Saturday Sounds, April 27, 2024 – Kim Woojin and EPEX

Two excellent releases from two of my favorites artists; Kim Woojin and EPEX.

“I Like The Way” by Kim Woojin

Kim Woojin embarks on the next chapter of his career with a fresh start under a new company. (An SM subsidiary purchased 10x Entertainment late last year.) And his first title track back is an amazing way to kick it off. “I Like The Way” is a groovy pop dance track that may be a bit different from what he has released so far. But it isn’t any less a showcase for Woojin’s vocal and performance talent. Not to mention his charisma as well. The vibes of the track give Woojin the opportunity to show off a refreshing side to his artistry.

The rest of the album of the same name includes R&B tracks “Pretty Mess” and “What U Say” as well as pop ballads “Hold” and “To. My Friend” which are of a more familiar vibe to fans.

Always great to see Woojin with fresh music!

“Breathe in Love” by EPEX

EPEX released a music video to one of my favorite tracks from their latest release. “Breathe in Love” is definitely the next track after “Youth2Youth” and “Graduation Day” that I loved from the album. And the group delivers a great performance in this special music video. Hope it can bring more attention to his excellent track!

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