Mini-Recap: Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Season 2, Episode 5

Physical 100 Season 2 Episode 5 Recap Review

So this episode was a bit predictable once again. I think any reasonable fan of the show could foresee which team would win in each of these remaining match-ups. Obviously, Team Hong Beom Seok was going to win and continue his storyline this season.

The battle between Team Jung Ji Hyun and Team Lee Jae Yoon definitely showed how dumb it was to allow people to impede the opposite team. This time, the team that decided to sit on people and slam people against the wall ended up losing. But it wasn’t any more or less dumb than when the other teams did it last episode. It really defeats the purpose of the entire Quest. If Physical: 100 wanted the players to just have a crazy free-for-all, then they should’ve just stopped with all the pretentiousness and just let them go at it.

What’s stopping the players from getting even more physical with each other. Like, what limits does the show have? It’s okay to have a 200+ pound guy sit on another guy. Why not have him sit on a woman too? Or why not allow the women to kick a guy’s balls? I mean, that’s basically where they were heading anyway.

Well, it was no surprise that Team Lee Jae Yoon won. And the last match-up was the least exciting, so they just zoomed through it. Also not a surprise that Team Andre Jin came out on top with that one. We know who the main characters are this season. And they have coincidentally always ended up winning.

Physical 100 Season 2 Episode 5 Recap Review

And that’s the case with Quest 2.5 of course. Again, another challenge favoring the big boys.

Basically just be the last person hugging a pillar. So do anything you can to stay on while everyone else tries to yank you off.

Now, do you really think if a woman had run fastest to a pillar, would one of these big guys come over and yank her off and hurl her to the ground? Come on. Let’s be real here.

What got me was when one of the winners in the peanut gallery sau something like “Be careful guys! Don’t get hurt!” Like, hello? You were just sitting on each other’s faces last Quest. Lol. Let the big, buff, sweaty muscle-y men go at each other lol

Mini-Recap: Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Season 2, Episode 5

Welp, it says a lot that Survivor and Big Brother US have tougher endurance challenges than what we’ve seen so far on this season.

Again, Jung Ji Hyun winning Quest 2.5 was not a surprise either. Not to mention the four losers he chose to be on his team either. When he picked Amotti as his first choice, it was hilarious how people were so shocked by his choice. Umm… hello? It was not a surprise. Both from a main character standpoint, but also from a game perspective too. Obviously, Jung Ji Hyun is going to be choosing the top men. Repeat: MEN for his team.

The way they left the final cliffhanger to be about Jung Ji Hyun’s final choice even though we all know it was going to Mr. Thanos Kim Minsu. Lol I guess it’s okay though. You gotta find something to end an episode with. And I suppose they originally planned to have this be the week cliffhanger. Not have it air same week as episodes 6 and 7.

Physical 100 Season 2 Episode 5 Recap Review

Anyway, it was an alright episode. But this is what kind of made last season’s Quests feel a bit prolonged. Splitting Quests up over two weeks kind of makes everything feel drawn out. Though having two hours of the same challenge in the same week can also present its own viewing challenges. But we’ll get to that with the next episodes.

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