Music Monday, April 15, 2024 – Woody, NOWADAYS, TIOT, NCHIVE

Catching up on some fresh music from Woody and rookies NOWADAYS, TIOT and NCHIVE!

“When You Alone” by Woody

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from Woody, but thank you YouTube for reminding me of how great a talent and voice he is! His just released title track “When You Alone” from the album If You Feel Like You’re Left Alone in the World is just a wonderful track and performance. A hopeful and warm message that Woody effortlessly conveys with his performance.


Rookie group NOWADAYS make a charismatic debut with their title song “OoWee”. The hip-hop and pop track allows the group to showcase a youthful, but confident performance. And it is definitely a promising start for them.

“Moonrise” by TIOT

Rookie group TIOT prepare for their upcoming debut album next week with pre-release track “Moonrise”. The refreshing rock-infused pop track is a very appealing song that intrigues you to the new group. The great music video also creatively introduces a new member who joins four alums from Boys Planet. I am definitely looking forward to their official debut!

“Racer” by NCHIVE

Rookie group NCHIVE make their debut with the album Drive and title track “Racer”. The hip-hop track makes a strong first

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