The Amazing Race 1’s Nancy Passes

Season 1’s Nancy Passes

Bill Bartek of The Amazing Race season 1’s Team Guido has posted on Facebook that fellow season 1 contestant Nancy Hoyt has passed away.

Nancy had Raced with her daughter Emily in the show’s maiden season and placed 5th in what is still one of the most shocking and controversial leg finishes in the series’ history.  Nancy & Emily had arrived 4th, but were issued a 24 hour penalty for failing to complete the Detour.  That allowed Joe & Bill to check-in before the penalty was up, though had Nancy & Emily not quit on the Detour, they’d have been in the Final Four.

Our condolences and thoughts and prayers to Nancy’s family and friends.  She and Emily definitely set the bar high for all future all-female and parent/child teams right from the start.

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