Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.22 – "Is this the most wonderful day or what!?"

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.22 – Blond Ambition

“Turn back, turn back, thou pretty bride, within this house thou must not abide. For here do evil things betide.”

Grimm 322

The Gang is at the Zimmer Mountain Lodge for the wedding rehearsal. The judge who’ll preside over the wedding wonders if Nick will be wearing those sunglasses tomorrow. Everyone (Monroe, Rosalee, Juliette, DeEetta, Rosalee’s mom, Monroe’s parents, Hank and Bud) says yes, he will.

Grimm 322

It’s the rehearsal dinner and it’s time for toasts. Monroe’s father apologizes for his bullheadedness when he first met everyone. But now he’s toasting to a long and happy life for Monroe and Rosalee. Juliette speaks for herself and Hank as the Kehrseites in the audience that it’s been a wonderful and strange experience getting to know everyone.

Grimm 322

Meanwhile, Renard tells Wu to continue looking for Adalind who is still holed up at the storage facility becoming Juliette. Later, Adaliette knocks on Renard’s door wanting to speak with him and “Adalind.”

Adaliette says she’s concerned about Adalind’s being so sad about her baby and everything. But more importantly, she thinks she still has feelings for Renard since their ordeal. She kisses him, but feels the vapors wearing off so she runs out.

Monroe and Rosalee’s families are back home. DeEtta wants more drink. The moms go to bed early. And Monroe wants to tell his father how much he appreciated what he said earlier at dinner.

Grimm 322

Nick and Juliette get home to find Trubel burning bacon. She was hoping to cook them bacon and eggs for breakfast, but she couldn’t get past the bacon. Juliette says she can never get past the bacon either, she loves it.

Juliette answers the phone and it’s Adalind. She’s calling to be a good friend and warn her that she thinks Renard’s obsession with her is returning. She feels responsible for it and offers to make a potion. Juliette wants no potion. Okay, Adalind says, thought I should let you know.

Juliette is not happy with the idea. At all.

Grimm 322

Crash! DeEtta is absolutely drunk and she absolutely ruined the wedding dress. She doesn’t want Rosalee wearing it since it’s bad luck. DeEtta wore it to both her weddings and they both ended up in divorce.

Grimm 322

Next morning, the parents go with Rosalee to the wedding dress shop, which doesn’t open for another hour, and point to the dress in the window. $7200. That’s too expensive, Rosalee says. Monroe’s dad says it’s not too expensive for them.

DeEtta wakes up and realizing what she’s done, apologizes profusely to Monroe. But truthfully, he and Rosalee hated that dress.

Grimm 322

Renard calls Juliette to tell her while he is fond of her, they can’t do this again. Juliette has no idea what he’s talking about. Renard scoffs at her denying they met last night. Juliette hangs up.

“What the hell?!”

Wu tells Renard about the storage locker registered to Adalind’s mother.

Grimm 322

Across town, Nick and Trubel are moving Aunt Marie’s trailer. Nick tells her about his Aunt Marie and his parents as they park the trailer in the woods.

Adalind calls Juliette and asks if Renard’s given her any trouble. Yes he did! You were right!!! Oh dear. Adalind says she’s got the potion all ready. It’s kind of like a pepper spray, but for his crotch. Can she bring it over now?

No, Juliette says. This is Adalind’s fault, so she deal with it. Besides, she’s busy and has to go out.

All part of Adalind’s plan and she henshins into Adaliette again.

Grimm 322

Renard gets to the storage locker. He sees the witch’s hat and realizes what’s happening.

Nick and Trubel are sorting through Roleck’s stuff and placing the items in their new home. Trubel asks, If you had a choice whether to be a Grimm or to live a normal life, what would Nick choose? Well, it hasn’t been easy.

“Better being a Grimm than being crazy,” Trubel says.

They head back home. Nick asks what Trubel wants for dinner. She says she appreciates all they’ve done for her, but she can’t keep living off them. Nick says she can until she knows what she needs to know.

Do you know what you need to know? she asks. I’m working on it, Nick says,
“and like I said, I like having another Grimm around.” Even so, Trubel says, at some point… she just can’t keep living here.

Grimm 322

She heads up to her room.

Nick does too. And there waiting is Adaliette. In a nightie. And she’s horny.

Renard reads through the spell. “Oh you bitch.”

Nick and Adaliette are done having sex. Nick wants more, but that’s enough Adaliette says. Nick goes to take a shower and Adaliette hurries downstairs.

Grimm 322

Trubel gets ready to eat an apple and jokes to “Juliette” about cooking bacon again. Adaliette says she hates bacon and hurries out the door. Trubel is suspicious and decides to follow.

Renard is calling Nick, but he’s still in the shower. He decides to take a bottle of the green potion in the cauldron.

Grimm 322

Trubel sees Adaliette hop into a cab and as it drives off, she sees Adalind’s face.

The real Juliette arrives back home after getting her hair did. Nick likes it but is surprised she was able to do it so fast. Uh, okay. Nick’s already changed so he heads downstairs. Juliette notices the nightie on the floor and the sexed up bed.

Trubel gets back home just as Nick and Juliette are getting into the car. How strange.

Grimm 322

In the car, Juliette is not happy. Nick is being sweet with her, but she wants none of it. What happened in their room? We just made love, Nick says. Juliette can’t believe it. How stupid can you be to do that in our own home, Juliette says.

Okay, it was someone who looked and sounded like you who just so happened to be in their home, Nick says. That was not me, Juliette insists.

Then Juliette realizes. Adalind. She called earlier wanting to come over.

Renard gets to Nick’s house. Trubel opens the door. She tells him Nick and Juliette are off to the wedding. He asks if Adalind’s been here, blonde hair, pretty? Trubel relates what she saw earlier, how weird it all was.

Grimm 322

Is Nick in trouble? she asks. Renard takes out the bottle of potion and says Nick has to drink it. He asks where the wedding is and Trubel gives him the invitation. She wants to come with, but Renard says he’ll handle this.

But as soon as Renard steps outside, three gunshots right to the chest. It’s FBI Verrat Steward. He shoots at Trubel who runs upstairs.

Grimm 322

Nick and Juliette get to the lodge. They haven’t talked since earlier. Nick says this is so screwed up. Yeah, Juliette says. All because of what Nick is. How their life’s been infected by all this stuff, she can’t take it anymore. Nick says he was about to propose to her, the ring all ready.

Before they can talk further, Bud excitedly comes up to them.

Grimm 322

“Is this the most wonderful day or what!?”

Grimm 322

Back at home, Steward breaks into Trubel’s room. He puts his gun away and wants to have some fun with her. He woges, but he sees she’s a Grimm. She fights him off and kicks him into the hallway where she slices his head off. It tumbles down the stairs and she hurries down after it to check on Renard and call 911.

She takes Renard’s keys, the bottle and invitation and hurries.

Grimm 322

Nick’s forgotten his sunglasses. Monroe’s dad offers up his prescription ones. Time for the wedding.

Trubel hurries as the wedding begins. Rosalee walks down the stairs and Hank will walk her down the aisle.

Grimm 322

Monroe and Rosalee tell their love story. Back at the house, Wu is overseeing the medics taking Renard to the ambulance. Franco wants to show him the scene inside. Severed head, machete, FBI agent with a passport under a different name. Don’t you think a lot of weird stuff happens in Nick’s house?

Franco goes to call the FBI and Wu tries to contact Nick. He looks through the books on Trubel’s bed and turns the page to see a picture of a Lausenschlange which immediately reminds him of the Aswang.

Grimm 322

Monroe and Rosalee exchange rings and say their vows. Renard is being treated in the ambulance. Adalind has a passport and packs her things from the storage locker.

The judge pronounces Monroe and Rosalee husband and wife. They kiss. The crowd woges from excitement. Trubel arrives.

The judge is about to introduce “Mr. and Mrs…”

Grimm 322

Trubel runs in. “Oh God.” Most of the room woges. “SHE’S A GRIMM!!!!!!!!!”

Grimm 322

The room goes crazy. Trubel tries to tell Nick he has to drink the bottle. But the crowd gets at Trubel and knocks the bottle to the floor.

Grimm 322

Oh crap. Nick tries to get to Trubel. His sunglasses get knocked off his face, but he looks at the Wesen, all he sees is people. Trubel tries to tell him they’re Wesen. Hank helps get them out of the room. Monroe, Juliette and Rosalee join them as the parents try to get everyone to calm down.

How do they know she was a Grimm? Nick asks. What are you talking about, they were all woged when she walked in. No they weren’t, Nick says. He didn’t see it.

Grimm 322

Monroe woges and looks into Nick’s eyes. They’re normal.

“Oh my God. You’re not a Grimm anymore!”

Grimm 322

Trubel explains he was supposed to drink the stuff in the bottle, his captain came to the house and said Adalind did something. Then he got shot.

Monroe’ s father comes in and says they need to get out of here.

Grimm 322

Nick, Juliette, Hank and Trubel jump into Renard’s car and drive off.

Grimm 322 Grimm 322

Renard spits up blood. Adalind is on a plane, excited to finally see her baby. She still thinks Viktor has her.

“You really couldn’t see them?”

Grimm 322

Episode Thoughts
OoooooOOOH! I liked that!

This was a great season finale. Everything just happening. Craziness and insanity everywhere. I really liked it. Amazing episode.

I think it was no surprise that Adalind would return the favor by removing Nick’s Grimmness. Having sex with him though, that was a surprise. It was fun seeing Juliette’s different stages of disbelief this episode. Bitsie had a lot to do this episode and she was awesome.

Juxtuposing the wedding with all the craziness happening elsewhere was a very nice touch. As was seeing Bud pop up. Always great. Awesome seeing the Aswang pop up all the time in Wu’s head. And speaking of, great to see the whole cast in the finale too. Even Franco.

Really sad no little witty cliffhanger tease at the end of the episode. Come on now! That’s a Grimm trademark.

Anyway, it was a great finale to a very solid season. And it’s really awesome to see Grimm continue to get better and more exciting. Definitely looking forward to season 4. And that itself is amazing. Who would’ve thought we’d have a season 4 of Grimm when it first started?

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