Recap: Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger, Episode 4 – A Voice Calling For a Hero

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

Taiya, Shashiro and BunBun are watching news reports of more and more people wondering who the strange Tire People are. Shashiro says intelligence agencies around the world are now keeping an eye on the so-called Boonboomgers.

Meanwhile, Mira leaps into action as she henshins in order to swoop in and save a little boy from getting hit by a truck when he runs into the street without looking both ways.

The two boys and the truck driver thank Miss Tire Ningen. But Mira properly introduces herself as Bun Pink of the Boonboomgers. Suddenly, Officer Jou arrives and slaps handcuffs on her.

Shashiro immediately gets a call from a source telling him that Mira has been arrested. Not by police, but by the International Space Agency (ISA).

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

Special Investigator Saibu Shirabe explains that the ISA is a UN division that investigates and monitors extraterrestrial activity. And she would like to question Mira about her involvement in the latest disturbance. Mira says all that was caused by the Hashiryans. Officer Jou does not see how Mira could be a dangerous threat as Investigator Shirabe seemed to imply.

Investigator Shirabe would like Mira to spill the beans on her red and blue teammates. But Taiya himself calls in through the Boonboom Changer to introduce himself. Investigator Shirabe is shocked he knows her identity already. But Shashiro has his ways.

On the other side of town, Dekotorade, Ittasha and Yaruka are enjoying a sauna while reading news reports of their rampaging. Ittashi locks a key into the hot coals to bring about Sauna Grumer.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

Meanwhile back at the base, Officer Jou marvels at all of the amazing vehicles and tech. He introduces himself to Taiya and says for now, he is a police officer cooperating with the ISA’s investigation.

Investigator Shirabe mentions her findings on Taiya having attained great wealth at a young age. So it is no surprise to her that he was able to build all of this. She turns to Shashiro who Taiya introduces as the information expert.

Investigator Shirabe says she would like the Boonboomgers to disband, hand over all their equipment to the ISA and for Taiya to leave it to the ISA to decide who will fight the Hashiryans.

Officer Jou thought the ISA would be recruiting the three Boonbooms. But Taiya has a proposal. First, the Boonbooms will be on the same level as the ISA and will share information. Next, Taiya will choose who will fight alongside him against the Hashiryans. He puts his arms around Shashiro and Mira.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

Investigator Shirabe asks who the hell are they to step up in this way without even being called upon. Taiya says he can’t just sit around. He must jump to action when he hears the call. Shashiro and Mira agree.

Taiya says they will never be subordinate to the ISA. Instead, they will forever be behind their own steering wheel. Investigator Shirabe is annoyed, but Officer Jou is inspired.

Just then, Investigator Shirabe gets a call about the Hashiryans. Shashiro turns the TV on to see the breaking news of the Kurumaju rampaging downtown. Sauna Grumer turns the city into a full on sauna, heating every person up beyond tolerable temperatures. Dekotorade, Ittasha and Yaruka announce their arrival on live TV.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

Taiya, Shashiro and Mira get ready to hurry out. But Investigator Shirabe orders Officer Jou to stop them.

The two little boys and truck driver that Mira saved earlier as well as all the other burning people are calling out for the Tire Ningen… that is, the Boonboomgers.

Genba calls Taiya to tell them things are not looking good downtown and he would like to request their services in delivering the Boonboomgers to the people in need. Taiya accepts the request.

Investigator Shirabe says they will be arrested and charged as enemies of the public if they step one foot out of the door. Taiya challenges her to try it as that would actually add more pedal to their metal. Taiya, Shashiro and Mira hurry out and Officer Jou apologizes to Investigator Shirabe before following them as well.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

Before Investigator Shirabe can even think about her next move, she is enticed by BunBun’s fresh batch of Boonboom Curry.

After she finishes her first bowl, Investigator Shirabe calls her higher ups to relay Taiya-tachi’s proposal. BunBun asks if she would like another serving as she awaits the main office’s decision.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

The Boonbooms and Officer Jou arrive on the scene.

Genba smiles as the three henshin and roll call. Officer Jou thinks they are so cool. And the burning people also stop emitting Ghassolin as the Boonbooms give them hope. Officer Jou ushers everyone to safety, much to Dekotorade, Ittasha and Yaruka’s shock.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

Officer Jou feels so moved and encouraged while watching the Boonbooms take care of the Nejirettas. He believes they are true heroes.

Taiya, Shashiro and Mira turn their attention back to Sauna Grumer who shoots a burst of heat at them. The Kurumaju then uses his ladle to further attack them, but Taiya is able to turn it around and allow the ladle to pour water over them and cool their engines down.

The Boonbooms each deliver a signature attack before delivering a Bakuage Handling Drive finisher at Sauna Grumer. Yaruka comes sucking up all of Sauna Grumer’s Gahssolin and heads onto the Highway.

Taiya calls BunBun. And BunBun serves Investigator Shirabe a fourth plate of curry before leaving with the Boonboom Cars.

The Boonbooms join BunBun and follow Yaruka onto the Highway. They are able to drive Yaruka back into the real world and Sauna Grumer embiggens. The Boonbooms gattai.

Sauna Grumer tries to continue heating them up. But Shashiro comments that Sauna Grumer actually does not truly understand the basics of saunas. Mira is surprised Shashiro likes saunas and he says he actually visits three times a week.

Taiya thanks Shashiro for the clue and they are able to grab Sauna Grumer’s ladle. That gives BunBun the chance to loosen Sauna Grumer’s screws. And with a Boonnoom Finish, they take care of the Kurumaju.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

Back at the base, Investigator Shirabe shakes hands with Taiya saying the main office has agreed to his conditions. But they will assign a supervisor over their team. Taiya says there is no need because he chooses Officer Jou as their ISA liaison.

Officer Jou happily accepts the position. He tells them he is honored to help the Boonbooms any way he can. Investigator Shirabe says she’ll talk with the main office.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

Taiya officially welcomes Officer Jou to the team. BunBun says they should celebrate with some curry.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

BunBun calls Investigator Shirabe “oneesan” and asks if she has some room for more curry. Shirabe-oneesan is very flattered, but hides it from the others. She decides to stay for more curry.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

Another great episode! So much fun. And omg, yes, I teared up a few times this episode! lol

There was a great heartwarming feeling this week. A lot of it came from Officer Jou, but also our three Boonbooms.

First, I loved the moment where Taiya tells Shirabe-oneesan that they were never going to be anyone’s underlings. And that they would be on the same level as the ISA. Taiya happily putting his arms around Shashiro and Mira, showing his belief in them as a team really emphasizes what the first three episodes have been able to establish so far. We’ve spent only a short time with them yet, but I definitely feel the connection they already have.

That feeling helped make the next scenes where the Boonbooms sprang into action after watching the breaking news coverage even more impactful. The people screaming for the Boonbooms was quite emotional. I mean, they’re burning to death, for goodness sakes. Lol So them calling out for the Tire Nigen and our loveable heroes rushing out to save them, it’s very exciting.

And then throughout all of these scenes, we saw Officer Jou being inspired by them. In the quick glimpses of him in the first three episodes, we saw him bravely step forward whenever people were in danger. He might have been a bit clumsy, but we saw he is very sincere.

And having him motivated and inspired by the Boonbooms and being so grateful when he finally gets a chance to be part of the team; it was all a wonderful lead-in to next week’s episode of course when we meet Bun Black.

Boonboomger being “traditional” and “old-fashioned,” I’m sure there are many fans who think that as a negative. But for me, I think of it as a big positive. And this episode was a great example of why. This episode really exemplified how much the current and future Boonbooms are just good guys being brave and saving people and just being heroes. It’s a great feeling.

And the rest of the episode had lots of other good things too.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review

First, I like the little moment where Mira is upset that she and Shashiro are being fired. From Shashiro being a bit jealous of Mira when it comes to Taiya, this moment felt more like a fun sibling moment. Little sister Mira annoying big brother Shashiro. Lol I did stumble upon a few comments saying Taiya and Ishiro are Mira’s dads though. And that dynamic is possible too. Lol

This was also a great intro to Investigator Shirabe. Turns out Shashiro isn’t our only tsundere. Perhaps Shirabe-oneesan is too. Or at least, BunBun’s curry has a special effect on her. Maybe that’s why she’s so interesting in aliens. She enjoys alien cuisine hehe

And then our three generals. Yes, they’re causing trouble and burning people alive. But they’re doing so in a lighthearted way. Wait, what? Lololol It was definitely amusing seeing them in the sauna with towels on. But again, the way they seem fun now just means someone more evil and despicable is on the way in the future. So that’s definitely something to look forward too. (Or dread, if you’re in Bonboomtopia of course. Lol)

Also this episode, I particularly loved the gattai sequence. I don’t know, but it felt like an extended version of what we’ve gotten in the first three episodes. But it felt so exciting and fun. Again, all part of the more “traditional” feel of the season.

Oh, and what is this little robot?
Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 4 Recap Review
Looks very cute. I hope we get to meet him in the future. He or she is definitely important as they help the Boonboom Cars safely get revved up! hehe

Overall, I just love Boonboomger already. More than 15 years of watching toku, I know I’ve tried to remind myself not to be too high on a season. Especially this early. But it’s hard not to love and fully enjoy the season so much already. I’m definitely hopping along for this joy ride.

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  1. Yeah I couldn’t find the words but I think heroic describes the episode. The Boomers were really brave and heroic this episode and it was a warm feeling. Very exciting too

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