Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 80 – “Pwede ba, tumahimik na kayo!”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 80 – Reunion

Voltes V Legacy Episode 80 Recap

Zardoz has lost all hope and tells Zandra and Draco that they’ve brought shame to Boazan. Later, Zandra tries to cheer Zardoz up by showing him that Ned Armstrong is with the rebels.

Speaking of, the Voltes team hurry over and take care of the flying saucers attacking the camp. Once on the ground, Papa Ned shows himself to his sons. But their reunion is cut short when Oslak swoops in and beams Papa Ned into his saucer and flies away.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 80 Recap

The Armstrong Bros push forward and spend the entire night trying to find their father again. Dr. Hook orders them to return to CBF, but the Armstrong Bros selfishly defy him and continue searching their Papa.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 80 Recap

Meanwhile, an alipin finds a bomb planted under the table and after she informs the guards, a castillo-wide search for other bombs yields several sprinkled all over.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 80 Recap

The timers go off and the bombs explode, causing Zardoz’s underwater castillo to crumble.

Episode Thoughts

The bombs going off and Zardoz’s lungga crumbling was one of the better and more stunning scenes the show has pulled off so far. Very exciting. Definitely a nice change of pace from the lackluster stuff they’ve churned out the last couple of weeks.

Everything else was just prepping for the penultimate week, so nothing much to note there. Of course the Armstrong Bros won’t full reunite with their Papa yet. And of course the Armstrong Bros will be selfish brats. It’s who they are! Lol

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 80 available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:

Because I put off watching this episode until Monday morning and the episode has already been uploaded lolol

I’ve seen people talk about how people worldwide should subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV in order to watch the series. I’d recommend that if you are interested in watching lots of Filipino programming. But if you only want to watch Voltes V: Legacy, I don’t think it’d be a good investment. Especially since you can’t watch the series on demand anyway. GMA Pinoy TV is a linear, premium TV channel on most cable and satellite systems.

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