Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 6 – Super A-Class ☆ Twisted Star

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 6 Recap

Lachesis tires to fuse a Chemy with an angry woman who has just been dumped by her boyfriend by enticing her with the prospect of revenge. Spanner, however, arrives just in time to catch the Chemy. Lachesis leaves and Spanner tells the woman that vengeance is not a virtue.

As Spanner leaves, Lachesis notices a man who is so angry with Spanner that he vows revenge on him. She believes a great Malgam will grow out of this malice.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 6 Recap

Over at the restaurant, Ryo feels like he’s seen things Houtarou should know about, but he can’t seem to remember what. Houtarou says he knows Ryo will remember soon because that’s his Gotcha!

Just then, Spanner walks in and asks to have breakfast. Mama Ichinose and Ryo ask if Spanner is a new friend, but Houtarou says not all!

Houtarou makes him a new Morning Meal Set. Spanner gives it a try and says it’s disgusting and not fit for human consumption. Yet he eats it all anyway.

Spanner says Houtarou is so untalented, takes his apron and begins cooking himself. He has Mama Ichinose and Ryo give it a try and they think it’s delicious. A skeptical Houtarou takes a bite and as much as he hates to admit it, the food is actually pretty good.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 6 Recap

Houtarou decides to chase after Spanner after he leaves, but he instead watches as the angry man from earlier shows up. Spanner henshins as the man-turned-Malgam charges toward him.

Houtarou also henshins. Spanner tells him not to get in the way, but Houtarou goes AntWrestler and is able to drive the Malgam away. Houtarou asks Spanner who the man is, but he says he’s never seen him before in his life.

Houtarou tells the others at the Academy about what happened and they just think it’s probably one of the many people Spanner’s probably rubbed the wrong way. Renge goes so far as to say those people are just jealous of Spanner for being perfect at everything he does.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 6 Recap

They notice Houtarou scoff at the idea, but he denies he feels any such way toward Spanner.

Minato-sensei comes in to tell them about the Hawk Malgam. The guy is Boruto Namarizaki who disappeared last year after losing against Spanner in a final exam to become an A-rank alchemist.

Spanner had easily defeated Boruto and then mocked him after. So Boruto has not forgotten being embarrassed in that way. Boruto refuses to be defeated, especially coming from an elite alchemist family. He has tried exacting revenge on Spanner many times since. But Spanner would always be able to counter. That personality of his, looking down on others and his aloof, calm nature is what gets Boruto the most, making him more intent on getting revenge.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 6 Recap

Later, Rinne is at the park and thinks about her father once more when she sees a father and daughter enjoying the playground. Houtarou spots Rinne when he comes walking up, but hides when Spanner approaches her.

Spanner asks Rinne what’s wrong and she says it’s nothing. So he gives her the BurningNero Chemy Card as a present. She asks him if he actually cares about Chemys. But he says this is just his job and he finds no enjoyment in capturing them or befriending them. Houtarou is annoyed by his indifference.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 6 Recap

Spanner says habaneros are sometimes used as talismans. So she should cheer up since she looks better with a smile.

As Spanner leaves, Houtarou grows even more annoyed at how he can be so calm and stoic, yet still have the rizz to spout off cheesy lines like that to Rinne.

Just then, the Malgam appears. Houtarou is too late to warn Rinne as she is grabbed by the Malgam and gets flown into the sky.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 6 Recap

Houtarou hops on his bike. The Malgam says he only cares about Spanner. Spanner comes speeding past Houtarou and arrives at the quarry where Boruto has taken Rinne. But GorillaSensei has a feeling and leads Houtarou over to the quarry as well.

This quarry is the very spot where Spanner and Boruto faced off in the final exam last year.

BurningNero and GorillaSensei are a Best Match and fly over to Houtarou.

Boruto thinks Rinne is the key to his revenge, believing she is Spanner’s girlfriend. Spanner, however, says she is not and that he will never bow down to someone like Boruto.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 6 Recap

The Malgam takes Rinne into the air and then drops her. Houtarou henshins and hurries over to catch her.

Houtarou helps Spanner fly higher to catch the Malgam by giving him an extra kick. That allows Spanner to knock the Malgam back down to Earth. And that tees up Houtarou delivering a Fever Finisher.

Houtarou is able to catch the HawkStar Chemy in a Card. He wants to shake Spanner’s hand, but he ignores it and goes to Rinne to apologize for putting her through this.

Boruto says he will not stop resenting him. But Spanner says he really does not remember him or know who he is.

Houtarou thinks Spanner is a jerk, but he cannot deny that he’s an amazing alchemist. Houtarou decides he wants to catch up and surpass him in both alchemy and cooking.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 6 Recap

Minato-sensei arrives to wipe Boruto’s memory.

Meanwhile, the Sisters watch from the cliffs. Though they are disappointed by the Hawk Malgam’s result. Atropos’ eyes turn blood red as she says the next phase of their plan will begin now that she knows of the weakness.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 6 Recap

Episode Thoughts

No tears this week! But still a good episode hehe

Nice to get a bit more insight into Spanner’s character. The episode did a good job of using Houtarou’s annoyance/little envy of Spanner to build up to the idea that something must have happened to him. I don’t know if it’s just he’s lost his memory or something like that since his personality in the final exam with Boruto was still similar to the way he acts now. That kind of brooding, aloof guy who actually is pretty good at everything he does.

So other people may perceive him as a bit cocky and annoying, like Houtarou did. And certainly like Boruto did as well. For someone like Boruto who already had his own arrogance and feeling of entitlement, Spanner’s potential personality would definitely get on his nerves.

Spanner’s soft-ish spot for Rinne is the other interesting piece of his character. I think it would be great if there is some kind of deeper connection there. Maybe relating to Papa Kudoh or something. But we also still have some things to learn about Spanner and Rinne’s relationship before we met them. So definitely plenty to look out for with them.

Boruto’s story also helped with some world building, especially in the school-like setting of the Academy. It’s expected that there would be rivalries and things like that in what looks like a pretty competitive world of alchemy. So seeing such conflict potentially exist between alchemists definitely helps lay the groundwork for future story. Maybe even for the endgame.

Interesting for Houtarou this episode. On one hand, I kinda of feel like this was not the bright-eyed, naïve Houtarou we’ve seen so far. The one who is happy and full of pep. Ryo certainly pointed out at the start of the episode how a humming Houtarou can be kind of aloof and carefree when there’s crazy stuff happening lately. (Even if he can’t remember what lol) Yet Houtarou deciding he wants to chase after and eventually surpass Spanner kinda feels a bit different in comparison. I’d think Houtarou would want to try and soften Spanner up or something like that.

But on the other hand, if we see Houtarou as being a sort of naïve, immature guy who still has a lot of growing up to do, then him feeling annoyed enough that he wants to top or show Spanner up makes sense. (Though without the level of malicious hatred that Boruto had, of course.)

Unless! They’re setting it up so Hotarou develops enough negative feelings later on and that gets exploited and we get a darkHoutarou arc or something. Hehe

Anyway, it was interesting to see Houtarou’s reactions to Spanner this episode. Like a different side of Houtarou. Which is good as we continue to get to know him more. Also, his lurking about was very amusing. lol

What wasn’t funny though was Atroposeses’ red eyes. Scary! Lol

Overall, it was another good and enjoyable episode of Gotchard.

10 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 6 – Super A-Class ☆ Twisted Star

  1. Yeah, it feel like a more mature Hotaro. Or more serious. Maybe a little bit of jealousy? And interesting how they show Rinne look at Hotaro like her knight in shining armor, something like that.

    Good season so far! 👌

  2. I wish boruto’s memory was not erased lol he seemed pretty interesting characters that we can love to hate he had a good potential to become a dark rider or spanner’s rival in future but he was just a filler episode character damn! I actually like spanner’s brooding cockyness and his Rinne’s simp side (till now he is my favorite character yet) I can see rinne’s and houtarou’s actors acting to grow little bit glad cause that was the most annoying thing in series

    1. That’s a good point about the character. I expected such things in Revice, but the good one-off characters never did return. Except for one, but not in a good way lol

  3. Houtarou and Spanner dynamic takes an interesting turn this episode! Looking forward to see what they can do with them.

  4. Another solid episode. It gave Spanner a good amount of focus without revealing all there is to him yet. I found the implication that he actually liked Houtarou’s cooking but was too proud to admit it quite amusing lol. I’m hoping that we get some sort of Break the Haughty moment with him in the future that leads to some good character development.

    It’s interesting how this episode introduced the concept of Alchemist Academy students being able to be overtaken by malice just like normal humans. I wouldn’t be surprised if this concept is furthered down the line. Maybe in the form of another villainous ex-Alchemist Academy student, who unlike Boruto, would be more calm, composed, and calculating in their malice.

    I also continue to like how they they’ve handled the threat of the Sisters so far. Their involvement in the plot has been just right so far; they’ve neither been overexposed like the Deadmans Trio in the beginning of Revice nor underexposed like the Megido3 in Saber. And with their ability to utilize Chemies and upgrade like the protagonists, things like power levels and scale theoretically shouldn’t be much of an issue in the future. My favorite of the trio so far is definitely Lachesis. Not just because the actress playing her is very beautiful and has a voice that is very soothing to the ears (lol), but also because I find villains that put up an affable and playful front while in actuality being quite calculating and adept at playing mind games to be very intriguing and entertaining.

    1. Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing Houtarou and Spanner’s relationship develop.

      Definitely some nice seeds being planted for the future.

      And great comparison to the Deadmans and Megido3. I think that is a perfect way to describe the Sisters as of now. I agree about how villains who have a bit of a more lighter front can be the most dangerous. So we’ll see how they play out as well.

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