Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 48 – Genesis X: Tsumuri’s Requiem

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 48 Recap Review

The final DGP evah begins as Game Masters are deployed across the city. Tsumuri feels like they can’t do anything against Sueru, but Ace remains determined to push forward all so he can make the world a happy place.

Meanwhile, Keiwa has gotten a job at the soba restaurant. He and Sara are shocked when the high school couple who had just been enjoying their soba end up being two of the countless new Riders that are forcibly activated and henshined by fakeTsumuri as she signals the start of the game.

These Riders are forced to rob other people of their happiness until only one survives. The VIPs watching through Sueru’s body are absolutely thrilled by what they are seeing.

At the soba shop, Keiwa chases after the teen couple who love each other too much to fight. They run away, but after the VIPs get upset, Samasu orders a nearby Game Master to eliminate them.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 48 Recap Review

Keiwa watches in horror as a Game Master activates a bomb on the Riders’ foreheads and they explode.

On the other side of town, Michinaga henshins to stop another Game Master from blowing up a lady who had just been forced to dehenshin.

Ace, meanwhile, tries to attack the Game Masters. But fakeTsumuri announces the end of today’s game and everyone goes about their day fearing the next round.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 48 Recap Review

At the green room, the good Rider gang try to figure out what to do now. Win says as long as the viewers like what they’re seeing, the Game Masters will continue to pander to their desires. That gives Neon an idea and she approaches her father with it. He does not hesitate to agree with her as he wants to continue and make amends for his sins.

That evening, Ace and Neon return to their “family” home for the first time in a long time. He asks her to drop the “-sama” from his name since they are family. She says they aren’t actually siblings, but are certainly more than just friends.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 48 Recap Review

Just then, a Game Master enters the kitchen, though Ace seems to have expected them.

Next day, the DGP resumes as fakeTsumuri forcibly henshins the Riders once again. Michinaga also henshins to fight off the Riders and allow Keiwa to help civilians to safety.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 48 Recap Review

Win, meanwhile, also tries to fight off a Game Master and Daichi arrives with his sunflower Jyamato to help in the battle all over the city. Tsumuri watches from the green room and simultaneously thinks the sunflowerJyamatos are both cute and absolutely disgusting. She suddenly pauses, however.

Ace makes his way over to confront Sueru. But accompanying him is the Game Master from last night… Papa Girori! Girori refuses to be lumped in with the other current Game Masters and DGP as he disagrees with its current direction in catering only to VIPs.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 48 Recap Review

Sueru points out Girori also hated Geats before. But Girori says Ace has become the world peace-loving Kamen Rider they had always dreamed of. He adds that there are many other DGP viewers who feel the same way and want a fair DGP.

Ace henshins to Geats IX and he and Sueru battle. fakeTsumuri watches realTsumuri leave the green room.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 48 Recap Review

Sueru suddenly finds that he cannot use his powers. And that is thanks to Neon and Papa Kurama blackmailing the VIPs into bailing on the show in return for their safe passage back to the future. All the Rider powers are driven by viewer support. So without it, Sueru can no longer use much of his power.

However, when Ace is about to deliver a finisher, Sueru whips out an Uno Reverse power in order to reverse time specifically around Ace. Ace is forced to dehenshin. By choosing to have free will and use the creation powers as he wanted, Ace has remained a mortal human. And now that will bring about his end.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 48 Recap Review

Tsumuri suddenly walks in and points a blaster right as Ace’s face. “I’ve been waiting for this moment,” Tsumuri says. “I’m sorry Ace.”

Ace smiles that Tsumuri has finally dropped the honorifics. But she then pulls the trigger.
Kamen Rider Geats Episode 48 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

Not gonna lie, my eyes kinda welled up a little at the end with “Tsumuri” pulling the trigger and seemingly blowing Ace’s brains out lol

But then I remember all the funny stuff from the rest of the episode, so the tears went right back into my eyes. Lolol

First of all, is this what gaslighting is? Like, they’re making it seem like these characters, this story and really this whole season is something that it’s not or has not been.

Like, everyone’s changed and become good people all because of Ace’s bright light and world peace ambitions. Ace is just such a bright, happy, magnetic individual, that people like Papa Kurama and Girori and Daichi and Michinaga and eyelinerKeiwa can all do complete 180s or have their redemption arcs fast forwarded or something like that?

Or that the DGP was actually just a simple, fun reality show of the future that was actually doing good things. Rather than first being a Squid Game-type, Most Dangerous Game-level human bloodsport for twisted futurepeople.

Come on now! lol

Then there’s Sueru’s Uno Reverse Card! Don’t we all wish we had one in real life.

But anyway, this is all part of the wild, crazy, partly nonsensical and shallow ride Geats has become.

I can only assume fakeTsumuri follows realTsumuri and took her clothes or something. Lol But I also expect realTsumuri to be the key to ending the DGP. Whether it’s her sacrificing herself for her Ace-sama or something like that. We’ll see. I’d like to see that happen though.

Also, I did quite enjoy the garage battle between Ace and Sueru. I think that was really well done and looked very cool. And Keiwa watching people get blown up is a horrifying dramatic moment that fell flat when it should’ve been a really huge moment in the overall scope of showing how depraved and evil the DGP really is.

So one more episode left! We’ll see how this crazy, funny, awkward season will actually end next week!

3 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 48 – Genesis X: Tsumuri’s Requiem

  1. The fact Ace seems hardly surprised to see Tsumuri putting a gun against him and even smiling makes me thinks somehow of a Dumbledore/Snape’s like plan. About Black Tsumuri who came into the resting room, we’ll see about that.

  2. Papa Kurama got inspired by Neon’s actions in saving him and being a loving person despite how they raised her, to make up for her. As Neon said she wants the Kurama family to atone for being a part of DGP and it comes to play here as Kousei now cares for her to obey her demands.

    Girori is the future people who wants to envision good ending, in contrast to people like Archimedel (Jamato takes over humans), Beroba (turning world miserable), or Zitt (giving bad endings), he wants to create peaceful world where Riders fight monsters and win… though like others he still works in entertaining in sending the Jamatos to attack people to have his picked Riders display their heroism and defeat them. He disagrees with Suel over how to run the show, but he’s still about continuing DGP (means continuing to rob people of happiness), not being good.

    Daichi works for mutual benefit, to get his Tree of Knowledge back before and now he shifts his focus to learning human happiness from simple boring lives like Sakurai siblings. Working with the heroes or benefitting them don’t mean one is a good person.

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