Music Monday, February 12, 2024 – Press Hit Play, 1621BC, BGYO

Music Monday is back on Monday! But it’s a Filipino Friday special this time! Lol Here’s new music from Press Hit Play, 1621BC, BGYO.

“Hey Love!” by Press Hit Play

Press Hit Play has released some solid songs recently. But “Hey Love!” is a track that reminds me of their very best in “WIN” and “Tell Me”. The pop track has such a great, bright vibe. It’s hard not to just groove along with the bright melody and positive lyrics. It’s very much a track that suits Press Hit Play’s sound and style.

“Ikaw at Ikaw” by 1621BC

I thought 1621BC’s debut song “Laruan” was pretty good. Not a song that I would have on repeat though. And I was really underwhelmed by the music video. But the group returns with their first EP. And if I’m understanding ABS-CBN’s press release correctly, the pseudo-title track is “Ikaw at Ikaw”. And wowow! Now this is a song! Sad there’s no music video (seems like a trend in P-pop these days). But the song is so good. A great earworm of a pop track with the perfect vibes.

The rest of the EP includes “Laruan” and similar midtempo and ballad tracks “Crush, Crush” and “Handa Na Ang Puso”, retro-infused “TOFU (Think of You)” and a cover version of “Simpleng Tulad Mo”. This EP definitely leaves a much stronger impression overall than “Laruan” did on its own.

“Patintero” by BGYO

BGYO looks to move past their recent controversies with the bright pop track “Patintero”. Using nostalgic childhood games to sing of a positive and hopeful message, BGYO offers up a likable and fun performance. And an actual music video! Which adds to the nostalgic vibes of the track.

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