Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.20 – "There's no such thing as monsters."


A nice young couple is having dinner at a fancy restaurant. Ennis is about to propose to his girlfriend Tamara. He asks the maitre d if he could put the ring in a glass of champagne. The maitre d seems to mock him then ditches him to welcome Bryce Johnson, or Sal Lassiter, to the restaurant.

Ennis doesn’t take too kindly to being interrupted like this, but the big guy with Sal gets testy. Ennis sees a monstrous reflection of the guy in the mirror as Sal tells his buddy to calm down. The maitre d takes Sal and friend to a secret bar in the back, one that’s fill with vamps and other creatures.

Sean Faris walks in. A Julian, according to Sal. And a werewolf to Sal’s shape-shifter. They are not friends. They grapple, but it gets broken up before they fight.

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Is that all you got? Sal asks. “Oh, I got more. So much more,” Julian replies.

A little later, some hooded person short circuits the power box and it goes dark in the bar. They barge in and start slashing at every creature it comes across.

Outside, Ennis takes Tamara out of the restaurant. That place wasn’t them, he says. He takes her to a ferry stop. They met on a ferry in 5th grade. He takes out the engagement ring, but suddenly, Sal comes stumbling down the stairs, his stomach bleeding.

Ennis checks on Sal and tells Tamara to call 911.

“David, I’m sorry. I didn’t have a choice.”

The hooded person comes and knocks Tamara into a metal garage door, hitting her head. The person knocks Ennis aside and finishes off Sal.

Next day at a nearby university, David Lassiter, also a shapeshifter, sneaks into his professor’s office to steal the math final. But once outside, he gets a call from his sister Margo to tell him Sal, their brother, is dead.


Ennis is talking to detective Stephen Martines, insisting that he saw a monster with claws. Ennis grows angry and Detective says he’s just like his father, Nate Roth. A good cop who taught him everything he knew, but with a bad temper.

In walk the Bros who take over. Ennis tells them his story. “There’s no such thing as monsters,” the Bros say.

Detective Freddie talks to Margo. He’s on their payroll as an inside man to the underbelly of the city. He says the other families in the city are worried. But she tells him to make sure they back her as she is the head of this family now.

David arrives home, the first time in three years. He tries to calm his sister down, but she insists on retaliation.

She tells him that his ex, Violet, is getting married. Pimped out by her father to the New York wolves. David says if they’re not sure who did this, they should wait and find out. But Margo says it’s a sure thing. And why does he care so much, he left three years ago.

“You ran away to be a human. You always had a soft spot for them.”


She tells him to stay out of this.

Julian talks to a djinn when Violet walks in. She wants to talk She asks if he killed Sal. He didn’t, but he’s not going to tell Margo otherwise. That’s why he’s talking to the djinn to be on their side. There’s a war coming.

She tries to talk to him, but he pins her against the wall. She’s the “bitch” in this pack of wolves and all she has to do is be “pretty and silent.” War or no war, she doesn’t get a vote.

Ennis heads home and looks in a trunk full of his father’s stuff. He finds silver bullets and breaks into the backroom bar.


He hears someone coming and he goes to hide. It’s the maitre d who smells someone in the room. Ennis pops up and points his gun at him. The maitre d shows his fangs and Ennis shoots, but nothing happens. Just before the maitre vamp can finish Ennis off, the Bros arrive to chop off its head.

Dean says Ennis should run, but Ennis wants to know what’s going on. Sam explains.

“So what, you’re monster cops?”


Dean finds the cupboard full of blood and meat. Lots of meats. They realize this was a monster VIP club. They’re going to see the body, but Ennis wants to come with. Sam says he understands what Ennis is going through, but he tells him this is messed up stuff and he should just stay out of it or risk getting hurt too.

Ennis goes home and Detective Freddie comes to ask more about what happened. He seems more receptive to the idea of a “thing” instead of a human, but Ennis gets a strange feeling. He says Detective Freddie should stay and wait for his father who should be home soon. Hmm. Ennis takes his phone out and sees through the camera that Detective Freddie’s eyes are glowing.

Ennis leads Detective Freddie upstairs to show him his coat that got slashed, but actually goes to grab the gun with silver bullets. He aims the gun, but the guy shows his true identity. It’s David and he just wants to find out the truth as well.

“You’re a what?!”
“We shift… our shape. It’s kinda all there in the name.”

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You know what’s going on out there? Yeah, monsters, hunters, Ennis says. He’s got the basics.

David laughs. Ennis has no idea. David explains that Chicago is divided up between five monster families. They keep the peace since they want to keep a low profile. But now there’s a possibility of war.

David tosses the coat over Ennis’ head and runs.

David goes to see Violet. He wants to try and talk to Julian, but Violet says no. David notices Violet is different, she never resigned to following the ways of their families. In fact, she had been the one that proposed they run away together. To live as normal people. She set the date, time and location for them to meet those three years ago, but she never showed.


David tears up, but suddenly, the hooded person appears and pounces on him. The hooded person runs after Violet, but David jumps up and takes him on. The hooded person inserts his silver claws into David, but Ennis shoots at him and he runs off.

Sam and Dean, waiting outside, go to check on the commotion. They have David and Ennis hop in with them to fill them in. They track Violet’s cell phone. She’s now tied up.

Sam and Dean prepare to go into the warehouse. David thanks Ennis for helping him out back there and says sorry for losing his girlfriend. Ennis doesn’t want to hear it, but David says he’s trying to make things right here. Ennis softens and says he’s sorry about his brother too. Ennis tell him what Sal’s last words were, being sorry to David.

The hooded person shows up in front of Violet. He takes off his mask and says he’s just a man with some fun toys, like his silver claws.

He makes her look at the photos of his son on the board. Her brother and Sal ripped into the kid. Now he wants to start a war, freaks killing freaks. Do you understand how many people will die, Violet asks.
The Bros and Co. enter. David goes with Dean and Ennis goes with Sam.

David separates from Dean and ends up getting caught by the hooded father. As he sticks his silver claws into David, Violet starts to woge… er, transform into her werewolf-ness. She breaks free of her chains and attacks the man.

David hurries to stop her. The others arrive.

The hooded father looks up to Ennis, he apologizes about Tamara, but she was in the way. You understand, he says, they’re monsters.

“I only see one monster here.”


Ennis shoots the guy dead.

Next day, David tells Violet about Sal’s last words. She remembers Sal trying to convince her to bail on David. They need to keep their bloodlines pure. David can go straight if he wants to, but he’ll do it alone. If her family knew she’d run off with a shifter, Sal says, they’d come after his family.

“Sal, I love him.”
“I wish that mattered.”

She doesn’t tell David what she remembers.

She says she has to leave, but before she does, she kisses his face off.


Back at the shifter mansion, David goes to his sick father. You have to stop your sister, she wants war, father shifter says.

David heads downstairs and tells Margo about the real culprit. And that he’s coming back to the family.

Margo puts on a smile and says she’s been waiting for him to say that. They hug. She has other thoughts.


Sam and Dean drive Ennis home. Dean gets a call. They need to go. Castiel has a line on Metatron. But you want to leave!? This city is crawling with monsters, Sam says.

You’re leaving, Ennis says. Sam says they’ll can in some hunters to take care of it, but Ennis offers to do it himself. Sam repeats that he can’t get too deep into this. It’s too dangerous.

Sam and Dean speed off. But Ennis says he can’t walk away. This is his fight now. A war. He returns to the warehouse to look at the hooded man’s info on his dead son.

He gets a call.


“What are you doing? If you start hunting, the monster will kill you!”

Episode Thoughts
Well that was a nice little episode. But as a backdoor pilot, it definitely did not pique my interest enough. I actually can’t even see how interesting a whole series about this would be.

Sure, Chicago is full of monsters (just ask any political pundit). But there wasn’t much in this episode to really make you feel like there can be 22 episodes of good story.

It really lacked a lot of oomph. Though it was fine as a regular Supernatural episode. So if the CW were to pick it up (and it’s looking almost like a lock), I don’t know if I’d be following the show.

I still say a “Charlie’s Adventures in Oz” or a “Supernatural: Sioux Falls” with Sheriff Jody are better spin-off ideas. But if this episode was a taste of what would come, it was very bland and derivative.

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