Saturday Sounds, January 13, 2024 – Tay Tawan, Kim Jonghyeon, Jeong Sewoon

Continuing my 2024 music catch-up, here’s some great new releases from three soloists! Featuring Tay Tawan, Kim Jonghyeon and Jeong Sewoon.

“Voice Within” by Tay Tawan

An all-new episode of Cherry Magic is coming up today! Of course, I’m very excited for it. One of the many awesome parts of the series is its OST. And they released Tay Tawan’s contribution to the show’s soundtrack last week. “Voice Within” is a jazzy R&B track that suits his smooth vocals. And you can’t help but feel all the warm and sweet romantic vibes of the series just by listening to the song and watching its accompanying music video. Love it!

“Motto” by Kim Jonghyeon

Kim Jonghyeon is back with his latest solo album. And title track “Motto” is a very pleasant surprise. The interesting and unique beats paired with Jonghyeon’s vocals make for an addictive and bright track. The positive lyrics leave you with a hopeful feeling. And I think I like it a lot better than his solo debut track, which was good, but maybe not as memorable. The other tracks on the album Brilliant Seasons are a nice, diverse mix with my favorite being “I’m So Dirty, How Can I Love You”.

“Quiz” by Jeong Sewoon

Always great to have Jeong Sewoon releasing some fresh music. And his latest album and title track of the same name is a great way to start of the year with. “Quiz” offers up a chill and groovy vibe with the synth and Latin-infused melody. You can’t help but move along with the song and Jeong Sewoon’s effortless vocals. The rest of the album features similar vibes as well. A bit of warm summer vibes in the colder January month. All eight tracks are great with not a skip among them. But my favorite might be “You Are With Me!”

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