Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 5 – “It’s whatever though.”

Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 5 – Rock Out

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 5 Recap

The Rangers watch Jane and J-Borg’s report about Lord Zedd’s forces rounding up anyone who resists his takeover of Earth. And that includes every single Ranger around the world as well.

While they think about their next moves, they get distracted by Javi’s loud banging on pots and pans while singing an anti-Zedd song. He says it helps him cope. But the others aren’t as receptive to the loud noise except Fern who appreciates his music since she used to take drum classes.

Solon gets an e-mail from Mick linking to a news story about Bajillia having dug up a dormant Dragon Zord on a distant planet. She boasts about having her evil Ranger eventually pilot the zord to strengthen Zedd’s forces.

Billy believes this Dragon Zord is related to the Cosmic Zords they found on Zordnia. Amelia, however, thinks this is a trap set by Ollie to lure them out. Zayto thinks he can use the Morphin Masters Staff to activate the zord if they can get close enough to it.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 5 Recap

But how? Javi has an idea. He asks who wants to join his new metal band. No one understands except Fern. They can pretend to be a monster metal band and distract Bajillia’s mining crew, allowing Zayto to sneak to the Dragon Zord.

However, Ollie will surely count the numbers and figure something is up. So Fern offers to join them as the drummer. Izzy doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her girlfriend to join them. But Fern says she and Javi are the only ones who can play an instrument and they are in a jam. So she can help. And they will be able to protect her.

Izzy reluctantly allows Fern to go.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 5 Recap

The Rangers quickly head to Planet Akraal and manage to get through the security guards who are excited Madame Bajillia organized a concert for them.

While the Rangers perform on stage, Ollie is with Scrozzle inside the tent by the Dragon Zord. Ollie is annoyed by Bajillia broadcasting to the whole galaxy that they’ve found a zord and left this mining site to him to manage, knowing the Rangers will probably arrive soon and take it.

When Ollie learns there is a free concert supposedly organized by Bajillia, he becomes suspicious and hurries outside to check it out. He counts the performers on stage and knows they are Rangers. He unmasks Izzy and calls the Zentinels.

Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 5 – “It’s whatever though.”

Ollie morphs and shoots them with his Tricera Blaster. Amelia, Javi, Izzy and Aiyon also morph. They battle the Zentinels. But Ollie is surprised to see Fern is the fifth person with the Rangers, not Zayto.

Ollie tosses her aside and hurries to the tent to find Zayto already activating the Dragon Zord. Zayto hops into the cockpit and flies the zord out of the ground, but not before Ollie slaps a tracker on it.

Bajillia hops into a Squidrill and has embiggened Copyguards battle Zayto in the Dragon Zord on the planet’s moon. The Rangers hop into their zords to join Zayto. They combine into the Megazord and team-up to battle Bajillia in the Squidrill. Fern accidentally pushes a button calling for the Cosmic Wolf Zord and it helps bigtime. They are able to destroy the Squidrill, but Bajillia manages to teleport away just in time.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 5 Recap

Back at the base, Billy and Solon say they are almost ready to head home. They just need to do a final engine test for the Cosmic Cruiser. In the meantime, they watch a message from Tarrick.

Tarrick says Mama Santaura is about to give birth. But the rest of the Rafkonians have formed a resistance with everyone wanting to help the fight. He has a spy inside Zedd’s forces. And they trust that the Rangers haven’t yet returned because of the anti-zord force field around Earth.

The spy has learned that every Squidrill on Earth projects part of the force field. So if one fails, the entire shield collapses. Billy says this is a good idea.

On the planet Eltar, Zedd is annoyed by everyone’s incompetence. Squillia is more concerned with her new boyfriend Heckyl.

Ollie arrives and says he knows where the Rangers are. And with the help of Jozotic who is familiar with the planet Erridus, they will be able to take down the Rangers. Bajillia is happy to drive them there.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 5 Recap

Episode Thoughts

This is probably the most Power Rangers episode of Cosmic Fury so far. The rock band plot is definitely something you’d see on a typical PR episode. And when I talk about typical PR formula, this episode is it.

And it was fine. It was actually kind of refreshing to have a bit of familiarity with the episode’s plot.

But it was a straightforward story and moved a bit faster than the first four episodes. Again, everything does seem too easy for the Rangers. Their plan worked. And Billy and Solon have already completed the Cosmic Cruiser while they were gone. Very convenient! Lol

Anyway, an alright episode that I again think probably would come across better if watched together with the others in a binge rather than piece by piece.

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