Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.19 – "That's one badass woman!"

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.19 – “Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen”

“Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, nobody knows my sorrow.”

Grimm 319

FBI guy tries to shoot Renard after he spends his evening at the bar, but gets stopped by a bus.

Meanwhile, Adalind visits Nick and Juliette. She wants their help to get her baby back. Maybe find a way to get Mama B out of jail? Actually, she was released a few hours ago, Nick says. Then where is she? She left as soon as she was released. Then you have to find her! When she leaves, she doesn’t tell anyone where she is or going. Then YOU have to help me.

Adalind is frantic the entire time. Juliette tries to calm her down by basically saying, If the Royal have her, it’s over.

Grimm 319

That obviously does not calm Adalind down. She woges and says she is not giving up her baby. There’s nothing we can do, Nick says.

“Well, I’m not doing nothing.”

Adalind leaves. Nick thinks she’d be a horrible mother, but Juliette reluctantly feels sorry for her.

Meanwhile, there’s a woman walking down a dark road outside Portland. Focus in on the Knight chess piece hanging off her bag. This girl looks like trouble. (Har!)

A truck passes her and stops. She takes a deep breath and walks past. The two men come out of the truck after she ignores their offer for a ride. They grab her and throw her on the ground before dragging her into a clearing. The two guys woge. They go in. Blood splatters.

Across town, Adalind stops Renard as he enters his condo’s parking garage.

“You bastard! How could you do this!? I don’t want you to be sorry! I want my baby! Get her back!”

“I can’t,” Renard says, so Adalind woges and shoves him toward his car with great force. She slaps him.

“I hate you!”
“I know and I don’t blame you.”
“Help me.”
“I don’t know how.”
“Figure it out. Because one day I’ll stop crying.”

Next morning, Wu fills Nick and Hank in on the latest case. It’s the clearing from last night. But it’s not the woman that’s dead, it’s the two men.

Nick and Hank see the black Knight on the ground and Wu runs the guy’s fingerprints. Neither are model citizens.

Grimm 319

At Chez Monroe, Rosalee is really worried about what they did last night. It’s the Royals they’re messing with here. But Monroe says it’ll be fine.

More importantly, they need to recycle for Green is Universal Week!

But their recycling game is interrupted when Adalind knocks on their door. She tells them the horrible news and cries in Rosalee’s arms.

Nick and Hank visit one of the victim’s brothers who is naturally shocked to hear of his brother’s death. He woges and realizes Nick’s a Grimm. Nick and Hank tell him to calm down. The brother finds it very strange because no one would be able to take on his brother and his friend and live to tell about it… except for a Grimm.

The girl from last night wakes up in a SRO hotel. She’s got the guys’ wallets and money. And she’s got scars and marks all over her body too.

Monroe calls Nick and tells him about Adalind. Nick asks them to keep Adalind as long as they can. Monroe and Rosalee agree to keep her comfortable until they get rid of her. Rosalee gives Adalind some tea and says she should get some sleep.

Nick, Hank and Wu get to where the victims’ truck was dumped. Maybe the killer was a woman they picked up?

“That’s one badass woman.”

Hank finds a french fry on the floor and asks Wu to find out where it’s from.

Over in Austria, Viktor wants to know who the woman was with Renard and Nick. But Viktor’s got other things to worry about. His uncle, Eric and Sean’s father, King Frederick.

The King reminds Viktor that the child, his grandchild, must be raised within the walls of the castle. Otherwise, these walls “will one day fall.” And before that will ever happen, “bloody changes” will be made.

Grimm 319

King says he trusts Viktor will succeed.

At the station, Nick checks-in with Renard and tells him about Adalind. But Renard insists the best thing to do is let Adalind believe baby Diana is with the Royals.

Renard tells Nick about the FBI agent Steward and Nick tells him to watch his back.

Wu shows Nick and Hank surveillance footage of the burger place and they see the driver of the victims’ truck is a woman. Nick wonders what kind of young girl could go up against two powerful Wesen.

The girl is in a fancy shop trying on some shoes. She asks to try on some pants too and goes into the fitting room only to set a fire to distract everyone while she walks out with the shoes.

Another woman sees her and follows her. The girl puts sunglasses on. The following woman approaches and says she likes girl’s style, but now it’s time to hand over the shoes. The woman woges and tosses girl aside.

Grimm 319

But the girl can definitely hold her own against the Wesen. A runner passes and calls police, but the girl takes her knife and slashes at the Wesen with ease before running off.

Monroe puts a blanket on Adalind who is asleep on the couch. Nick and Hank knock on the door and they need Monroe’s help. They decide to go to the trailer to talk so as not to wake Adalind.

Monroe doesn’t know what kind of Wesen this girl could be. On the way to the trailer, they get the call about the new attack, but this time, the victim is still alive.

At the crime scene, Monroe stays in the car, but he smells something.

Nick watches as the EMTs try to save the victim, but she woges just before she dies to confirm she’s a Wesen to Nick.

Grimm 319

At Monroe’s, Adalind wakes up when there’s a knock on the door. She goes to open it and it’s Renard with a baby. Diana? Viktor!?

Nah, she’s just dreaming.

In the castle, Viktor tells Ruspoli to find out everything he can on Nick Burkhardt’s life. But suddenly, Adalind calls and Viktor accepts her call.

“Let’s see what the Hexenbitch wants.”

Adalind apologizes to Viktor. She asks for her baby. I’ll do anything, she says.
But Viktor just says he’ll think about it and hangs up. This might not be a bad thing.

Adalind woges again. “I’m done crying.”

Grimm 319

The girl gets back to the SRO hotel and the landlord says it’s past check out. She says she’s leaving, but the landlord sees her picture in the flyers passed out by the police.

Wu gets the call and Nick, Hank and Monroe head over. They see the girl leaving the hotel, so they box her in.

She tries to run, Monroe woges to stop her and he is shocked. Hank and Nick try to subdue her, but Monroe tries to get their attention.

“Nick! She’s a Grimm!”

They handcuff her and try to get her to calm down. She doesn’t seem to know what a Grimm is, but she’ll definitely kill ’em all if they don’t let her go.

They stuff her in the back of the car and she still tries to get away, but Nick smacks her upside the head.

They drive. Nick tries to tell the girl about Wesen and see what she knows, but she doesn’t want to talk.

Adalind calls Viktor again. He says he’s thought about it and he will let her see baby. But first, she should pay the Grimm back for having taken her powers. With the Grimm’s blood in her, he is vulnerable.

At the station, they find info on the girl. Theresa Rubel. And she’s definitely got a record. She was last at a psychiatric facility, probably because she thought she was crazy seeing all the monsters and not knowing she’s a Grimm.

Nick looks through her notebook. She’s drawn all the Wesen she’s seen.

Nick goes to her cell and lets her out. He wants to show her something. They head to the trailer.

She doesn’t want to go into a rape trailer with Nick and Monroe. Fine. Nick goes in to get a book to show her some of the same creatures she’s been drawing in her notebook.

“What is this?”
“This is the truth.”

Grimm 319

She runs into the trailer and is amazed. She looks through more books. Nick explains he sees all of this too, but he had someone to explain it to him. The things she would meet called her a “Grimm,” but she didn’t know what they meant.

She is emotional.

At the station, Adalind goes to see Renard.

She seems to have calmed down and while she doesn’t know if she can ever forgive him, at least she knows their baby is alive. She hugs him and lets out a devilish smile.

He takes he to his condo, but FBI agent is waiting outside.

Meanwhile, Juliette is plating some Chinese food when Nick brings home Theresa.

“So Theresa is staying for dinner?”
“Nobody calls me Theresa.”
“Uh huh, so what do they call you?”
“They call me Trubel.”

Grimm 319

Episode Thoughts
Nice meeting Trubel. Definitely a big introduction to her and I think a very nice way to introduce the other side of a Grimm finding out what they are. Not everyone has a Grimm family line I guess.

But now I see what that “How does a Wesen know I’m a Grimm?” talk was for. Clever.

Jacqueline Toboni seems perfect for the role. We see Trubel being a badass, but we also see a softer, conflicted side of her at the end. It definitely worked and she made a big impression. (She’s a St. Ignatius alum though. Ewe. GO IRISH! lol jk … But Go Irish!)

Very interesting to see the King for the first time.

And after feeling sorry for Adalind, we get her back to her old ways maybe at the end? But all for good reason though. You can understand she wants her baby back and will do anything for her.

A solid episode this week.

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