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Recap/Mini-Review: Kamen Rider Geats – 4 Aces and the Black Fox

Just as another season of the DGP is about to begin, a strange tree has appeared in the middle of Tokyo. Huge fruits begin falling to the ground and hordes of Jyamato pop out as they burst. Michinaga, Keiwa and Neon hurry out to battle the Jyamatos with Ace arriving fashionably late. But a “Final Boss” arrives to the glee of two mysterious viewers.

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Recap: Jack-Of-All-Trades!? A Day in the Life of Master Micchi
Good Ol’ Review: “Kamen Rider Geats × Revice: Movie Battle Royale” a Solid Viewing Experience

It is an interesting experience for me going into Kamen Rider Geats × Revice: Movie Battle Royale seeing as how I don’t particularly care for either season involved in this movie. Or I ended up being very disappointed in both seasons by their ends. But since it’s actually a Movie War and not some random TTFC special, I will of course watch it.

And it’s a solid movie that focuses more on the strengths of the two seasons rather than their weaknesses. Thankfully.

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