Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 22 – Love Is a Saber! Suddenly a Chemy Story

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

Houtarou, Rinne and Hopper1 come back from Gotcha’ing Tricera Chemy. But they are surprised to see Renge acting a bit strange. Sabimaru says she’s been this way since yesterday. Mama Ichinose says based on her experience, Renge is in love.

Renge says the man is dapper and handsome. He is a bit pretentious, but a brave man with a mission. Houtarou immediately thinks she is talking about Supana.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

So Houtarou, Rinne and Sabimaru decide to follow Renge to find out exactly who this dashing fellow is. While they try to keep Hopper1 from blowing their cover, they are shocked to see Renge seemingly walking right toward Supana who has a bouquet of flowers with him.

But they end up passing each other. Supana is with Kyoka-san and they walk away. Renge, meanwhile, runs over to a huge crowd of people who are following a very handsome and dapper gentleman indeed.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

The man welcomes Renge and says she is as beautiful as ever. He gives her a rose and a Zukyun heart which sends Renge into a romantic stupor. The people in the crowd are all jealous of her. So Prince Zukyun sends them all their own Zukyun hearts and the young women, old men and everyone in between (Ryo included) all melt at receiving his love.

Houtarou, Rinne and Sabimaru watch as Prince Zukyun leads his adoring fans to the promised land.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

Meanwhile, Kyoka-san accompanies Supana to visit his parents. He sets down the bouquet of flowers and thanks Kyoka for taking such good care of their gravesite.

Supana can’t help but think about Minato-sensei. He really thought he had been under Gurion’s control. But Kyoka-san says Minato always burdens himself with too much responsibility.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

Over in the classroom, Gurion expresses his disappointment in Minato for his failures and how his students are even more powerful than him. Atropos says to forget Minato and instead use an eager Clotho. Gurion gives her some of his gold power and she is determined to not let him down.

She immediately finds Supana and tells him she is going to kill Kyoka to send him to despair. Clotho kicks Kyoka to the side as she and Supana battle. Supana henshins. Clotho demands he return the Driver to the Alchemy Union. He just laughs at her and prepares a finisher. But Saber Tiger Malgam pops in to shield Clotho from it.

Saber Tiger Malgam whisks Clotho to safety for now. But Clotho is upset that Gurion has such little faith in her. Saber Tiger Malgam says they must be cautious so as to avoid failure.

Just then, Prince Zukyun and his followers walk by and Saber Tiger Malgam has a plan.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

Prince Zukyun has his people in a dimly-lit room. They all fawn over his every move. Renge asks how she can become as beautiful as him. He says they are all blooming and strong flowers who have yet to recognize their own charms.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

Prince Zukyun gives Renge another flower and everyone falls even more in love. But one of the fans grows weak. Prince Zukyun asks if she’s okay and she says as long as they are in his presence, she will be all good. The others agree. Prince Zukyun says he feels the same way and hopes their circle of happiness can connect to the whole world.

Back at Kitchen Ichinose, Hopper1 can’t stop yapping as Sabimaru has found online posts from people whose family and friends have also disappeared after acting strangely with regards to Prince Zukyun.

Sabimaru finds that Prince Zukyun is actually a Chemy, Zukyumpire. They don’t understand how since he looks like a human and can talk. But Isaac explains that Zukyumpire is able to suck life energy from people to make his own. So they must hurry before he sucks Renge, Ryo and the others people dry.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

Houtarou realizes this is what Hopper1 has been trying to tell them all day. He apologizes. But now, they must stop Zukyumpire. They hurry inside and point their Chemy Risers at him, much to the shock of Renge, Ryo and the other fans. They confirm he is indeed a Chemy.

Sabimaru tries to get Renge to snap out of her love stupor. But Prince Zukyun introduces himself as the Occult Chemy, Zukyumpire. Renge cannot believe her third first love is a Chemy and she faints from the shock.

Rinne tells Zukyumpire not to involve civilians. But he says he has a mission to accomplish. He knows they all want some Zukyun inside of them. So he gives them a taste.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

Zukyumpire first lands on top of Houtarou, then Sabimaru and finally on Rinne. With each of them, he is able to possesses their bodies and deliver the same effective Zukyun hearts to the people. And that turns out to be the way he is able to suck them dry of life.

One more Zukyun and all the fans are so weak they are about to pass out. Houtarou asks for help from BountyBunny and Panpakaparka to drive Zukyumpire from Rinne’s person.

Renge regains consciousness just as Zukyumpire says it is time he unleash his Zukyun all over the world. Sabimaru and Renge stay behind to help get the weak fans to the hospital as Houtarou and Rinne hurry after Zukyumpire.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

Clotho and Saber Tiger Malgam, however, block their path and allow Zukyumpire to run away.

Houtarou and Rinne henshin and battle Clotho and the Malgam. Houtarou realizes Clotho is a bit stronger now and tries to use Kamantis Chemy with ExGotchalibur. But Clotho knocks the sword out of his hand and gains control of Kamantis, allowing her to transform.

Houtarou uses Igniter. But Supana arrives and tells them Clotho is his to fight. Saber Tiger Malgam, however, leaves Rinne and tries to help Clotho. Supana uphenshins to AngeCopter to try and finish off two at once.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

Supana is able to defeat Saber Tiger Malgam and release Kamantis from Clotho. But Clotho is able to recapture Sabeliger and Kamantis Chemys and initiate a multi-transmutation.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Zukyumpire is on a rooftop. He declares that he will save all. He sends a heart into the sky which begins to grow.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 22 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Zukyun! 😍🥰

Oh, sorry. I think I also got caught up in Zukyumpire’s shower of love.

Another great episode of Gotchard. This season has really perfected the tightrope balance between the more slapstick-style humor and actually dramatic stories. The episode starts off all light and amusing. And then it unfolds into something far more dramatic and dangerous. That is always a great dynamic to have when done well. And Gotchard has done that very well all season so far.

I thought it was amusing Houtarou immediately thought of Supaner when Renge was describing her crush. Perhaps Houtarou also has a crush on Suppana as well lolol. Just kidding. But I liked the little moment of Houtarou, Renge and Sabimaru following Renge. And then the scene of Renge and Supana seemingly going to each other with Renge’s giggles echoing through. That was so absurdly hilarious. Not to mention poor Renge has had her heart broken three times now by unrequited love. Huhu.

Another amusing moment of the episode was then the three of them were possessed by Zukyumpire. It’s always fun when actors get to play a different character from their own. Especially when they’re the complete opposite.

From the start of the episode, I was thinking to myself, omg why is Hopper1 being so annoying today. Like, why are they incessantly including Hopper1’s yapping in the background so much. Then it made sense since Hopper1 was trying to tell them about Zukyumpire. Nice little detail. Even though it was annoying before I realized lol

Let me just say, Toei scored with casting Jyutaro Yamanaka as Zukyumpire. He definitely has the charm and charisma that you can very much believe would lure and attract people easily like that. And he plays the character so well once it was revealed what his true, more sinister intentions are. Glad to see his story continues into next week. And also that tease of him and Houtarou, of course, becoming friends is great. Looking forward to seeing how that works out.

Meanwhile, why do I feel so afraid for Clotho! I hope they are not going to kill her off soon. Just have her defeated again. I think they could actually do some nice story with her feeling so down and pathetic. Which of course can lead to her becoming even more reckless. Plus, Atropos and Lachesis’ different reactions to her acting in such a way would give them good story too.

Good to see some aftermath to Spanner’s big episode last week. It was very nice to see him visit his parents’ grave. And have him acknowledge Minato-sensei’s solo struggle as well. I would like to see Minato and Suppanna’s relationship be touched upon more. And perhaps Supanner being the one that “saves” Minato in the future.

Overall, a fun and exciting episode of Gotchard. Enjoyed it very much. And am liking getting more two-parters! Definitely adds to the excitement and anticipation every week too.

8 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 22 – Love Is a Saber! Suddenly a Chemy Story

  1. Gotchard is pretty much doing what Saber should have done more often. Give the cast more down time so when shit hits the fan, it shows how drastic the situation has become.

  2. I’m starting to think Gotchard might rival Build as the top season. And its definitely the best season since. Especially knowing a surprise that is yet to come.

  3. I watched Jyutaro Yamanaka in Candy Color Paradox, so I was excited to see he was appearing on Gotchard! Love the BL-to-Toei/Toei-to-BL pipeline! 😂

  4. I too am kinda concerned about Clotho being killed off next week. But then I remember that the season’s clearly building up to some big revelation regarding the Sisters’ origins, so that, plus the fact that the Sisters seem to be popular enough out-of-universe to the point where a New Year’s Eve audio drama special with them as the narrators was made previously, indicates to me at least that they’ll probably be sticking around for a while. This season’s generated enough goodwill with me so far that I have faith it won’t be like Saber, where we only got information about the Megido3’s origins AFTER two of them were long dead (though even in Saber, they didn’t kill off Legeiel until episode 27).

    If anything, I feel Minato is the one who’s “marked for death” in the future via Gurion once his act as a mole is fully outed. I wouldn’t mind that development personally, since it may mark a major turning point in the season and really emphasize that how the conflict ends up turning out would be solely in Houtarou’s hands from then on.

    And at the moment, I feel as though this more light-hearted Zukyumpire two-parter (this two-parter being relatively more light-hearted being an additional reason why I think they won’t kill off a major villain during it) is gonna be something of a “calm before the storm,” where right after this little arc, something major will go down and/or someone major will be introduced, and we’ll finally get insight on what Minato (alongside Lachesis now, most likely) is planning behind the scenes.

    1. I dunno why, but I guess with Minato always with the others in their activites outside of the show, like TikToks and promo stuff, makes me think he lives quite long hehe

      I definitely expect Houtarou and Mr. Zukyun to become friends of course. And like every other Chemy he’s befriended, Zukyumpire will most likely relate to whatever big turning point or new toy that might be coming up next. Which is great! Love seeing every episode and arc really move the story forward.

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