Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 39 (Season 2, Episode 17) – “The Spandex look isn’t for me.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 39 (Season 2, Episode 17) – Things Unspoken

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 39 Recap

After Izzy finishes a livestream showing people how to exercise, Fern comes into Buzzblast to happily tell her she’s been accepted to the elite sports program at Oakdale College. Papa Garcia assures Izzy that she will get her acceptance letter soon.

He gives Izzy and Fern a ride to the track, but they get caught up in an attack by Mucus and Quickspine. While Papa Garcia gets Fern to safety, Izzy manages to sneak away until the other Rangers appear. They morph and battle the Hengemen. But Izzy has to hurry over when Papa Garcia and Fern are in trouble.

Izzy takes care of the Hengemen, but Fern is worried for her girlfriend. She says she hasn’t even told her she loves her yet. But Izzy, still morphed, says everything will be okay. She tells Fern to go with Mr. Garcia to safety.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 39 Recap

The Rangers head back to base and the others notice Izzy seems down. She explains that she also got an early acceptance letter to Oakdale College, but turned it down because she knows she can’t handle the intense program while being a Power Ranger. She agonizes over how to tell Fern and her parents. She asks the others not to say anything until she figures this out.

Over at Area 62, Void Queen gives Quickspine another chance to swipe Papa Garcia’s drill key for suspicious reasons.

At the track, Fern wants to tell Izzy she loves her. But Papa Garcia comes over and is upset after finding out from Oakdale College themselves that Izzy turned down the acceptance. Izzy is at a loss for words and Papa Garcia says he doesn’t like all these secrets.

Papa Garcia leaves to call Mama Garcia and Fern also tells Izzy that she doesn’t like secrets. “I just don’t know if I can be with someone who isn’t honest with me.”

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 39 Recap

Fern leaves and Izzy tells Papa Garcia that she thinks she’s lost a girlfriend.

But just then, Quickspine arrives with Hengemen and they toss Papa Garcia aside. The key falls out of his pocket and Quickspine grabs it. Izzy runs over to her father as the other Rangers arrive. She gets him to safety as the others morph.

Izzy grabs a hurdle and breaks it in half to make a split for her father’s broken leg, something she learned from him growing up. Papa Garcia apologizes for his anger earlier and says he understands that college and athletics are Izzy’s decisions. So she does not need to explain anything to him. But he does think that she should talk to Fern as she really cares about her. Izzy understands.

Izzy helps her father to safety.

The other Rangers take care of Quickspine who quickly embiggens. The Rangers hop into Primal Ultrazord and finish him off for good. Void Queen grabs the Sporix blob and it spits out the key.

Back at the base, the Garcia Sibs update the others on Papa Garcia’s recovery and how he’s more concerned with finding a replacement key for his drill. Zayto says the original probably blew up along with Quickspine. Ollie wonders what The Voids want with the key.

Izzy tells Amelia that Fern hasn’t been answering her calls and messages. Not only that, but Fern posted on IG that she’s leaving early for college. Javi tells Izzy she should make things right with Fern before that.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 39 Recap

Ollie says it was Izzy who told him to confess his feelings to Amelia. So she should take her own advice. Solon tells Izzy there’s one more bus leaving for Oakdale today.

Izzy decides to hurry and catch Fern. She teleports out of the base and then bikes to the bus stop.

Izzy apologizes for not telling Fern about the early acceptance letter. Fern says she was upset because it felt like Izzy didn’t want to go to Oakdale because of her. Especially when Izzy has dreamed of this opportunity since forever. Izzy says she wishes she could explain, but she can’t.

“I love you too,” Izzy says. Fern asks why “too”? But then she remembers telling the Green Ranger and she puts two and two together. Fern finally understands what’s going on. They agree to support each other with whatever they want to do.

Izzy and Fern share a hug and a see ya later. Fern boards the bus and leaves for college.

“May the power protect you!”

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 39 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I’ll admit, this is the first episode of PRDF I’ve watched after I think almost a year and a half, to be honest lol But I need some content to post on while I’m out of the country, so I decided to catch up. Lol

It took a while to get back into this season. I actually even forgot Izzy had already come out to her parents lol

But this was a great episode to come back to. It was a nice twist on the familiar Power Rangers theme of needing to hide their identities from loved ones. And I liked how they were able to focus both on Izzy’s family and girlfriend, showing that these Rangers are multi-faceted people.

The episode was able to draw upon the existing foundation the show has already laid for Izzy’s relationship with Papa Garcia and of course her growing relationship with Fern.

So the big payoff in the end with the two scenes of Izzy with her father and girlfriend actually landed and were impactful. Unlike much of modern day Power Rangers where they tend to like to pull things out of thin air or end up playing things for laughs instead.

The episode didn’t have the usual preachiness that is common for modern Power Rangers. Instead being much more realistic and relatable.

Overall, a pretty good episode!

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  1. Power Ranger romance subplots are usually pretty perfunctory, but Ollie/Amelia and especially Izzy/Fern really work for me! This episode was so sweet!

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