Recap: Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger, Episode 9 – Deliverers’ Handles

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

As Taiya rests in his bedroom, the others think about what’s happened. BunBun continues working on the Cars. But Jou says he doesn’t understand what Taiya was thinking.

Shashiro says Taiya is bad with words. Genba says it is because Shashiro spoiled him. The two start arguing, but Mira speaks up and asks what they could be to Taiya for him to risk his life for them.

BunBun is about to explain, but Investigator Shirabe interrupts as she walks in. She says it is an issue that Earth’s best defense is being used by one person for personal gain. That is why the ISA has decided to disband the Boonboomgers and take over as defense against the Hashiryans, including confiscating all their Cars.

Mira protests that they are not ISA, so they have no reason to follow their orders. Investigator Shirabe says it’s nothing personal, but simply a matter of world peace and humanity’s survival. Shashiro says this is exactly what the ISA wanted from the beginning.

Investigator Shirabe says this is not the time for dreams. But BunBun speaks up and says there is nothing wrong with dreaming. Taiya’s dream started out his own.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

BunBun proceeds to explain that he was once a racer in the BBG. But after an accident, his racing license was revoked, causing him to become depressed. He roamed space until he eventually crash landed on Earth. That’s when he met Taiya.

Taiya brought him to his garage and fixed his body. Taiya told BunBun that he loved working on, creating and fixing machines. BunBun asked why he fixed him and Taiya said it’s just Bakuage.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

BunBun then told Taiya his story, including his own dreams. That’s when Taiya was resolved to deliver BunBun’s dreams to him. He offered to race while BunBun will be the mechanic. This way, BunBun will still be able to reach his dream.

Filled with gratitude for Taiya’s gesture, BunBun had cried. He asked why again and Taiya said it was because he is a deliveryman of dreams.

BunBun says Taiya had given him a new dream. And that brought back his energy to live that he had lost. He and Taiya would then go on to develop the Cars to help them eventually win the BBG. That is why neither of them can give up.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

BunBun goes back to working on the Cars.

Meanwhile, Dekotorade and Ittasha are bandaging Yaruka up when MadRex knocks them out of the way and vows to crush BunRed and rip his face off.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

Later, Taiya wakes up and heads to the garage. He asks BunBun about the reprogramming of Boonboom Racing and BunBun says it should be soon. But Taiya’s suit is another story. Taiya says they can deal with it later.

Taiya notices the others are gone and Investigator Shirabe says they’ve already been deployed. Taiya watches the live feed of the others fighting MadRex. He wants to quickly rush out to help them, but he is still in pain.

Investigator Shirabe wants to know why he forces himself to do this when his intention is not even to defend Earth. Why does he fight? Taiya says he has a huge dream ahead of him. Shirabe says that is BunBun’s dream. But Taiya says that it is his.

Investigator Shirabe wants him to explain why he insists on delivering BunBun’s dream. Taiya says he’ll know once he makes the delivery.

The four Boonbooms are doing what they can against MadRex. But MadRex delivers a Furious DeathRod finisher at them. They are engulfed in an explosion and forced to dehenshin.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

Just then, the SuperCar comes speeding in. Investigator Shirabe is at the wheel and says she is here to make a Taiya delivery.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

Taiya tells MadRex they must settle this once and for all. Mira, however, says he will not be doing it alone. She proclaims that her dream is for Taiya to deliver BunBun’s dream.

Officer Jou says protecting dreams is also Boonboomgers’ mission. Genba says he will not give up his special seat even if Taiya doesn’t like it.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

Shashiro says he will not let Taiya leave him behind this time.

Mira says this is them being behind their steering wheels and they all put their pedal to their metals. Investigator Shirabe included.

The Boonbooms henshin.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

After a roll call, the Boonbooms rev up and battle MadRex. They are able to unscrew him. MadRex calls for gassholin. Yaruka does not want to go as he fears getting squeezed again. But the two generals toss him over and MadRex squeezes and embiggens.

Taiya tells BunBun to send the Cars. Taiya believes Boonboom Racing is ready, especially with everyone’s power helping to fuel it.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

The Boonbooms combine into Boonboomger Robo Knight. Watching them, Investigator Shirabe says she might understand the feelings of a deliveryman now.

The Boonbooms battle MadRex. And they push themselves to the limit. The Boonboom Cars come driving up and BunBun says this is the power of Boonboom Cars with Knight.

All together, the Boonbooms deliver a finisher at MadRex and they are able to end him for good. Before he explodes, MadRex says they still don’t have what it takes to take on his boss. The General3 can’t believe MadRex is gone.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

The Boonbooms are happy with their teamwork this week. Back at the garage, BunBun serves them fresh curry. Shashiro scolds Taiya for pushing himself too much.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

Investigator Shirabe says the order for the team’s disbandment has been put on hold. Taiya asks wasn’t it her who put it on hold. She neither confirms nor denies.

Anyway, Investigator Shirabe wants Taiya to give BunBun the Berora CD as she is a bit shy. Shashiro takes the CD and gives it to BunBun. BunBun thanks Shashiro, but Genba wants it too. Investigator Shirabe tries to say that the CD is from her actually. They all fight over it.

Taiya laughs to himself and says thank you to them all.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 9 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

What a wonderful episode. It was a nice way to reveal a bit of Taiya and especially BunBun’s backstory without revealing everything. But it still gave us a lot of who Taiya is as a person. No nefarious ulterior motives from him.

I suppose Taiya somehow grew up as a lonely person. And why that is could potentially be part of the rest of his backstory. But what’s important now is he has people he trusts and cares about. And who care about him too. His new friends!

I really loved the scene of the Boonbooms assuring Taiya that he is not alone. And that not only are they fighting alongside him, but also fighting for their own dreams as well.

That scene and the final one were really great in showcasing their quick bond. But again, in a way that allows for plenty of room to grow and develop in the next 40 episodes to go.

The scene before their henshin was such an exciting moment. The kind you want to just get up and cheer for. And that really exemplifies the season’s bright, positive vibes overall.

I see this is supposed to wrap up this first arc of the season. And I have to say it might be one of the strongest introductory arcs to a Sentai season that I’ve seen. All our main characters, villains included, have a solid amount of depth already. And that helps to forge the necessary connections with us the viewer to keep us wanting to come back for more every week.

We know just enough to care and still have lots of room to learn more. Both with the characters and the story. The show hasn’t given us too much and bombarded us with too much information in a short amount of time. But the show also has given us exactly what we need to understand and become invested in the Boonbooms’ stories.

Pacing, especially for a 50-episode, year-long series, is always a major part of whether or not the season will ultimately be successful. And Boonboomger so far has done a great job with that.

Overall, this episode contained a great peek at who Taiya is as a person. (And he’s good people!) Gave us a bit of BunBun’s origins while also setting up the next arc of the season. And a great “We are a team” episode. The Boonbooms are finally truly together! Just a great ~30 minutes of television once again.

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  1. Definitely a great eps. for Taiya and the BoomBoongers as a whole.

    And I so looking forward t the Second Arc.

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