Grimm Season 4 Random Thoughts

Last season, I fell far behind with watching my favorite American dramas Supernatural and Grimm, partly because of my daily recapping of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2. (But mostly because of real grown up life. *sigh*) =D Anyway, I was able to binge on both series during my family’s May vacation to the Philippines. And while I wasn’t able to fully recap either series last season, I did take some notes of things I found particularly interesting or moments I loved.

With Halloween a day away and season 5 of Grimm premiering tonight, here are my random notes for season 4’s episodes. Looking back now, I almost don’t even understand or remember what I was writing about. (lol) But my overall sentiment with the developments of the crazy season at the end, I still feel very strongly about going into the season 5 premiere. SEASON 5!!! Can you believe it?!

-Episode 3 was the first one of the season I really enjoyed. It was awesome seeing Arlen Escarpeta guest starring (Hello American Dreams!). But the story itself was one of the better ones I’ve remembered. It’s refreshing to see Wesen who aren’t killed off at the end of the episode. And this intriguing case of the week had a wonderfully different dynamic than most.

-Episode 4 was maybe one of the most hilariously random episodes of Grimm ever. Adalind in Wonderland was a fun, trippy experience. The faces in the walls were awesome. Very Harry Potter-like..

-It was great seeing more about mixed marriages and that KKK-type storyline as well. It was a creative way to work in themes about racism and maybe same-sex marriage.

-Trubel had a great run and it was good to bring Josh back as well.

-Episodes 3, 7 and 8 were the standouts in the first part of the season.

-It’s always great to see Bud and see him so often. He was awesome at the Tribunal.

-Maybe it was my binge watching, but it was interesting to see Grimm take big events and have them span several episodes. Like Monroe’s kidnapping here.

-Episode 10:
-I absolutely loved the scene of them tossing their badges into the back of Renard’s SUV including Juliette taking her gun out and tossing her bag in. So badass. Maybe one of the best scenes of Grimm ever.

-This was a great climax for Juliette becoming a hexenbeist as well as a great climax for Wu after his aswang experiences as well.

-The sheer violence of this episode was amazing!

-Juliette being a hexenbeist would’ve been awesome to watch live instead of being spoiled during the season. But it was still good. (I found out about it before actually seeing the episode.)

-Episode 12 started out very sad, but it kicked into high gear when we saw Juliette and the capabilities of her huge power.

-The Juliette-Adalind throw down in Episode 13 was INCREDIBLE!

-Episode 14 was a great episode that showed Grimm still has some creative juices as they showed the seedier side of the Wesen world.

-I like the mix of evil Wesen and Wesen who can’t help themselves from being violent and just want to be normal. (Episode 3 and 16)

-Episode 17 was the weirdest episode EVAH! That Hibernaculum orgy thing was so freaky and weird. So odd! Probably the strangest thing Grimm has ever done.

-Episode 18 was a fascinating episode. It was great to incorporate some Native American legend into the show.

-And finally…

I’m really sad and almost upset at Juliette and Mama Burkhardt dying so easily. I refuse to believe Mama Burkhardt would just die like that after being absolutely badass the entire time we’ve known her.

Juliette’s death (if she’s really dead and I have no clue about real behind the scenes drama or whatever) is incredibly disappointing because it just feels like an overdramatic reset button in response to declining ratings. Her becoming evil and heartless and without conscience felt so contrived. I guess it was easily passed off as being an effect of her transition into becoming a hexenbeist. But that’s just too convenient. Killing off Juliette does nothing but seemingly to help push along a Nick-Adalind endgame. Really now? They can still fold Adalind into the gang without needing to force Juliette into becoming an evil bitch.

For anyone who watched Kamen Rider Drive, this is a similar situation. The Japanese series twisted around Shijima Gou’s character to prop up another story. A character with lots of great potential on their own was instead used as a plot device and to prop less interesting characters up. That is very sad and disappointing.

It will be interesting to see what direction Grimm goes in for season 5. This reset button basically gives them a blank slate. But I will absolutely welcome Juliette and Mama Burkhardt being alive and well somewhere, no problem.

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