Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 27 – When You Know the Truth

Gaim 27

Kota falls unconscious. Micchi hops down, ready to fire the final shots to finish him off. But Kaito stops him. What the hell are you doing? Why did you turn on Kota?

None of your business, Micchi says. But if he’s not stopped now, Kota will only continue to get in Kaito’s way too. He’d also benefit from them finishing Kota off now.

He may be a pest, Kaito says, but Kota is not his enemy. His enemy are those who shoot the strong in the back!

Gaim 27

Kaito takes Micchi by surprise, knocks him aside and drives him away. Kaito de-henshins.

“A fool like you probably has no idea why someone would hate you.”

Kota later wakes up after falling from a tree being covered in Helheim vines.

Gaim 27

At the Garage, Mai asks Micchi if he’s made up with Kota yet. Yeah, Micchi says, and apologies for making her worry.

That’s good, Mai replies. She was shocked to see Micchi act so out of character. So what would be “in character” for Micchi, he asks. Mai is amused that Micchi also isn’t sure of himself sometimes. He always seems so mature, like he knows everything.

“Of course not.”

Gaim 27

At Yggdrasill, Takatora is taking a shower when he suddenly feels a pain on his shoulder. He touches a huge scar and flashes back.

The preliminary tests for the Driver prototypes. Takatora is the test subject. Ryoma leads a team as they observe the transformation and its effects. Suddenly, the Lock Seed powers up to dangerous levels. Ryoma orders the scientists to force eject the Lock Seed, but the connection does not allow it.

Gaim 27

Ryoma runs over to Takatora, who is now writhing on the ground, and yanks the Lock Seed off. Takatora de-henshins and Ryoma holds him in his arms, trying to get him to wake up.

“This pain is nothing compared to the sin I must bear in the future.”

Ryoma is in his bright, circle office as he reminisces about the previous prototypes. They’ve come a long way, he thinks to himself.

Ryoma flashes back too. Takatora is a hospital bed, but is up and working. You can work when you’re back at your desk, Ryoma says. The Helheim exploration team has a strange report and he hopes to get Takatora’s opinion on it when he’s fully recovered.

Gaim 27

Ryoma apologizes for Takatora getting hurt from his incomplete research. But Takatora says Ryoma’s talent is their final hope. He does not mind risking his life for it as he went into this knowing the dangers.

So if you’re willing to sacrifice yourself to save the world, the world should at least return the favor, Ryoma says. He tells Takatora that he is convinced Helheim is not just a disaster waiting to happen, but that it holds the secret to evolution, humanity’s next stage. Or maybe it will even lead them to godhood, perhaps.

The world Helheim will bring will require a new world order, Ryoma suggests, and that’ll require a great power that they need to…

Takatora tells Ryoma to focus on mass production of the Driver, to focus on producing as many Drivers as soon as possible to save as many lives as possible.

But I created the Driver for your sake! Ryoma argues. Yes, Takatora says, so he could save humanity.

Gaim 27

Ryoma leaves the room. Yoko waits outside with the analysis of a photo, the photo of one of the Overlords. I will personally handle this, Ryoma says. He tells her not to report this to their superiors, including Takatora.

I thought he would understand our goals, Ryoma says, but he turned out to be a unambitious bore.

Back to the present. Takatora visits Ryoma’s bright, circle office. Ryoma asks about the progress of Project Ark. It’s going well, Takatora relates, their international subsidiaries are entering phase two of production.

Gaim 27

Takatora asks, Is there no way we can increase production of the Drivers…

Gaim 27

“Nope,” Ryoma answers quickly.

Back in Helheim, Kota picks a fruit off a tree, turning it into a Lock Seed. Ryoma was right, Kota says, attaching fresh Lock Seeds to his belt keeps him from getting hungry. He packed food for no reason then.

Suddnely, Kota sees someone walking up. It’s Oren. He’s lost and hungry.

Gaim 27

Oren sits in the shade of a tree with Lock Seeds on it. He picks a fruit from the vine and opens it up. It’s very pretty. He’s about to take a bite… NON!

He remembers basic survival training. Don’t eat unfamiliar plants and animals.

Gaim 27

Kota approaches. Oren is surprised.

You entered through a Crack and got trapped here, didn’t you? Kota smiles.
Absurd! Oren replies, Do you think I’d be stupid enough to do that!?

Oren’s stomach growls. Kota decides to share some of his onigiri. Oren’s mouth waters, but wait! What does Kota want in return? What kind of contract is this? Onigiri in exchange for the services of a professional?

Kota has no idea what he’s talking about, so he turns to leave. But Oren jumps on him.

Gaim 27

Elsewhere, an Yggdrasill research team gets attacked by the Red Overlord who demands to know where he can find Kaito. Green Overlord joins him, but does not fight even though Red Overlord seems very hot blooded.

Red Overlord storms off as Green Overlord is intrigued by the Driver he picks up from the dead researcher.

Ryoma says even if they increase production, there’s a limit to the rare metals they need.

The alarm sounds and Takatora is told about an emergency call from the team in Helheim. Takatora says he’ll join the Kurokages to help.

Takatora runs off as Yoko and Sid walk in to join Ryoma.

Gaim 27

Oren munches on the onigiri. Kota says they’ll have to ask Yggdrasill to let Oren back into their world through the Big Crack. Oren perks up. That means he might see his beautiful white melon prince.

Kota still doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Oren thinks Kota also is enamored by the pretty melon and grabs him into a headlock. “I won’t let you have him!”

Suddenly, they hear the screams from the base camp.

Gaim 27

The regular Inves are rampaging at the camp, tossing around the scientists and the Kurokages. Takatora jumps in to help out and tells the people to focus on getting to safety instead of protecting the equipment.

The Red Overlord jumps in and fights Takatora. This is his first time seeing such a creature and is even more shocked when it can speak Japanese. Red Overlord insists on finding Kaito.

Kota takes on Red Overlord and Oren jumps in to make sure his pretty melon prince is okay. He seems even yummier now than before!

Gaim 27

You again, Red Overlord says. Kota asks him to please cool his head. “I apologize for what my friend did.”

But Red Overlord wants none of that. In fact, he’s insulted.

You and Kaito are so alike then! Kota says. Takatora joins Kota and knocks the Red Overlord aside. What is going on here!? Takatora asks.

Kota explains.

Fine, if you don’t want to tell me, Red Overlord says, then you monkeys can just die. “We femshinmuto are on a totally different level than you!”

Gaim 27

Takatora gets the gist of things and he and Kota face off against the Red Overlord. He tells Kota to continue fighting the Overlord until it loses the will to fight, then they can restrain him. “It’s not too late to talk to them,” Takatora says.

The Overlord manages to hold them both off even when absorbing some of their hits. But the Overlord controls the trees to get the upper hand. He sends a huge fireball towards Kota and Takatora. Kota gets slammed into a tree.

The Kurokages thank Oren for helping them when he sees the Red Overlord sending a final ball toward his prince. Oren stands in the path of the fireball and absorbs the impact.

“JE T’AIME!!!!!!!!”

Gaim 27

The impact forces Oren to de-henshin and fall to the ground. Takatora takes him in his arms. That was reckless, Takatora says. No, Oren says, it was sincere. “I’m finally in your arms.”

Gaim 27

Oren loses consciousness. Kota struggles to get up. But suddenly, Red Overlord, Demushu, hears a voice. His head feels like it’s about to split open.

A White Overlord speaks to him. Reshuo! Red Overlord, in obvious pain, suddenly speeds off.

Takatora tells Kota they must go after it. Takatora hurls Oren into the Big Crack.

Gaim 27

Meanwhile, Ryoma processes this new development. He says he didn’t expect the Overlords to attack them. Isn’t this bad, Sid says, soon Takatora will catch an Overlord.

Kota and Takatora are on the trail. An intelligent lifeform besides humans, Takatora says, looks like we screwed up first contact.

Kota says it’s too soon to give up, they’ve only just met.
If we can negotiate with the rulers of this forest, Takatora says, humanity’s survival rate will drastically increase.

Gaim 27

“I’m glad you believed me,” Kota says.
“I’m Takatora,” he replies. “I know it’s late for introductions, but at least I was able to before thanking you. I’m glad there’s an option besides giving in to despair.”

Kota goes to hold out his hand. Takatora takes it and they shake.

Gaim 27

Takatora spots Demushu creepin in the bushes. They henshin.

But also lurking around is Sid, also henshined. He attacks Kota, but Takatora tells him to stop.

Why, Sid asks, didn’t you tell me to kill him before? Takatora gets in between them and tells Kota to go after the Overlord.

Takatora shoves Sid aside and they both de-henshin. What are you doing, Sid asks.

Takatora says the situation has changed and asks Sid to listen. Sid just smirks.

Kota heads into the caves.

Back at Yggdrasill, Ryoma tells Yoko that he knew this time would come. “It’s time to put the wounded, tired soldier to rest.”

Gaim 27

Episode Thoughts
Yes, finally. We’re back with the good stuff.

It was very interesting to see those flashbacks. We get a little bit clearer picture at where both Takatora and Ryoma are coming from. It helps set-up the ending of the episode too. Takatora seems to truly want to save humanity while Ryoma has a much bigger and less noble agenda.

Oren was actually very fun this episode. And I think that’s in part to him finally getting sort of clued in to what’s really happening. What was interesting about all of that was it seemed to match up well with Ryoma’s own feelings toward Takatora in those flashbacks. It seems Ryoma does have a genuine admiration for Takatora. Or had, at least. But when Takatora didn’t share his grand ambitions, Ryoma decided to go at it himself. And that certainly leads into the next episode with Duke popping up again.

I’m kinda sad we got so little of Micchi, that little asshole. But I loved that scene of him and Mai. Micchi either seems to not know who or what he is (that schitzo little jerk) or he’s got the grandest ambitions of them all. The jump though from Micchi merely being a lovesick puppy to him seconds away from cold blooded murder is kinda wobbly though. Yes, he’s a sonuvabitch, but I think we needed a little more development to believe he’d be ready to shoot Kota dead. A little more of Micchi’s bitch faces and getting slapped and glaring maybe.

But it was fun to see Kaito knocking Micchi around like that. lol

So I’ve watched both the non-translated and translated Overlord lines and knowing what the Overlords are actually saying does reveal so much. Not the least of which being their names. But also, you get the clearer picture of them really being on the same intellectual level as humans. When they’re just speaking in gibberish, you kinda think of them as just animals. But when you know what they are talking about, it makes them even that much more scary and imposing. Both experiences are good while watching the episodes, but I think they’d be two very different experiences.

Anyway, a great episode. Loving getting back to mythology-heavy episodes. And the onigiri reminding me of last week’s ToQger episode and all the talk of final hopes and despairs (Haruto, they really do need you!) also added to my enjoyement of the ep.

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