Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 7 – Inconsolable, Unmotivatable… Dejected, Disheartened

ToQger 7

Right walks into the main Ressha ready for breakfast, but finds Tokatti, Mio and Wagon surrounding Kagura who seems to be in a very down mood. Right sees a bunch of ninja DVDs on the table (Wagon says they’re from Conductor’s personal collection) and Tokatti explains he thought the DVDs would help Kagura learn fresh variations of pretend and imagination.

ToQger 7

So last night, her pretend got out of hand again. She was flipping around the car as a ninja when Hikari comes in looking for his kendama that he left behind. Kagura grabs the kendama and uses it as a pair of nunchucks.

But the string breaks and the ball goes flying in Hikari’s direction. He ducks out of the way and it breaks the glass on the door. Kagura snaps out of it and tries to apologize, but Hikari punches the wall, picks up the ball and walks over to grab the kendama stick from her.

ToQger 7 ToQger 7

What kind of nonsense is this? Hikari glares at Kagura before he leaves.

Kagura tells the others she didn’t even get to properly apologize she was so scared of Hikari.

Wagon agrees that Hikari cool side can be scary, but that’s why all the ladies love him. That’s not what we’re talking about, Mio tries to explain.

Right tells Kagura he’ll go with her to apologize. But Kagura says she doesn’t think he’ll forgive her. She’s afraid. Not only did she mess with the kendama, she broke it. That’s why you apologize, Right says. Tokatti offers to come too since it was him that showed her the DVDs anyway.

ToQger 7

Kagura still doesn’t want to go since she also knows that deep down Hikari thinks she is foolish for playing pretend. And now it’s clear he thinks she’s an idiot. That’s not true, the others say. Right says he’ll ask about that, but suddenly the lights flicker.

They are about to arrive at a Shadow Line station, Lethargic Hill.

Hikari joins them in the car and they all rush out. Mio tells Kagura they should just focus on the Shadow for now.

ToQger 7

The ToQgers head downtown and find people sprawled out on the ground with marks on their faces feeling all lazy and drab and… lethargic. The ToQgers witness a cop come by and get marked by the Shadow Creep Hanko Shadow who uses a stamp to get people to feel unmotivated and blah.

ToQger 7

The ToQgers henshin. Hanko Shadow knows who they are, so they get right to the fighting as he summons a bunch of Kuros. Each of the ToQgers take care of the Kuros in their own unique ways.

ToQger 7

Right goes straight for Hanko Shadow, but he gets stamped in the face despite Hikari warning him to be careful. Right tosses his sword aside and lounges on the ground. The others take their turn at Hanko Shadow and Tokatti manages to grab a hold of his right hand stamp. He gives the others an opening, but Hanko Shadow pops another stamp onto his left hand and uses it to stamp Tokatti’s face.

ToQger 7

The others come sliding toward Hanko Shadow and Mio manages to cut his knee forcing him to retreat, but not before also being able to stamp Mio in the face.

ToQger 7

Hikari and Kagura drag the now listless Right, Tokatti and Mio back to the Ressha. Wagon is very amused and think it’s refreshing to see the others like this. She takes selfies with them.

Kagura wonders how they can get them back to normal and Conductor says the only way is to defeat the kaijin. Ticket is so embarrassed by the display. He tells Wagon to stop taking photo evidence of it.

ToQger 7
ToQger 7 ToQger 7 ToQger 7

Conductor tells Ticket-kun to lighten up, but Ticket says he is upset. He told them to defeat the kaijin and now here they are. He thinks it will be difficult now with only Kagura and Hikari. Wagon suggests they just skip this station then. But Ticket says that is absurd, they cannot. Have you lost your brain or something!?

ToQger 7

Conductor covers Ticket’s mouth. Wagon is very offended and now her motivation has flown out the window. She floats off, not wanting to do any work.

Kagura thinks Ticket is right though. They can’t win on their own… rather, she would just be nuisance to Hikari. So she decides to do her best to stay out of his way. She will apologize to him when this is over.

She sees Hikari has fixed his kendama and she watches him now playing with it, which means he’s in deep thought. She realizes the kendama must be very important to him and she had to go and break it.

ToQger 7 ToQger 7

Hikari turns to look at Kagura. A startled Kagura looks away.

ToQger 7

Over at Castle Terminal, a Kuro is delivering a delicious high quality bottle of darkness from Lethargic Hill. Madame Noa wants Gritta to have it to polish her beauty. Baron Nero thinks that a decent bottle, but Madame Noa thinks it is perfect, especially for the likes of the Emperor.

Baron Nero says when the Emperor appears, we’ll see who has been the most loyal. If the Emperor thinks for a second that one is not needed, they’d be destroyed instantly. “We should all be careful of that,” Baron Nero says as he leaves.

“You’re the one who will disappear,” Madame Noa replies under her breath.

ToQger 7

Meanwhile, Gritta has slinked off to offer the darkness bottle to Schwarz-sama so he can heal quickly. Schwarz repeats that he does not want pity, but he will accept her feelings of concern.

He leaves. Gritta lusts.

ToQger 7

Hikari’s done thinking and has an idea. Let’s go, he tells Kagura. She follows him to the door.

ToQger 7

Wagon meanwhile comes in with picket signs. She is officially on strike and she gives Right, Tokatti and Mio their own signs, headbands and sashes too.

“I feel really unmotivated.”
“You look plenty motivated to me!”

ToQger 7

Hikari stops at the door and Kagura bumps into him. She is afraid to speak, but it is Hikari that speaks up first.

ToQger 7

“I”m sorry.”
Huh!? For what? Kagura asks.

Hikari apologizes for getting so angry just because the kendama broke. No way, it was my fault, Kagura protests, I could have hurt you too.

Kagura bows, but Hikari says it’s okay. I should’ve just laughed it off, he says. He’s not really sure what he was thinking. But the morning has been awkward and again for that, he’s sorry.

ToQger 7 ToQger 7

No big deal, Kagura says. I thought for sure you hated me and assumed you thought my playing pretend was foolish.

I do sort of think that, Hikari answers. But it’s okay because that’s who she is. And right now, they’re going to have to play pretend.

Hanko Shadow continues stamping people’s faces in the hopes that even breathing will be too cumbersome for people to do so they’ll end up dying. Wonderful darkness!

ToQger 7

Hikari and Kagura stand in Hanko Shadow’s way. You remember the image we discussed, right? Hikari asks. Kagura sure does. They henshin.

ToQger 7

Hikari has his Tunnel Axe and lets out some train tracks up into the air. Kagura jumps up and grabs on. She imagines that she is hard…Kendama Girl!

Hikari uses his Tunnel Axe as a kendama with Kagura the ball. Hanko Shadow can’t do anything but take the hits from very hard Kagura. I see, he says. One of them focuses on attacking while the other focuses on defending. He charges toward them.

ToQger 7

Hikari and Kagura decide to switch lines. They transfer and Hikari takes over being the ball. He lands right on Hanko Shadow’s two stamp hands and they crack, restoring everyone’s motivation and vigor.

Hikari and Kagura switch back as Hanko Shadow sends a huge fireball towards them. Hikari jumps in front of Kagura to protect her, but Right-tachi arrive to stop it before they get hit.

ToQger 7

Hanko Shadow takes out a big branding iron with the stamp on it, but Right blasts it in half. They summon the Renketsu Bazooka. Hikari says Kagura should do the honors with the Final Strike. She decides on a Stamp Finisher.

As soon as his first life is done, Hanko Shadow embiggens. The ToQgers hop into ToQ-Oh.

ToQger 7

Hikari suggests they attack from afar. Kagura asks Right to summon Car Carrier Ressha. She’s got an idea. They’re now in ToQ-Oh Car Carrier and Kagura imagines the cars as shuriken. They launch them at Hanko Shadow to finish him off for good.

Hikari congratulates Kagura.

ToQger 7

Back on the train, Wagon has some delicious new food for them, her treat since she got a small raise. Conductor is relieved they were able to stop Wagon’s strike. He tells Ticket-kun to watch what he says from now on.

Kagura comes up to Hikari who is playing with his kendama. Maybe he received the kendama from someone important, that’s why he became so angry. Hikari remembers being given the brand new kendama, but he doesn’t remember by who.

ToQger 7 ToQger 7

Mio gives Hikari and Kagura some fruit parfaits, but Ticket suddenly makes an announcement. They’ve caught the signal of another support Ressha so they will be changing lines.

Episode Thoughts
This was a great episode. I like it when Rangers pair up and/or have to deal with something on their own. For this episode, it helped to get more into Hikari and Kagura’s characters too.

Can I start shipping Hikari and Kagura? Their battle with Hanko Shadow was awesome. Maybe the best use of line switching yet. Very creative.

And Kobayashi using some Go-Busters tricks this episode. The mecha battle was like a minute-long. It was pretty pointless in the grand scheme of the episode and was just there like they were contractually obligated to do so. (Which they are.)

I think we might have gotten a few clues this episode. One is Hikari’s kendama and who gave it to him. But the other might be Wagon being offended by Ticket saying she has no brain. Hmm…

The Shadow Creep this week was good. Forcing people to be so lazy, they don’t even want to breath. Scary. The little bits we see of the Castle are actually kinda intriguing. Seeing so little of them each episode is okay since we get to focus more on the ToQgers themselves. Plus it’s not like the Shadow Line needs to micromanage their Shadow Creeps like other toku villain groups usually do.

The Kuros also continue to be awesomely cool. Wagon is awesomely awesome and hilarious. And the Conductor-Ticket-kun dynamic is getting better every week.

Overall, it was a great episode. I really enjoyed it. And I’m continuing to love this season too.

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  1. Daigo and Amy were going to parfaits after the battle with the deBoss and Hikari and Kagura had parfaits in this episode as well do maybe Toei is picking some ideas from Kyoryuger or something

  2. I love this episode I’m a big Hikari and Kagura shipper really love that Hikari was protecting her and I love that they said sorry to each other I really hope that Hikari and Kagura becomes a couple please Toei

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