Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 44 – Proof of the Kings! The True Alliance of the Six Kingdoms

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

Yanma has Racules in a cage working on sorting gears while dressed as robot Roboles Husty. Getting over his initial shock, Gira would like to ask his brother more about Dagded. Racules says there is one thing that can defeat Dagded. Yanma is annoyed that he didn’t say so sooner.

But Racules says it is something that cannot be treated so lightly. He explains that 2000 years ago, the heroes used a grand power to defeat the Bugnarak and then sealed it up. Shugoddam’s crown is one of them and Racules says each of the kings should also have such an item.

The Ohgers come together with their different trinkets that have been handed down through the years, none of them ever knowing they held any special power. Racules says those powers are enough to eliminate entire countries. And the only clue he knows about how to use the power is that the kings must become one to unleash it.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

Gira thinks it means they must literally sit on each other’s shoulders. Racules suggests they decide on one leader in order to handle the immense power. An annoyed Yanma threatens to chop Racules’ head off, adding that he has not forgotten the pain and suffering that Racules has inflicted on his people.

Racules kneels in front of Yanma to apologize, but says he knows he cannot ask for forgiveness.

Meanwhile in his room, Dagded tells his Jesters that he is quite amused by Chikyuu and instead of cleaning it up, he wants to keep it as part of his planet collection. He still wants the people of Chikyuu to suffer in despair though.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

Next day, Gira is shocked and confused to find the other Ohgers outside with balloons on their heads. Through this game, they will decide who will become the leader that can control the ultimate power. Last Ohger with a balloon will win. Racules is the referee and he officially eliminates Gira when the other Ohgers take him by surprise.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

The Ohgers then turn their attention to each other. Jeramie uses Moffun to distract Rita. Kaguragi uses multiple balloons to avoid being eliminated by Hymeno.

Jeramie, Kaguragi, Hymeno and Rita start wrestling until they start slashing at each other with their swords. Gira unsuccessfully tries to stop them and asks Yanma, who is just standing there, to help.

Suddenly, Yanma snaps his finger and somehow harnesses the powers of all the Shugods from the kingdoms, forcing the Ohgers to dehenshin. He has been able to use his overnight analysis to now show them this immense power.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

Gira gets tossed down to the ground where he lands in the middle of Shugoddamians fighting each other. Turns out this is all Hirubiru’s doing. She had brainwashed all the peoples to “aim for the top”. And that includes the other Ohgers. Though Gira is immune being Dagded’s “child”.

The immense power that Yanma has unleashed adds to the havoc being wreaked all over Chikyuu. But Yanma looks over all of this with glee.

Dagded petrifies the people of Shugoddam as Hirubiru steps on Gira’s chest. But Kaguragi arrives and bodyslams her to the ground. She says she should’ve known her mind control whispers wouldn’t work on him. Gira hurries to face Yanma while Kaguragi stays to help the peoples.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

Yanma revels being on top of everyone. Gira delivers a running punch and says power must be used to protect people. He forces Yanma to look at the death and destruction before him and Yanma seems to snap out of his power-hungry stupor.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

Hirubiru tries to convince herself that she is invincible and that allows her to embiggen. Gira and Yanma hop into King-Ohger and are able to tap into their special powers in order to defeat Hirubiru for good. Everyone is back to normal and free from Hirubiru’s mind control.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

Later, Racules is back in his cage sorting gears. Yanma asks him how it felt during his rise to become the king of all Chikyuu. Racules says it felt really good and took pleasure in watching so many people become victims. He couldn’t help but crack a smile when Yanma almost died. Racules admits that his thirst for justice overwhelms any sense of guilt he could have. Anyone drunk on power could become a monster just like that.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

Yanma, thinking of what he just went through, now understands.

After a while, Yanma approaches Gira with the proposal of the kingdoms finally solidifying an alliance. There will be no need for a leader. All six kingdoms will work equally for the safety and prosperity of all of Chikyuu. If any one of them ever goes sideways, the rest of them will be there to knock them back into line.

The other Ohgers arrive after Yanma had personally spoken to each of them as well. And they all agree that this is exactly what they should do now. They’ve all evolved and grown. And it is now time to work together.

Suzume brings Racules some dinner while he is in his cell. She tells them about the six kingdom treaty. Racules says he’s happy to hear that. But Suzume figures out that this was all Racules’ intention from the start. He intentionally told the Ohgers to choose a leader so they could come to the alliance conclusion on their own. Racules says he knew they wouldn’t listen to him if he was direct.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

Racules goes on to explain that the powers the kings held was once one. But in order to prevent a nefarious actor from using that immense power for evil, the original kings split it equally among them and then passed that down to their successors.

When those six kings were to unify once again, only then can that great power be unleashed and used for good.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 44 Recap

Episode Thoughts

This was a great episode. I think a perfect example of proper wind-up and development toward a satisfying conclusion.

And the satisfying moment wasn’t necessarily the six Ohgers finalizing the alliance. But Racules explaining to Suzume how he was able to push the Ohgers toward the enlightenment they needed to gain the power that they need against Dagded.

It’s understandable the Ohgers are not too keen on being besties with Racules. But I really enjoyed seeing that ending convo with Suzume about him nudging the Ohgers toward the ultimate Dagded-defeating power. Judging from how they have treated him, of course they are not going to believe anything he says. So Racules having to figure out another way and it being successful speaks a lot to who he is. Especially the real Racules whom we haven’t actually seen.

At the start of the episode, it was funny how Yanma was annoyed Racules would not tell them about the big power sooner. But then he has Racules sorting gears while cosplaying as a robot inside a cage, so I don’t think he had much time to tell them lol

It was a great point as well that he makes talking to Yanma about how the thirst for not just power, but justice basically trumped any guilt he might have in the process. Another understandable point. Sometimes, you don’t care about collateral damage so long as your end goal, no matter how righteous, is achieved. Certainly lots of real world implications to that discussion. But done in a nice nitiasa way here.

Racules was essentially the catalyst to finally having the Ohgers realize once and for all that working together is what is most powerful. The original kings certainly had the good foresight to split the power up amongst them. But they also put a lot of faith in their successors too since any one of them along the way could have become too greedy and selfish. And basically become what Yanma momentarily became today and what they believe Racules had become too.

At the same time, the Ohgers have shown all season long that they were quite stuck in their own ways of rule. Which again, is not a problem as long as they know when to set that aside in order to work together. Of course, as the leaders of their countries, they know what may be best for their peoples. And the show has established that each kingdom’s peoples are different and quite distinct in culture and way of life.

I think the show has been able to make this point a few times already. But it is definitely the most important now versus a seemingly invincible foe such as Dagded.

So a very good episode overall. And a nice way to bring some threads of the season together.

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