Grimm, Episode 1.05 – Danse Macabre

A high school music director is found dead in his car with a couple dozen friends… rats that have eaten away at his body. After talking to four of his (very wealthy) violin students and finding cages in the bushes nearby, Nick and Hank turn to their primary suspects, Roddy and his father, who is a pest control man.

Roddy, a gifted violinist himself, was suspended from school after getting into a fight with the three guys in the violin class. After both he and his father resist arrest, Nick sees him morph into his true form. Roddy gives Nick his alibi from the night of the teacher’s death. He’s a popular DJ known as Wretched Cat who often spins at raves wearing a big cat head.

Turns out Roddy and Sarah, the only girl in the violin troupe, were dating unti, assumedly, rich boy Carter steals her away from him and gets him suspended in the process.

Nick, off screen, finds out Roddy and his father are Reinegens and pops into Monroe’s house to get him to talk to Roddy, knowing he’s a talented kid who didn’t kill the teacher. Monroe pops into Roddy’s as he is flawlessly playing the violin (which Monroe appreciates) and gives him a pep talk only a Blutbad could give. It seems to resonate with Roddy… until he gets a call from the precinct telling him his father has a concussion after he resisted being placed in a cell.

The coroner finds fibers in a couple of the dead rats which they later find to be from the carpet of a fancy BMW… like the one owned by rich boy Carter. Nick and Hank piece it together, but Roddy is fired up and wants revenge against Carter and his posse. He releases all the rats from their cages and he leads them to the rave site, empty for tonight, and sets up a trap for the four violinists.

Carter plays his (electric) violin and the rats begin converging on the four until Nick and Hank arrive just in time to stop them.

Elsewhere, Sgt. Wu is a happy drunk and Hank has dinner with Adalind in what seems to be a setup planned by Renard. Also, the bigger development, a refrigerator repair man, who is a creature himself, gets freaked out by Nick and runs out of the house only to return the next day when only Juliette is around to gather his tools. He tells her he doesn’t want any trouble for him or his wife and kids.

Episode Thoughts
A very solid episode. Great to have the show back after a very long three week break. A simple case, yet interesting and fun. Especially when Monroe gets involved in a totally random way. Also a very interesting take on the Pied Piper.

This was also the first episode Juliette really meant something and a much needed reminder that Nick is still hiding all of this Grimm business from his loved ones.

So another good episode and another wonderful use of Portland.

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