Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.18 – "Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we love most."

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.18 – “The Law of Sacrifice”

“The queen was terrified and offered the little man all the riches of the kingdom, if only he would leave the newborn child alone.”

Grimm 318

Renard and Adalind’s family time is interrupted by Nick arriving in the lobby.

“If he tries to take our baby, kill him.”

Ruspoli gives Prince Viktor an update. Adalind is in Portland. They call a Verrat contact who is an FBI agent and orders him to retrieve the baby unharmed… NOW.

An armed Renard meets Nick in the hallway outside his condo, but lets him in. Downstairs, Mama B sees the suspicious looking FBI Verrat and follows him inside to the lobby to listen in.

Nick lays everything out on the table. His mother risked her life to bring them to safety. But it’s not him or Mama B they need to be afraid of. The Royal Family probably already knows she’s here and of her relationship with Sean Renard. She must know how it all works considering she was working for the Royal Family herself. As much as he doesn’t want to, Nick says the only way for baby to stay safe is for them to work together.

When they’re ready, they can talk. Nick leaves.

The FBI agent tells two Verrat goons that the baby is indeed upstairs and they go to work. Mama B slams FBI agent’s head into the car and calls Nick over. FBI agents are the least of their worries, two guys are heading upstairs. They split up and hurry back into the condo.

You told me to choose a side and I chose you, Adalind says. Now what happens?
Renard says he’ll do everything to keep them safe, she stays with him.
“Does that mean we’re back together?”

I guess. And they belong together since she slept with his brother and he slept with her mother.

Their family time is interrupted by Nick again as he calls to warn them about the two men. Renard and Adalind hurry to the elevator as Nick comes up. He hears footsteps in the stairwell and the happy family gets down. The first Verrat, woged, charges toward Nick but he uses him as a shield from the bullets of the other one who retreats back into the stairwell.

Grimm 318

Mama B is there to meet him and they fight. She turns the gun he’s holding back on him and he shoots himself. She hurls him over the side of the stairs.

Nick tells Renard and Adalind to get to the car, meet them outside and to follow.

Monroe and Rosalee are having sex. And Nick interrupts them too. He fills them in on the happenings and they recount how Adalind drugged Juliette and how Mama B killed Adalind’s mom.

“For the record, she fell on a shard of glass.”

Grimm 318

Mama B says they need a safe place for Adalind and Baby to stay. Nick says he’ll explain more when they get there.

A gaggle of cops arrive at the condo.

Nick and Co. arrive outside Monroe’s. Adalind demands to know where they are, but Mama B says that’s the point. If she doesn’t know where she is, no one else will either. Baby suddenly summons Mama B’s locket out of her pocket to play with. Everyone is in awe.

They head inside. Rosalee gets Adalind and Baby settled while Nick tells Monroe more about the situation. And how this might be all safe.

Mama B and Renard talk in the kitchen. Under different circumstances, we’re supposed to kill each other, Renard says. Mama B says, Well, you tried to kill my sister. Renard admits it was because she was a Grimm and she had a key, but he might have approached things differently knowing then what he knows now.

They’re both working for the Resistance. Renard wants to know if Mama B values his child as much as he does. You’re asking if I would risk my life for her, Mama B says Because we both might have to.

Monroe and Rosalee make small talk with Renard who thanks them as Mama B goes to the living room. She looks at Adalind and Baby. Adalind asks if Mama B wants her necklace back, but Mama B says Baby can keep it.

Grimm 318

It’s time for Nick, Mama B and Renard to leave. Adalind says she doesn’t want to be alone and Rosalee says she won’t be.

Outside, before they go take care of the FBI friend, Mama B gives Renard the Real Truth Flavor™. Coming to him was the biggest mistake Adalind could have made. As long as the baby is with them, they will all be vulnerable, for the rest of their lives.

FBI Verrat friend is pacing around his house scared of what the Royals would do to him. But Mama B, Nick and Renard are there. They knock him out and when he comes to, Renard tells him the deal.

Renard forces him to admit he’s working with the Verrat, that Ruspoli was the one that contacted him and that he is on his way to Portland likely with Viktor. Renard presents two options. FBI friend gets charged with attempted assassination of a police captain and then get a whole can of worms opened for his connection with the Royals which would mean life in jail or worse, death by Royals. Or he does what they say.

They hand FBI friend a note telling Viktor where the baby can be found.

Grimm 318

They leave. Nick calls Hank over to the house and they fill him in.

He is scared out of his mind for a second there, but Juliette says it is not his baby. Oh good. “That’s not a woman you want to have a baby with.”

“Popular, this Adalind,” Mama B says. “That’s one way to look at it,” Juliette adds.

Okay, so what can Hank do to help?

Grimm 318

Back at Monroe’s, Baby is crying. Monroe and Rosalee come downstairs and Rosalee feels Baby has a little fever. Suddenly, all of Monroe’s clocks go cuckoo. Baby is very upset and now someone’s outside.

Baby suddenly calms down. In walks Mama B.

“How did you get in here?”
“You’re kidding, right?”

It’s morning. Viktor arrives in Portland. FBI agent is there to meet them on the tarmac. Hank is nearby taking photos. He calls Nick who is looking for used trucks online with Juliette.

FBI agent gives Ruspoli the note Renard handed him and spills everything. You don’t mind if I take care of Renard after all this, he asks. I don’t mind at all, Viktor replies. In the limo, they talk about the address, a warehouse. FBI agent hopes Viktor remembers he has been loyal to “the Crown.” We won’t forget, Viktor says. Instead of the warehouse, they head to the precinct.

Grimm 318

Viktor meets directly with Renard. Nick and Hank watch from outside.

You’re not getting my child, Renard says. Viktor says the child will be treated like royalty. And if Renard does not hand over the baby in 2 hours, Viktor will order the death of Renard, Adalind and Renard’s mother. Yes, he knows where mother is.

Either you put the baby’s life first (by handing her over) or they will spend the rest of their short lives on the run.

Viktor leaves. You think it worked? Hank asks. Nick goes to Renard to make sure he wants to go through with this. Renard says yes. “Make the arrest.”

Outside, Viktor wonders who this woman with Renard and the Grimm was. FBI friend says the only thing she uttered was “Just kill him.” Oh, more aggressive than the men. Interesting.

Grimm 318

Rosalee is getting ready to cook breakfast. Adalind is excited about the eggs, but suddenly cops arrive outside. Mama B sees and tries to go out the back door, but the cops burst in.

“I didn’t do anything!”
“Kelly Burkhardt, you are under arrest… for the murder of Catherine Schade.”

Renard tells Adalind she needs to come to the precinct to make a statement. He’ll send a patrol car to pick her up. At the precinct, Renard tells Adalind Baby can stay with him while she makes her statement. It’ll only be 10-15 minutes.

Before Adalind goes though, she finally has a name for the baby: Diana. Goddess of the hunt and moon, Renard likes it. Adalind is taken to the interrogation room… where Mama B is waiting.

Grimm 318 Grimm 318

Mama B wants to explain. She had gone to look for Adalind because she wanted to save Juliette. But Mama Schade didn’t want to talk, so she made her. It was either that or letting Juliette die.

Meanwhile, Renard takes Diana out of the station.

Your son took my powers, I was angry, Adalind says.
I had to give up my son because of who I was, if I hadn’t done that, he might have been killed, Mama B counters.

That’s your problem, not mine. Adalind doesn’t want to give out any forgiveness.
I’m not asking for any, Mama B says. She just wants her to understand that “sometimes we have to sacrifice what we love most.”

Adalind realizes what’s going on, she hurries out the door. Mama B is emotional.

Grimm 318

Renard hands Diana, who is still clutching Mama B’s necklace, over to Viktor at the waiting limo. They leave.

Adalind runs into Renard and demands to know where Diana is. Renard wants them to talk in private, but Adalind is beside herself. We have no choice, he would’ve killed you and killed me and taken the baby anyways, Renard says.

“It was the only way to protect her.”

Grimm 318

Adalind runs outside and into the street. She woges and screams, blowing every single car window out. She collapses to the ground.

Viktor has Diana in the limo. She opens her eyes, purple eyes. Viktor sees the open locket and Nick’s picture. He wants to touch it, but Diana snaps it shut.

Suddenly, a nearby coffee floats out of the cup and forms a skull before evaporating.

Grimm 318

Diana smirks.

Grimm 318

The limo gets to the air strip when suddenly, a group of hooded people ambush them and point their machine guns at them. A German speaking man demands they hand over the baby. Ruspoli gets knocked out.

You have no idea who you’re dealing with, Viktor says. But the man replies, “Do you think the Resistance cares?”

Grimm 318

Viktor has no choice but to hand over Diana as the hooded people jump into the limo and drive off. The hooded people take their hoods off. It’s Nick, Mama B, Renard, Hank and Monroe.

Grimm 318

Diana is very comfortable sleeping in Mama B’s arms. It has to be done, she says to Renard. “I hope you’re right.”

Next day, Mama B is in the truck Nick and Juliette were looking for. Diana is in the front seat. She levitates her toys.

“I’m gonna have to teach you not to do that in public.”

Grimm 318

Diana is very happy with Mama B and Mama B smiles.

Grimm 318

Episode Thoughts
Amazing episode!!! Last week as amazing too, but this one was wow. Just awesome.

Mama Burkhardt is everything. How sweet that Baby Diana has more of a connection with Mama B than Adalind. Oooo, what does that mean?

Adalind’s been a little all over the place, but that final scene of her screaming in the middle of the street was also amazing. Kudos to Claire Coffee and the directors on that one.

The hooded Gang was awesome at the end. Very fun. And the way their secret plan unfolded was very exciting. You know they weren’t going to just hand Diana over to Viktor, but I was actually expecting Baby to snap herself away again like how she one-upped Juliette at the house last week. Hehe.

Grimm always has great two-parters. Though they aren’t officially two-parters, Grimm does serialized and cliffhangers so well. This has been a great two weeks.

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