Recap: Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger, Episode 7 – The Supplier’s Brake

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 7 Recap Review

Mira and Officer Jou notice BunBun is distracted while cooking curry and it is about to burn. Jou thinks BunBun is worried about his retirement savings. But Mira wonders if it has to do with love. Much to everyone’s shock, it is!

BunBun shows them a photo of Berora, a mascot for Nimaiji Tire, whom he loves. Mira suggests maybe it’s better to describe it as him being a big fan. But BunBun says he feels it deep inside him. Anyway, Mira suggests they go to Berora’s fansign event. She and Officer Jou agree they should deliver BunBun to his crush and idol. Shashiro is worried BunBun might make a scene, but Officer Jou assures him they will safely make the delivery. Taiya allows Mira and Jou to make the deliver as he has somewhere else he needs to be.

Mira and Jou disguise BunBun and they head to the venue.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 7 Recap Review

Meanwhile, MadRex can’t stop thinking about Taiya and their battle. He hasn’t had a race this passionate in a long time. The General3 wonder why he’s in a good mood and don’t want to risk drawing his ire. But Hashiri starts yapping and MadRex gives the generals the signal. Ittashi inserts a key into a brick wall to bring about Block Wall Guruma.

MadRex says he’ll deal with the Boonboomgers while they can go and collect ghassolin.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 7 Recap Review

On the other side of town, Genba is making a delivery and he gets a refreshing drink as a tip. As he leaves, Taiya and Shashiro arrive with a delivery of their own.

Taiya offers Genba his own Boonboom Change Axe and Boonboom Booster. Genba reminds Taiya that he already said he does not intend to fight alongside them. He is only a supplier who will help them and that job is what makes him happy.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 7 Recap Review

Taiya says he wants to give Genba a special seat where he can see their pedal to the medal up close. Taiya asks if Genba can actually keep up with them otherwise.

Taiya and Shashiro leave.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 7 Recap Review

“随分と 惚れ込んだものだな” Shashiro says. Taiya just smiles.

Just then, Mira calls and alerts them to the Guruma rampaging at the fansign venue.

BunBun helps get the people to safety while Mira and Officer Jou chase after the Guruma who is building walls all over the place. The two of them henshin, but they end up tripping over hollow blocks and then get trapped within four walls.

Genba is about to toss them a trampoline to help them get out, but Taiya and Shashiro arrive and shoot at the wall to free Mira and Officer Jou.

The four Boonbooms battle Nejiretta. Taiya is able to give Officer Jou a boost over a wall to get a clean hit on Block Wall Guruma. That allows the others to follow suit with attacks of their own.

But MadRex suddenly pops in and shoots at the Boonbooms. Genba is about to toss a mirror to help them. But the Boonbooms are able to counter MadRex’s attacks.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 7 Recap Review

Genba says he now understands what Taiya was trying to say earlier about him not being able to keep up with them as he is now.

MadRex delivers a big attack at the Boonbooms and it forces them to dehenshin.

Genba steps out and acknowledges they are moving quite fast, but are not yet good enough. Taiya asks Genba what he has brought for them today. And Genba says he’s brought himself.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 7 Recap Review

Genba whips out his axe and Taiya rallies the others to join in. The five Boonbooms henshin together for the first time, including Genba into BunOrange.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 7 Recap Review

BunBun is excited to watch their roll call and the Boonbooms battle more Nejirettas. Taiya faces off against MadRex while Genba takes on the Guruma. He is able to break its walls and the Guruma explodes. MadRex laughs after Taiya scratches him as well.

MadRex shoots at Taiya before leaving. The General3 are worried about MadRex and Yaruka quickly sucks up all the ghassolin and speeds onto the Highway.

Taiya hands Genba his new Cars. BunBun leads the Cars out of the garage. Genba hops in Boonboom Shovel while Mira and Officer Jou take Boonboom Dozer. They chase Yaruka on the Highway until Genba grabs Yaruka and tosses him out.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 7 Recap Review

The Boonbooms combine into Boonboomger Robo Builder and are able to break down the Guruma’s walls before delivering a Boonboom Crash finisher.

The Boonbooms head back to the manse and welcome Genba to the base. Shashiro says if Genba can’t keep up, they’re leaving him behind. Genba understands they will move at max speed and he’ll be able to do what he wants to do as well. Taiya asks what that is, but Genba says it is a secret.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 7 Recap Review

BunBun is sad, however, that he couldn’t meet Berora. Mira says there will be a next time and she gifts him with a Berora plushie. Genba also thinks Berora is very cute, much to everyone’s surprise.

Episode Thoughts

Another fun and cute episode of the Boonbooms! If the Donbros were such a fun treat for me every week during their season, the Boonbooms are the same. But in definitely a more traditional and familiar way.

Again, the back to basics for Boonboomger is very refreshing and enjoyable. And when you add some legitimately exciting action and story as well as great, easily loveable characters, it’s easy to have a fun time every week. And look forward to a fun time too!

This was a nice debut for Genba as a Boonboom. The show was able to give just enough to help us understand who he is and what the dynamic is between him and Taiya. But I definitely hope we get more of his backstory later on. Especially of course how he and Taiya met and how he eventually became a procurer and all that. Certainly still lots of learn about our Boonbooms.

Every week so far has done a lot to build up the characters. Like this week, I love seeing how Mira and Officer Jou just feel like the kids of the team with Taiya and Shashiro possibly their parents. Lol Or perhaps Shashiro as Mira and Jou’s older brother with Taiya their dad. Genba can be another older brother or an uncle. Lol Not to mention BunBun too!

But can a Japanese speaker explain this line to me?
“随分と 惚れ込んだものだな。”
I’ve used every online translator there is and all have been something along the lines of “You must be in love with him.” or “You must have loved him a long time.” Or “I’m really in love with you.” Google says “I fell in love with it quite a bit.” What?! What is Shashiro saying?!

In perusing Twitter, Japanese fans seem to take that as Shashiro being jealous of Taiya wooing Genba to join the team. And he said it with sarcasm. Which I definitely got from the way Taiya and Shashiro reacted in that scene. But, I dunno lol 😭

But anyway, it’s a fun dynamic for all six so far. One that is friendly and welcoming, but of course still allowing mystery and potential clashing in the future. Though I doubt anything too heavy. But still potential for meaningful story with them aside from the bright fun.

Meanwhile, we get a nice look into MadRex’s personality too. Definitely a bit more “mad” than the General3. So I can see how we’re slowly getting to the more ruthless, potentially evil antagonists of the season.

Also, the dog Hashiri is quite funny. Such a random thing on his leg. Cute, but also disconcerting. Lol

Overall, just another great and fun episode. So easily enjoyable. But also substantive with moving the story and the characters forward.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger, Episode 7 – The Supplier’s Brake

  1. My Japanese is not great, but luckily my mom is a native speaker. She says it’s not really ‘love’ but ‘obsessed.’ So I guess the translation is something along the lines of ‘you are quite obsessed with him.’

  2. It’s sometimes really hard to do a direct translation between English and Japanese, but by ‘obsessed’ I mean it’s more like ‘really interested’ or something like that. So I guess the best translation I can give you is ‘you are quite obsessed with him’ or ‘you are quite interested in him’ or like a mix between the two words.

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