next week, but I have no idea what else to expect. There’s no season-long arc that needs wrapping up since we’ve already taken care of Adalind’s baby.

So getting the new key, Adalind posing as Juliette and the big wedding should present some interesting possibilities. I can’t wait to see Bitsie Tulloch be all Adalind-y.

Trubel was even more awesome this week. I am loving how she’s gotten better and better each week. That outright brawl in the parking lot was amazing.

Looking forward to the finale next week. I hope they don’t disappoint!

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