Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 81 – “Hindi ako talunan!”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 81 – Search for Ned

Voltes V Legacy Episode 81 Recap

In the middle of the ruins of the castillo, Zardoz is able to call Oslak and yells at him for being a traitor. But Oslak laughs and says Zardoz is over and he will take over once he dies. Oslak and Zander are excited to become princes in place of Zardoz.

Later, Zardoz tells Zandra and Draco that they can return to Boazan now since they have become failures. But they refuse and say the rest of them will remain loyal to him and not give up. Zardoz thanks them for the kind words and declares they will continue the good fight.

Meanwhile at CBF, Dr. Hook follows Eva as she sneaks about the forest trying to bury the weapons she’s used during her reign of terror.

At Zuhl’s old hideout, Zander orders Hrothned and the other alipin rebels to build weapons that can be used to destroy Voltes V. Hrothned of course refuses

Voltes V Legacy Episode 81 Recap

Elsewhere, the Voltesers find a flying saucer and they immediately Volt In, following it inside the cave to the castillo. The Voltesers think they can easily defend against anything the Boazanians hit them with. But Zardoz excitedly activates rings he created that shoot out and pin Voltes V against the rock wall.

Episode Thoughts

Penultimate week begins. Thank goodness! Lol

It’s funny to think though that we’re at the start of the decisive battle between the Voltesers and Zardoz and we still have nine episodes left. Gonna be a slow two weeks I guess lol

But anyway, after building up Eva as basically the main antagonist of the series even more than Zardoz or Zambojil or anyone else, they’re ending her with the people she’s terrorized the most not even around to see it. Really now?

Dr. Hook magically knowing to stalk Eva is such an easy cop out and quite an underwhelming way to expose Eva for her murderous nonsense.

Welp, we just have to hold out for two more week y’all!

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 81 is supposed to be available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:
But they want you to watch live on TV because their linear ratings have collapsed and it’s a bit embarrassing.

I’ve seen people talk about how people worldwide should subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV in order to watch the series. I’d recommend that if you are interested in watching lots of Filipino programming. But if you only want to watch Voltes V: Legacy, I don’t think it’d be a good investment. Especially since you can’t watch the series on demand anyway. GMA Pinoy TV is a linear, premium TV channel on most cable and satellite systems.

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