Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 18 – Run Through! Evolutionary Firelord!

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Gurion and the Sisters have taken up shop at the Alchemy Academy. Gurion tells the Sisters, who he derides as “little dolls” to just take care of capturing Chemies while leaving the Kamen Riders to him.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

On the other side of town, Sabimaru finds Renge tossing her alchemy equipment in the recycling bin. She says she has no use for them anymore anyway. They are no longer students and Renge suggests they keep their distance from each other for now, lest they are targeted once again.

Unfortunately, Moon Malgam appears and sucks the not-twins into a shadow hole.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Meanwhile, Houtarou has trouble focusing in school as the new semester begins. It is as if Minato-sensei had never even existed at the school. The other students laugh at Houtarou for even mentioning the name of a person that doesn’t exist.

After school, Houtarou tries entering the Alchemy Academy through their usual hidden door. But neither he nor Rinne can get in. Houtarou laments not having a place to belong anymore. Rinne says she knows Minato-sensei will come after their Cards and rings again. But she vows to never let him take her father’s ring from her.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Suddenly, Moon Malgam appears and he reveals the not-twins in his shadow. The Malgam manages to trap Rinne as well. And the orange Gotchard appears to help Houtarou once again. Houtarou henshins and the two Gotchards fight off the Malgam.

The Malgam retreats, but Rinne and the not-twins are still trapped in the shadows.

Orange Gotchard gives Houtarou the Gotcha Igniter, but Houtarou refuses even if it can help. Houtarou wants to obtain the power on his own, believing that he won’t be able to reach for the future if he has to be saved all the time.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Houtarou wants to make his own Gotcha Igniter. Orange Gotchard is amused and says that Houtarou can only make one with an original one of a kind treasure that he has already made with alchemy in the past.

Orange Gotchard gives Houtarou TimeLord Chemy Card in order to go back to the past. Houtarou must find his younger self and retrieve his own treasure. But without coming into contact with himself.

Houtarou quickly gets sucked back in time and wakes up in a familiar place. This is 10 years ago in the Ouroboros Realm and he immediately sees his younger self in the park playing with Hopper1.

Houtarou realizes that he really did meet Hopper1 and the Chemies when he was younger.

Young Houtarou draws the goggles that his father always wears when he goes on his adventures. He wishes he had his own and Hopper1 and Steamliner help to manifest his own goggles for him.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Houtarou tries to approach Young Houtarou, but instead trips on his own shoe. Young Houtarou hands Houtarou his shoe. The contact seems to affect TimeLord.

But the two Houtarous play together for a while in the park. Young Houtarou knows Houtarou-oniichan wants his goggles, but he will not let him have them.
Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Suddenly, Hopper1 leads them to a nearby warehouse. Hotuarou is shocked to see the Sisters and for the first time, Gurion.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Gurion is here to search for Papa Kudoh and his research. Houtarou follows them inside where Gurion finds a notebook showing the key to the Door of Darkness.

SaboNeedle tries to stop Gurion, but Gurion turns it into gold after making a copy.

Young Houtarou stops Houtarou-oniichan from confronting Gurion. And that’s when Papa Kudoh appears. Gurion reveals that it is he who manipulated the higher ups at the Alchemy Union to brand Papa Kudoh a traitor.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Papa Kudoh reminds Gurion that they as alchemists must use their study of great power to bring forth hope and light.

With the help of the Chemies, Papa Kudoh battles Gurion. Young Houtarou steps out to protect the Chemies and Houtarou-oniichan shields his younger self. Especially when a great light explodes when Gurion drops his eye orb.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

When Houtarou comes to, it is only he and young Houtarou left in the warehouse. Young Houtarou gives Houtarou his goggles as a gift for protecting his Chemy friends.

Houtarou thanks Young Houtarou and TimeLord signals that it is time to return home.

After Houtarou disappears, Papa Kudoh comes to erase Young Houtarou’s memories. Papa Kudoh hopes Houtarou will always keep his friends in his heart and is sure that destiny will call him one day.

Orange Gotchard feels a pain when Houtarou returns to the present day. Houtarou apologizes for touching himself. But he shows Orange Gotchard his goggle treasure and excitedly tells him about being friends with Chemies even when he was younger.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Orange Gotchard warns Houtarou that Gurion will destroy the world in five years, including killing humans and Chemies alike. He tells Houtarou he must finish this with his alchemy, Houtarou takes the hopes and dreams of all the people and Chemies he’s met so far and feeds the goggles with that burning hope. That creates his own Gotcha Igniter.

Orange Gotchard watches Houtarou take on Moon Malgam at the quarry on his own. Houtarou henshins using the Gotcha Igniter into Fire Gotchard. Orange Gotchard is shocked by this form. And after remembering a scene from the future, is sure that Houtarou has managed to start a path to a new one.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

With the new fired up form, Houtarou is able to better take on Moon Malgam. He first has Moon Malgam release Rinne, Renge and Sabimaru who are in awe of Houtarou now becoming stronger and more powerful.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Houtarou delivers a finishing kick at the Malgam. And this time, the Malgam core is destroyed for good.

“Way to go, me,” Orange Gotchard says as he watches the scene.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Houtarou is able to catch the NemineMoon Card. He thanks Orange Gotchard for the help. But it’s time for Orange Gotchard to leave. He tells Houtarou to always cherish his friends. And he is sure one day, Houtarou will be able to grab the greatest Gotcha.

Houtarou thanks him again, but then wonders how Orange Gotchard could know about Gotcha, though he disappears before he can ask.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Gurion orders Minato-sensei to take care of his student Houtarou. But Minato-sensei scoffs he no longer has any students.

At Kitchen Ichinose, Houtarou tells Rinne that even though the Academy is gone, they should still search for Chemies. Renge and Sabimaru arrive and say that they of course want to help and work together, even though they might not be classmates anymore.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Houtarou writes on his career form that he will become a big shot alchemist. And with that, vows to bring about a peaceful world of humans and Chemies by defeating Gurion and saving Minato-sensei.

And the four of them will do it together as friends and a team.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 18 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I really just love how Gotchard feels so positive and uplifting. Houtarou as the title character being a good guy with a kind heart really extends across the entire series. Whether it’s the other characters or the overall plot. That hopeful feeling is good considering one of Houtarou’s ultimate Gotchas is his hope for a peaceful and happy world where humans and Chemies can live together.

All the pieces really continue to fall into place. And again, the pacing helps a lot to allow each one of those pieces to be as impactful as they can be. And resonate in a way that has you excited and caring about every episode.

We learn more about Papa Kudoh. And a logical explanation as to why Houtarou did not remember meeting Hopper1 or the Chemies from his childhood.

With this episode, the introduction of this time angle is interesting. It certainly feels a little like Zi-O for a moment. Though certainly in a less fan service and more structured way. Lol

I did wonder if Orange Gotchard was a future version of Houtarou. And I think that having part of the season’s major plot threads be Houtarou or anyone being able to forge their own path toward their own future is a good one. Orange Houtarou being happy that a version of himself has started down a path toward a different, more hopeful future is nice. And that again fits well with who Houtarou is as a person. And how this season has progressed so far.

Even though the time travel aspect can feel a bit out of place, even if just for these few episodes so far, it will be interesting to watch it all come together later on. Especially as we still have plenty of mysteries left to solve such as the fates of the Papas and where the Door of Darkness leads to and many other questions still lurking in the shadows for now.

It’s hard to believe this is only Episode 18. It really has felt like we’ve gotten a lot of story so far. But, and I can’t stop repeating myself, with a great pace that doesn’t feel overwhelming and not allowing us to savor everything *cough*King-Ohger*cough* or like they are just speeding through all their good ideas so soon that they will eventually run out. *cough*Revice*cough* lol

Just great feelings all around for Gotchard. And when you can match great story and good character moments with the badass action like we got with Fire Gotchard and Moon Malgam in the quarry? It’s a recipe for something awesome! And that’s exactly what Gotchard has been so far!

8 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 18 – Run Through! Evolutionary Firelord!

  1. Lots of good stuff in this episode!

    It answered some mysteries well while setting up other new compelling ones. The main new mystery being how Young Houtarou ended up in the Ouroboros Realm in the first place while being able to perform alchemy like that at such a young age and without the need for an alchemist ring. As I’ve said before, I think the season’s done a good job of showcasing Houtarou as an underdog protagonist while simultaneously strongly hinting at something being unusual and special about his talents.

    Regarding the whole “Who is Houtarou’s father?” mystery that’s been built up throughout the season since day one, I assume that, given his interaction with Young Houtarou in this episode, we can now cross Fuga off the list of potential candidates. For the sake of juicy drama, I’m kinda hoping that Gurion ends up being Houtarou’s father. If true, Houtarou not recognizing him when he traveled to the past could easily be explained away by Gurion’s memory-erasing shenanigans. Such a twist would fit quite well with the season’s theme of pursuing your dreams and carving out your own future regardless of the obstacles going against you, since that would arguably be the ultimate obstacle, in more ways than one, trying to hold Houtarou back from achieving his ideal future.

    Also, I’m 95% certain that Minato is acting as a mole within Gurion’s new “academy.” The amount of goodwill he displayed in the first two arcs, along with his conversation with Supana in the previous episode not being shown, makes it hard to believe he turned against his students willingly.

    In terms of more “minor” details presented throughout, this episode pretty much confirmed that the Sisters are not human and are instead Homunculi created by Gurion through those Malice Dolls. That
    development gives me Fullmetal Alchemist vibes in all the best ways. I did
    find it interesting that Lachesis legitimately does not seem to know the truth of what they are, which kinda makes sense considering she’s the youngest of the Sisters. I’m hoping that leads to some juicy and compelling development in the future. Because as hard as I absolutely try (LOL), I just can’t bring myself to fully hate a villain that looks like Alisa Sakamaki. Just like I can’t bring myself to fully hate villains that look like Hayata Seki or Nashiko Momotsuki.

    1. I can’t bring myself to fully hate villains that look like Hayata Seki or Nashiko Momotsuki.

      I definitely know that’s right! 😅

      RE: Papa Ichinose, they have the photo of him in the restaurant though? But there’s definitely something to them not showing his face, so I have no idea!

      I definitely think Minato is either mind controlled or a mole. Considering Supana was absent this week, perhaps he’s off doing something related to whatever the two of them discussed.

  2. Really great episode. I agree about the pacing. Very nice and steady so you can really follow along and everything is well laid out. Definitely hoping they can maintain that pace through the end.

  3. I really enjoy the nice pace of Gotchard. Plus the characters and story are great as well.

    Also, I love Houtarou forging a new path to a brighter, hopeful future.

  4. Just caught up with Gotchard. And wow! It was like I was watching a movie. Every episode had something happen and really moved the story along. It was great to binge the episodes I’ve missed these last two months. But I would think it would be more exciting watching weekly! I’ll try to keep up better now as I really enjoy the season! Very nice after a few meh season.

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