Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (8) 28 – "I think they have been in the sun too long."

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (8) 28 – Silver Lining, Part 2

Megaforce 28

The Silver Ranger takes his helmet off. It’s the long-haired dude Gia bumped into, a couple of days ago.

“It must be fate!” the guy says. His name is Orion and he is from the planet Andresia. He’s an “extraterrestrial.”

Megaforce 28

Orion tells his story. His planet was a beautiful world full of natural resources. His family lived in a small village and he worked as a miner in the local quarry. One day, he had been planning to go out with friends after work. But that’s when The Armada attacked.

Megaforce 28

He ran from the quarry and then saw explosions coming from his village. He raced home, worried about his family but when he finally got to the village, everything was gone. His family and friends dead.

“You’ll pay for this.”

Megaforce 28

The Rangers are sorry for his loss. Troy says “I think it’s time we took you to our leader.” Jake laughs.

Megaforce 28

They head to Gosei’s lair. Tensou is excited to see Orion and they start conversing in Andresian. Gosei welcomes him and says he thought the key was destroyed along with his planet.

Megaforce 28

Orion explains he found a crystal container at the quarry with the key and a strange box the week before the attack. He kept his discovery a secret and felt a strange energy when holding the key and box close together. That’s when he had his first vision of the legendary sixth Rangers. (Hello Robo Knight!) He sensed that they were calling him, that he was meant to find them.

Megaforce 28

He didn’t dare put the key in the box, but after the attack, he had nothing to lose. He took the key and morpher out and he instantly knew what to do. He morphed for the first time, but it was too late. He was the last Andresian on Andresia. He had to learn how to fend for himself.

Megaforce 28

He then trained for months, knowing he was not ready to use this power. Then he realized the sixth Rangers called to him to stop the Armada from doing to any other planets what they’ve done to his.

The last remaining Armada ships were to leave the planet, but Orion used a slingshot and crystal to cause one of them to crash land. The other ships picked up the injured pilot, but left the ship which Orion then worked on to get it ready to fly.

Megaforce 28

The time to avenge the people of his planet had come! He launches off of Andresia, hoping to catch up to the Armada. And that’s when he finally did, here on Earth.

Gosei tells them to show Orion around. They show the visual markers outside they use to get to the command center. Then they suggest they go to the mall. Gia and Emma each take an Orion arm and drag him away. Noah’s sad, he wants to hang out with the cute alien too.

Megaforce 28

The guys wait at Ernie’s while the girls give Orion a makeover. Jake’s jealous, but Noah is more interested in all the buttons on Orion’s morpher. Maybe he can morph into the past Sixth Rangers!

Megaforce 28 Megaforce 28

The girls amuse themselves by putting Orion in some horrible clothes until they finally give him a horrible silver jacket which he loves.

Up on the Armada, Levira says Vekar is in his quarters refusing to come out because he’s upset his plan failed. Damaras thinks maybe they can do better without him.

Commander Osegain comes in and Damaras wants him to go down and finish the job.

Osegain attacks a quarry and the Rangers, already morphed and SUPER MEGA’d arrive to face him. They deal with X Borgs and Bruisers and Orion shows off his cool moves as he goes around to help the other Rangers.

Megaforce 28

The Rangers decide to go LEGENDARY. They pull out their Samurai keys and morph. They give Orion the Gold Samurai Key and he joins them.

They deliver a little hit on Osegain and tell Orion they have to downmorph to SUPER MEGA! to conserve energy. No problem. Orion charges toward Osegain.


Orion uses the Super Spear Blaster to deliver a Final Strike on Osegain before Levira embiggens him.

Over in Gosei’s lair, Tensou is very excited. The Sixth Ranger keys are becoming “energated, energitted… uh, powered up!”

Megaforce 28

They know what this means. Gosei tells the Rangers Orion has unlocked the Q-Rex Megazord and tells Troy to hand over the keys.

Troy gives Orion the Mighty Morphin Green, Time Force Quantum and DinoThunder White Ranger Keys.

“Thank you, I won’t let you down.”

Megaforce 28

Orion summons the Q-Rex Zord and takes care of two embiggened Bruisers. He then uses the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Key to activate the Q-Rex Dinozord.

Orion plugs in the White DinoThunder Key to activate the Q-Rex Megazord.

“I will destroy you like you destroyed my world.”

The Rangers enjoy watching the show as Orion easily takes care of everything Osegain throws at him.

“Time for you to end up like the rest of your people.”

Orion delivers a triple drill Final Strike to finally defeat Osegain.

The Rangers go to the mall. They think Orion is O-some, but Troy says the need to remind him that they are team and this is not just about some personal vendetta.

They take a seat and Orion serves them. The Rangers want to help, but Ernie comes by to introduce him to them. He works here, he’s supposed to serve them.

“Help them Orion, I think they have been in the sun too long.”

We want to welcome you to the team, Troy says, shaking his hand. Noah wants to go see the spaceship, Emma and Gia want to take him to the amusement park and Jake wants to teach him some soccer.

Orion says they can do all those things. He’s going to be here on Earth for a while.

Megaforce 28

Episode Thoughts
You know, the biggest thing I took away from this episode is confirmation that the creatives at Saban Brands in charge of Power Rangers actually aren’t as incompetent as everyone may think. This episode showed that they do have the mental capacity to come up with an interesting and fresh story, as shown through Orion’s backstory.

So it’s not that they don’t have the skills to write well, they just don’t want to or put in the effort. Simple as that.

Instead of these lifeless teens, we could’ve gotten a story about six alien Rangers whose planet was destroyed and people killed who now want to enact revenge and save other planets from suffering the same fate as theirs.

But why craft an entire season around that premise when you could just put that in an incredibly long expository flashback?

Orion’s backstory was actually really exciting, but the longer his story went on, the more laughable it became. It was just too much and that it was all exposition for half the episode really diminished the heft the story had.

At least those scenes on Andresia looked pretty…..

The second half of the episode was typical Megaforce. So in other words, bad.

That scene of Orion celebrating all Gai-like was especially bad. So out of character.

One of the few moments I actually really liked though was Jake laughing at Troy’s “take you to our leader” line. It really was hilariously bad. Not that Jake would make a joke after Orion just said everyone on his planet was murdered, but that they actually could not resist to insert a joke there.

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?
Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode (s): Episode 18 – The Big Abare With the Dinosaur Robot Drill

Gai was in a coma and met the three guys who owned the three keys used to form the Q-Rex Megazord. Of course, in Megaforce, the Rangers just happen to unlock a brand new power in Gosei’s video game. They cut out that entire first half of the Gokaiger episode, Gai meeting Navi, getting on the Galleon, etc, and replaced it with that too long storytime.

Of the adapted Gokaiger scenes, they didn’t include Gai morphing into KingRanger before being handed the correct key. But of course, they did include Gai’s very-Gai-like celebration at the end.

Overall, it was a very good first half, very bad second half. And together it was just alright.

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  1. What’s also different is that Orion is an alien and the others aren’t and in gokaiger red blue yellow green and pink are the aliens and the silver is not

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