Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 36 – The Origin of Chemies! I Have Understood

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 36 Recap

Kyoka-san would like to develop Lachesis’ human qualities so she has Houtarou and Friends set-up Kitchen Ichinose for her first experiment. She would like them to make Lachesis laugh as laughter is one of the most uniquely human traits.

Lachesis is not sure this will help at all.

Renge goes first and decides to make a funny face. But everyone except Lachesis laughs. Sabimaru and Rinne are up next with a few skits. But again, they get no reaction from Lachesis.

Rinne says Houtarou should go next, but he has no idea what to do. Hopper1 decides to tickle Houtarou and he falls over. Lachesis says this is all quite pathetic and she laughs, but in a mocking way at them.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 36 Recap

Meanwhile, Minato and Supana are reporting what happened with Legend and Hundred to the higher ups at the Alchemy Union. As well as the appearance of the Meikoku King.

The bosses say they should wait until they know the King’s true power, but a frustrated Supana says they cannot waste time.

Just then, the Meikoku King appears at the door. He remarks they have a mix of fear and confidence.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 36 Recap

Back at Kitchen Ichinose, Houtarou, Rinne, Renge and Sabimaru are cleaning up and talking about how hard it is to make someone laugh. Rinne is reminded of an alchemy fairy tale her father once told her about.

The Daybreak Alchemist was a legendary hero that saved the world from a demon. There was a golden hill only chosen alchemists could walk. And that is where a golden flower bloomed whose threads could be turned into the ultimate spice. Anyone who ate food with that spice would smile.

Houtarou wishes he could have that spice so everyone who ate his food would smile. That gives Houtarou an idea so he and Hopper1 leave to go shopping.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 36 Recap

Back at the Alchemy Union, Gigist introduces himself as the demon who trapped the world in darkness according to the fairy tale. None of them believe it. One of the Alchemy Union bosses charges at Gigist, but the Meikoku King waves his hand and is able to control the man’s body.

Gigist again mockingly compliments them. He says he will grant the boss his wish. But with another wave of the hand, the boss disappears. Gigist explains that the boss wanted great power so he gave him power so great that it is beyond human control.

Supana henshins. But Gigist sends him flying through a portal outside. Gigist blocks all of Supana’s attacks and says he understands every inch of Supana. Thus, Supana can do nothing against him.

Gigist says Supana has a sadness that will never subside. Supana tries to deliver a finisher, but Gigist swats it away. He offers to grant Supana’s wish. But Supana says all he wishes is to defeat Gigist.

Gigist says no matter the world, humans will incur the wrath of gods. He sends Supana flying through a fireball and gets slammed to the ground.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 36 Recap

Supana is forced to dehenshin, but Gigist is intrigued why he was able to maintain his human form. Minato whisks Supana away as Gigist marvels at how Kamen Riders may show some promise.

Clotho arrives and Gigist says Houtarou is next.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 36 Recap

Houtarou starts shopping for fruits and vegetables and he stumbles upon TimeLord latched on to an avocado. Houtarou catches him in a Card and asks if he belonged to the orange Gotchard.

Just then, TimeLord turns back time. Houtarou finds himself in front of Gigist who reaches into his body and demands his power back,

Hopper1 tries to help, but gets swatted away. TimeLord’s Card disappears.

Gigist says it’s time the part of him that survived when his body was destroyed 120 years ago is returned to him. He grabs the egg inside Houtarou, but is unable to take it back. Gigist grabs Skebows and Antrooper Cards and laughs when Houtarou demands he hand it back.

Gigist laughs and says he is the creator of the two original Chemys Gaiard and Dragonalos and the other Alchemists just copied him. Houtarou says that is no excuse to hurt Chemies.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 36 Recap

But Gigist says Chemies were created to hurt people. Even Hopper1 which was created to be a pest that caused famine. Houtarou says Chemies want people to be happy. But Gigist says Houtarou has twisted Chemies and he will now free them of this suffering.

Gigist squeezes Skebows Card and it manifests into a Malgam.

Rinne, Renge and Sabimaru arrive after TimeLord had gone to call them. Rinne and Houtarou henshin to take on the Malgam.

Gigist flips their location to where Clotho is waiting. She armors up and takes on Rinne. Houtarou, meanwhile, has his hands full with the Malgam. Renge and Sabimaru try to help with some alchemy. Houtarou uphenshins to UFO-X. But he hesitates to deliver decisive blows at his Chemy friend.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 36 Recap

Houtarou thinks about whether he should continue fighting. That hesitation gives the Malgam opportunity to knock Houtarou down.

The Malgam turns its attention to Renge and Sabimaru, Houtarou pops up and goes Platinum. He delivers a Platinum Shot finisher and calls for Skebows to return to them.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 36 Recap

However, Houtarou is unable to Gotcha Skebows back in its Card.

Houtarou runs over and in the smoke, finds Skebows now all white and unresponsive. Gigist laughs at Houtarou’s sorrow.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 36 Recap

Episode Thoughts

An interesting episode. I think what was most interesting to me was how Gigist is making his moves and yet it doesn’t feel like we’ve even come close to any kind of endgame-type of developments.

Many times having a character like Gigist making these kinds of offensive moves against our heroes, it might be accompanied by this feeling of “What are they going to do afterwards?” Like, you get the feeling this is supposed to be some big climactic event and when this face off is over, the season ends up slowing down and not knowing what to do with itself. (*cough*Revice*cough*)

But I don’t get that feeling here. Gigist may or may not be the final boss, or even a part of the eventual Big Bad. But you still feel the gravity of the situation without the feeling that there might not be anything to come afterwards.

Houtarou and Friends are up against a terrifying foe. But you know this is really only just the beginning of what’s to come. And that’s really what makes things even more exciting. This is only a taste of what Gigist is capable of. And in the process of fleshing out his goals and what he’s all about, we again continue to uncover other things as well. And those things are what help to build even more depth for Houtarou, the others and the overall story.

The touches on Supana’s resistance to Gigist’s flames to Houtarou’s egg to the origin of Chemies; they all feel like pieces of the big puzzle we’re still trying to put together.

Gotchard has done an excellent job at being able to lay those puzzle pieces out from episode one up until now. And it is that kind of great pace that makes the season such an exciting treat to watch and enjoy.

The moment of everyone’s shock with the realization that Houtarou may have just killed Skebows would not work without everything that has been established in the 35 episodes prior.

Another great episode with lots of exciting things to come yet!

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 36 – The Origin of Chemies! I Have Understood

  1. Only a couple of episodes so far as the Big Bad and Gigist is already a thousand times better than Gifu from Revice. Lol.

    I think we all knew that Supana was gonna get demolished in this episode trying to fight Gigist. TRYING being the key word there, as Gigist barely needed to lay a hand on him to beat him. But at least he kicked his ass with STYLE!

    I too liked how this episode gave a couple of hints regarding the mystery surrounding Gigist, without giving everything away all at once of course. Judging by the hints given in this episode, it seems, at the moment, they may be implying that he is or WAS some sort of uber-genius alchemist talented enough to develop his own technique to create sentient life. Him having, or being the source of, Supana’s Black Flames was also a curious development. Since those flames seemed to pop up for the first time when Supana was a child and fell into despair witnessing his parents being killed in front of him, and Gigist was shocked to see Supana being able to use that power while retaining his humanity, perhaps they’re implying something similar happened to Gigist…?

    I also enjoyed how this episode set up Gigist as a suitable Evil Counterpart to Houtarou. What with him being the creator of Chemies, having a sort of respect for opponents that challenge him, having a strange fixation on granting people’s innermost desires or “Gotchas.” I hope they continue to have a compelling dynamic going forward.

  2. Another thing about having the Big Bad make moves this late, is its believable that this is the final motions of the show. You can chart out the (rough) beats and end of somewhere close to 50, unlike Revice, Saber or Geats, all of which left you scratching your head.

    1. There’s still so much left to touch upon in the final episodes! It gives you a good feeling that they know what they’re doing and not just coming up with things on the fly.

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