Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 31 – Two People in the Dark, Trusting Each Other.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Rinne really thinks she is just too weak. But Houtarou tells her he’ll be fine and motivates her to get up and fight. As Rinne stands up, Atropos says Seina is dead because of her. Seina’s hurtful words ring through Rinne’s mind and she falls to the ground once again.

Houtarou screams over to her. Minato-sensei arrives and tells Rinne to snap out of it. He says it is not too late to save Seina and tells Rinne to fight like he knows she can with the reules she has always set for herself.

Rinne remembers all her wonderful memories with her new friends. And she gains the courage and confidence in herself to say she is no longer weak and alone because she has friends who she has fought alongside this whole time.

Rinne henshins and Houtarou cheers her on as she is unstoppable against the Malgam. Rinne uses TheSun to unfreeze Houtarou’s legs and Seina. Minato catches Seina and watches as Rinne and Houtarou tag-team against the Malgam. They deliver a pair of finishers to destroy the Malgam for good.

Rinne is able to catch Blizzarmmoth in a Card. An annoyed Atropos says she was so close.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Rinne apologizes to Houtarou, but he says there is no need. She is the reason they won.

Minato, carrying Seina, commends Rinne for turning her weakness into a strength. But he warns them that the Sisters’ anger in losing Gurion is also a strength. So they will need to prepare themselves. Rinne says not to worry as she has finally made up he rmind.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Later that evening, Kyoka buys Lachesis a yakiniku bowl. But Lachesis is not interested in eating. Kyoka asks about the monster that appeared when the Door of Darkness opened. Lachesis says she doesn’t know much about it either, but believes that it is the Meikoku King.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Meanwhile, Atropos looks at the Cube and Gurion suddenly appears behind her. He asks what is she waiting for. She should use the power to avenge him. Turns out “Gurion” is just Kraken Malgam who can create illusions. Atropos vows to send the Kamen Rider to hell.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Next day, the Drama Club meets at school. Seina is unable to play Juliet as she’s not feeling well. Houtarou and Rinne know it probably has something to do with being iced. Rinne says she can step into the role, so they begin rehearsals.

Everyone marvels at how good Rinne is, even without a script. But just then, Seina appears at the door and gives Rinne a backhanded compliment. She says Rinne is doing so well after stealing the role from her.

Houtarou steps forward and says Rinne would never do such a thing. He says he asked Rinne to help him with his lines because he’s bad at memorizing. Seina says they are all great liars and runs way.

Houtarou runs after her to the roof. He says he is happy to see her after all these years, but hearing Seina talk to Rinne like that hurts him.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Houtarou tells her about his Gotcha dream and that he must work with his friends to achieve it. That’s what he wants to do for Tsukuru now by helping him successfully stage Romeo and Juliet. He asks Seina to join them in working together for Tsukuru’s Gotcha.

Seina says Houtarou hasn’t changed and that he’s the same hero he’s always been. Seina says he probably doesn’t remember, but Houtarou saved her before. When they were kids, Seina had family issues. But Houtarou telling her about his dreams cheered her up. And after she moved away, his words stuck with her and kept her going. That’s why she is so jealous of Rinne.

Seina apologizes to Rinne and says she wants to see Houtarou’s Gotcha too.

Just then, a big explosion rocks the school as the Malgam appears with Atropos. Supana meets them on the school grounds and he henshins.

The Kraken Malgam engulfs Supana in ink and transforms into Kyoka. Even though Supana knows this is just an illusion, he can’t bring himself to strike Kyoka’s image.

“This is hell!” Atropos says.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Supana is forced to dehenshin. Houtarou and Rinne arrive, but the Malgam smashes Supana into the ground. The two henshin, much to Seina’s shock.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

The Malgam shoots them with ink and they too find themselves in its illusion darkness. The Malgam gives Houtarou a Rinne illusion and Rinne a Houtarou illusion. Neither of them are able to attack and they get confused as to who is who. Seina cheers them on.

Thinking of their rehearsal earlier, Rinne tells Houtarou to trust her and attack her. Houtarou does, but it turns out he really hit Rinne. Rinne falls to her knees and her lights go out. Seina is shocked.

The Malgam laughs that Houtarou killed his partner. Atropos says Rinne’s end was so anticlimactic, but she smirks.

Just then, Rinne delivers an attack at the Malgam, shocking Atropos.

Rinne explains that she used a solar eclipse with NimineMoon and TheSun allowing her to use a mask to fake her death.

The Malgam does not realize his ink tank is gone. Houtarou uphenshins to Platinum and he and Rinne finish off the Malgam for good. Seina is wowed by their teamwork.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Seina sees the parallels between Houtarou and Rinne’s trust in each other with Romeo and Juliet’s love for each other.

Atropos says Rinne is truly a despicable thing.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Houtarou and Rinne dehenshin and are relived that they did it. Seina approaches them and says their trust in each other is unbeatable. Rinne says she thought Seina was also unbeatable and that she was jealous of her. That’s why she decided to work as hard as she could. They all smile.

Minato appears and he erases Seina’s memories.

Back at school, Seina watches Houtarou and Rinne absolutely kill it on stage as Romeo and Juliet. She flashes back to rehearsals when she said she wanted Rinne to play Juliet instead. Seina had said she believed Rinne and Houtarou could save Drama Club and they shake hands.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Seina does not understand why she even said those things, but she thinks it was for the best.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

After the performance, Seina congratulates Rinne on a job well done. The play was a huge success as they were able to recruit 15 new members to save Drama Club!

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Over at the Academy, Supana is working on his Valvarusher when Lachesis walks in. He tells her to get out since he doesn’t accept her yet.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Suddenly, she whips out her own Valvarusher. Supana is surprised, but Kyoka walks in and says she made a copy of his for Lachesis. Supana thinks this is all a hoke since they can’t possibly trust Lachesis. But Lachesis looks forward to their partnership.

Meanwhile, a strange being emerges from the Door of Darkness.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 31 Recap

Episode Thoughts

A very good episode. Simple and straightforward. But a good episode focusing on Rinne and showing how she is able to believe in herself and trust in her new friends. It’s a good reminder as to how Rinne was before she met Houtarou. But Houtarou helped Rinne open herself more to others and now she has many new friends who she can draw strength from and also offer strength to as well.

It’s funny because as much as last episode really went hard in implying the romantic possibility between Houtarou and Rinne, this episode was almost like the complete opposite. That is, it really wasn’t about anything romantic. But more on true friendship and bonds.

That’s not to say there aren’t any romantic feelings lingering between Houtarou and Rinne. Or at least on Rinne’s end. It’s hard to sort out whether Houtarou is just his usual friendly and welcoming self or if he does see Rinne in another light as well. lol

But again, that wasn’t the focus of this episode. And that’s actually great. It focused more on a deeper aspect of Rinne’s character. And it was a showcase for her growth so far during the season.

That said, I get Houtarou helped Seina during a hard time years ago. But that doesn’t mean she can just take him away from his girl! Lololol But at least Seina saw the error of her ways. So that’s cool. Lol

The episode was pretty creative in how they were able to weave in Romeo and Juliet into a Rider attack! Very clever!

And speaking of! Please go and watch the “full” performance of Romeo and Juliet.

It’s mostly goofy and fun:

But I love that they actually had Houtarou/Junsei Motojima and Rinne/Reiyo Matsumoto do the full final scene seriously:

It’s actually so good and really fun to watch.

I wish we had some scenes of Sabimaru, Renge and Ryo also doing a few lines too though.

Anyway, elsewhere in this episode. I really thought the cliffhanger for this week would be Lachesis finally revealing her true self at the end. Lol It wasn’t though… yet. lol But I really like these fakeouts/(maybe) seed planting. Either way, I’m looking forward to where her story is going.

We get a peek at the Meikoku King at the end. So after these fun few weeks, we look to be getting back to the meat of the season!

Overall though, a great focus episode for Rinne. And some fun moments with the gang as well.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 31 – Two People in the Dark, Trusting Each Other.

  1. Definitely an interesting little arc, though I would have liked for Rinne to have gotten a new form out of it.

    Also I suspect next episode we will finally get our promo’d fourth rider

  2. I like that this two-parter didn’t, at least not yet, have Houtarou and Rinne’s dynamic turn into a romantic one and instead focused on how much Rinne has grown as a character and how Houtarou’s positive and upbeat influence played no small part in that. And I was actually okay with Rinne not getting a new upgraded form just yet and instead having her defeat the Malgam using her wits. Really fits with her being the brains of the duo between her and Houtarou.

    I enjoyed the development of Lachesis getting her own Valvarusher and and showing that she’s not gonna take any of Supana’s BS going forward. Supana’s surprised reaction to that whole thing was hilarious!

    I am also VERY excited to see what developments are in store regarding the mysterious Meikoku King from the Door of Darkness. I like that, judging from next week’s preview, the season’s not gonna waste any time thrusting him into the action. I’m happy that we’re gonna be getting a new villain unaffiliated with Gurion to spice things up a little and presumably up the stakes significantly. At the moment, he seems to be a real wild card, given that nobody in the story really knows anything about him besides a vague title. Though I can at least assume that he doesn’t intend to turn the world to gold or anything like that and probably has a grander motive in mind.

    Judging by the mysterious monster’s title, I think it’s safe to assume that the Meikoku King has some sort of connection to the Sisters. Perhaps his presence in the story will lead to the reveal of the Sisters’ origins and why they’re so… different compared to their “older brothers.” His inevitable interactions with them going forward should be interesting.

    And as I said before, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more to the monster than meets the surface. Namely because of 2 strange details:
    1. His prison being located in the Ouroboros Realm of all places, despite that place being shown to be considered a safe haven for Fuga to keep the Chemies from falling into the wrong hands and for him to conduct his research.
    2. Fuga creating the Gotchardriver in the first place, despite fully knowing that it’s main purpose, or one of its main purposes, is to serve as a key to release the monster from its prison.

    And hey! Next episode’s preview shows the monster talking on its own instead of using some creepy geezer, who couldn’t act less obviously shifty while pretending to be a good guy if he tried, as his mouthpiece for all but three episodes! That’s a sign of good things to come in my book! Lol.

    1. Yeah, I definitely like that it was more of focusing on Rinne’s growth and her bond with Houtarou rather than be anything romantic.

      I think this is a good spot to introduce a new villain. We basically know what the existing villains can do and what they want. So having a new wild card is exciting.

      And the less we remember previous meh seasons, the better! lol

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