Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 6 – “Go get our girl back.”

Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 6 – Take Off

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 6 Recap

The Rangers head out in their zords as they are picking up strange seismic activity on the planet. They must keep the base safe as the others test its engines before their departure. Unfortunately, the seismic activity is an embiggened scuttleworm.

Billy turns on the cloaking field around the base, but it drains too much power. Solon believes their sonic shields are loose, so she heads outside to adjust the thrusters. Fern offers to go with her. Izzy protests and Billy says he will go instead.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 6 Recap

As Zayto, Aiyon and Javi finish off the scuttleworm, Solon and Billy’s adjustments work. And the Cosmic Cruiser is ready for takeoff. But they suddenly lose contact with Solon. Billy returns with Solon’s comm covered in scuttleworm goop. He does not know what’s happened to her. Amelia refuses to leave without her.

Solon has been tied up by a scuttleworm underground. Zayto is able to use magic to scan Erridus himself and find exactly where Solon is being held. Billy says his power is on the level of Morphin Masters. But he immediately grows cold and weak. They help him take a seat.

Meanwhile, Ollie, Bajillia and Jozotic arrive in Erridus’ orbit. Bajillia orders a Copyguard to station himself on the moon and shoot at Erridus to draw the Rangers out.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 6 Recap

Amelia, Javi, Aiyon and Billy hop into their zords to take on the Copyguard while Izzy and Zayto go to the cave where Solon is. Unfortunately, Ollie and Jozotic arrive and they battle.

Fern sees that everyone else is busy so she decides to take one of the new morphers and teleport herself into the cave where Solon is. Fern shoots at the just-hatched scuttleworms and is able to free Solon.

Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 6 – “Go get our girl back.”

Just then, big scuttleworm arrives. But her morpher is full of scuttleworm goop. The scuttleworms hurl Solon into the cave’s wall. But the morpher seems to respond to Fern’s resolve and she is able to morph into Orange Cosmic Ranger powered by Solon herself.

The Rangers destroy the Copyguard and join Zayto and Izzy at the cave entrance to battle Ollie and Jozotic. They are shocked when the Orange Ranger comes running out battling a scuttleworm with Solon right behind her.

The Rangers and Solon teleport back to the base and the others are shocked to see it is Fern in orange.

Before they can talk more, they rev up the new ship and are able to immediately take off into space.

It’ll take them a couple of hours to arrive in the Milky Way.

Izzy speaks with Fern and says that she should’ve remembered that she is a strong woman and that’s why she fell in love with her.

Amelia says they just need to take things step by step and they’ll get through all this.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 6 Recap

Meanwhile, Omwhyzo pops in to Squillia who thinks he’s a creep who has feelings for her. She orders him to take care of all the boring responsibilities while she enjoys her time with boyfriend Heckyl.

On Eltar, Ollie asks Zedd why he isn’t getting more responsibility. Zedd gives him some advice. People of power will always try to tear the top dog down. So you must always stay on top. And Zedd believes the key to domination is the Morphin Master energy. And Ollie will help him unlock it. Ollie says it will be an honor.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 6 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I hate seeing Solon in danger! So I really yelled at the TV during this episode. Lol. My favorite moment though was when Amelia said “Go get out girl back.” I was like Fern and said “Yaas!” lol

Now what I started thinking though. What if Solon was meant to be the Orange Ranger and Fern had to butt in again? Hmph. lol

But seriously though, I actually think they did a good job in leading up to Fern becoming a Ranger. Unlike most “6th Ranger” arrivals, Fern is a character that has, relatively speaking, been part of the picture for a long time. Technically since the beginning of Cosmic Fury and not someone that just randomly popped in later. Lol

So Fern becoming a Ranger was executed relatively well here. And considering she was the one who saved Solon, I would say she deserves it!

I also remembered this episode that I haven’t talked about Billy’s inclusion in the series. It’s great to see David Yost take the spotlight this time. And the way they’ve used him here and in Once and Always very much suits his character and his position within the Power Rangers universe as well. So it works. And he definitely adds a bit of “gravitas” in a Power Rangers-sense to this season.

Overall, an episode that has Solon at the forefront? I’d say that is a great episode. Hehe. But again, this was definitely an episode that is better suited watched alongside the others in a marathon binge.

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