Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 28 – Bero Bero Strange! Renge’s Homecoming

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap

Renge surprises her grandmother while she is visiting their village shrine. Nana is happy to see Renge and reminds her that it is her job to protect her. Though Renge initially refuses, Nana insists Renge get on her back so she can carry her home.

While Renge unpacks, she thinks about how her grandmother still treats her like a kid. But she is taken aback when she hears knocking coming from her closet. She goes to check and there’s nothing inside. But when she turns around, a strange tentacle spreads slime across her face. Renge screams.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap

Back in Tokyo, Houtarou, Rinne and Supana are with Minato as they return to the Academy. Minato doubts whether he deserves to return in this position after what he’s put them through. But they all say of course they want him here as their professor.

Minato is touched by their feelings and he thanks them. They excitedly walk into their familiar classroom and look at the wall where they have 78 of the 101 Chemies.

Supana asks where the not-twins are. Rinne says Sabimaru is working on fixing Isaac at home while Rinne is with her grandmother. So it’ll just be the four of them keeping watch for now.

Minato-sensei plays a message from the Alchemy Union who merely says they were taken by surprise that the hero Gurion was actually evil. They are impressed by their work and leave the rest of the Chemy collection to them.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap

Supana can’t believe they are so flippant about the situation considering they just left them for dead. Minato-sensei says organizations will not change unless there is a change at the top. Supana leaves.

Just then, Renge calls to ask them to come to her grandmother’s village and tells them about the appearance of a yokai. While she’s on the phone, Renge is surprised by a strange man who introduces himself as exorcist Starshine Hoshino. And tagging along with him is Ryo!

Houtarou and Rinne hurry over and it is nighttime when they arrive in the village. Renge welcomes them outside her grandmother’s home and they are shocked when a hitodama hovers nearby. Houtarou and Renge are freaked out, but Rinne is excited and she chases after it.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap

They follow the hitodama into a barn where something slimy drips onto Houtarou. The yokai pops down from the ceiling and Rinne and Renge force Houtarou to henshin. Houtarou chases them into the forest, but the yokai and hitodama burn his butt. Rinne laughs her ass off while Renge is frightened.

Houtarou tries to catch the yokai, but the yokai sends the attack back and forces Houtarou to dehenshin.

Nana arrives and tries to bravely shield Renge. But Hoshino arrives and is able to use some kind of power to drive the yokai and hitodama away. Nana believes he is the real deal.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap

FireMars flies out of Houtarou’s pants and seems to insert itself into Hoshino before he and Ryo run away.

Next day, two goons throw beer cans at the village shrine. The yokai and hitodama emerge and throw the trash back at them. Atropos watches them before blowing on her Gold Cube.

Over at the village hall, the chief thanks Hoshino for protecting them. Hoshino says that the village has not properly offered to the kitsune that protects this area. But Hoshino says he is a representative and can they can make offerings through him.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap

Houtarou tells Rinne and Renge that he called Sabimaru to ask and he confirmed that what they saw last night were the Chemies Carery and Berosol. And the power used by the exorcist is from Cosmic category Chemies. Which is why FireMars entered his beads in order to search for its Chemy friends.

Ryo overhears their convo and has them listen to Hoshino’s backstory. Hoshino says he had embarked on a grueling training regimen to obtain spiritual awakening. But in reality, he just slacked off until he fell off a cliff into the river. That’s when he found four orbs in the water. Hoshino asked the orbs for power and he promised to use it for the world. That’s how he came into possession of the powers within his beads.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap

Houtarou, Rinne and Renge decide to hurry out to look for the two Chemies. But when they open the door, two Malgams appear. It’s the two Chemies that Atropos has corrupted. Hoshino tries to use his powers, but the Malgams slap him back.

Houtarou henshins to Platinum and battles the Malgams. Atropos watches as Houtarou gets help from many of his Chemy friends. He finishes them off and the two goons are released.

Houtarou is able to Gotcha both Berosol and Carery. Atropos leaves.

Houtarou dehenshins, but the two Chemies try to tell him something.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap

Back at the village hall, Nana tells Renge that there have been plans to turn the village into a dump site for industrial waste. The goons were land sharks. And while the villagers want to stay, they also acknowledge that they are getting older and should probably take the money and leave.

Hoshino suddenly has some kind of premonition saying that when offerings are made to the stars, the door to hell will open and breathe fire into the world.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap

The village chief leaves, but once outside, he is shocked to run into someone and screams.

Houtarou declares that this isn’t over yet and it will continue next week.

Episode Thoughts

An interesting episode. This is another one where it starts out goofy and weird and over the top, but actually turns out to be something more in the end. And of course, leading into what looks like a great Renge-focus episode next week.

I think it’s a great setting to have Renge’s story play out here in the village with her grandmother involved as well. It’s a new setting and relationship to explore and pair with whatever Chemy lesson we get next.

At the same time, I feel like this is the most filler-ish of the Gotchard episodes so far. But again, it’s a pretty good story that still is able to further the grander arc of the season. And again, serving as a lead up to next week.

Looking forward to Renge’s chance in the spotlight!

Meanwhile, I liked the moment Minato-sensei had with the kiddos. It was a nice and heartfelt moment. And a nice way to address the aftermath of their big ordeal by assuring their support and belief for Minato.

Also, the episode gave us some more detail about the Chemies with the different categories and Chemy cliques it seems. So that’s good.

Interesting to think about what Supanner might be planning based on Minato saying things won’t change unless there’s a change at the top. That is definitely setting some future story.

Elsewhere, I think Junsei Motojima broke in this moment:
Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 28 Recap
Lol Mishino was quite amusing at times. Especially the random close-ups and things. And I totally forgot Rinne loves scary things lol

But overall, a good episode. It’s not one I’m particularly excited about. But it helps to further the story and it is a good set-up for next week.

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  1. Well looks like the DVD special has happened at some point. Was waiting for that to get confirmed. I wonder how many Cosmic Chemies are going to end up added to the collection next episode.

      1. There always is a Televi-kun DVD special. It generally isn’t canon though. But with everything else Gotchard…

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